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Abigail's Kidnapping/Captive Lover

Novel By: Meggie1495

Abigail is a loner walking on the beach one Saterday night. And that night changed her forever, kidnapped by a mysterious man in a boat he takes her to an island in the tropics. His name is Marcus 'Mark' Cornell, he was the man wanted for killing his wife. Or so the papers say, Mark pleads innocent, is he the man every thinks he is a killer? Or is he a sweet man committed of the crime. And what does he want with Abigail? Will she find her way home or into his embraces begging to be his Captive Lover... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 21, 2010    Reads: 192    Comments: 8    Likes: 1   

Hey ppl I'm just getting this one started so bare with me

Chapter Two

The door opened and out stepped a woman with sugar brown skin, black hair and a smile so heartwarming it was hard not to love her instantly.

"Mr. Marcus, your home finally." She said, his gaze flickered to Abby. "Oh, praise indeed you found the woman you were looking for?" She said in a southern drawl, obviously not from the islands, but from the Southern states.

"Yes, Mattie. Abby this is Mattie my maid and cook, she is very much part of my home as you will be." Abby, blushed and held out her hand to Mattie, she took her hand and pumped it lovingly.

"Well, child it's very nice to met yawl." Abby, smiled.

"And it's nice to you as well. Texas?" Abby said, guessing where her accents from.

"Yes, born 'n' breed in Texas. That till Marcus hired me for maid serving and for Jasmine." Abby turned to Mark with a confused look on her face.

"Who is Jasmine?"

"Oh, mighty Marcus you didn't tell the poor girl why you brought her here for?"

"Brought? Mattie I wasn't all that quite willing." Mattie send Mark a chilling look.

"Young in I told yawl to ask the girl. Might I have to whip you like the green youth you are sometimes?" Mark grimaced, and looked at Mattie.

"No, Ma'am." Mattie nodded, and looked back at Abby.

"Alright child, follow Mattie here and we'll introduce you." Abby cocked her head, looked at Mark from the corner of her eye and followed Mattie through the huge house.

"Jasmine, their here." Mattie called, and that's when Abby heard scrambling from upstairs and a streak of black hair as a little girl threw herself at Mark.

"Daddy! Your home." Abby's mouth dropped open as she took a good look at the little girl, she had black tresses, Mark's sea blue eyes, light tanned skin and was cutest button nose. The little girl looked at Abby as Mark's arms let her down. She smiled, a brilliant smile, walked up to Abby and introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm Jasmine, what's your name?" Abby smiled down at Jasmine.

"That's a very pretty name, I'm Abby." Jasmine giggled.

"I like your name better, Daddy why did you name me Jasmine?"

"Cause sweetheart, your Mommy wanted to name you Jasmine." Jasmine looked back up at Abby.

"My momma died when I was a baby." She looked a little sad, Abby frowned down at her.

"Oh, I'm sorry hunny."

"It's ok, my Daddy told me Momma would want me not to be sad, so I'm not. Daddy I'm gonna go play now." She said and skipped off in her short white dress. Mattie watched Jasmine, saying.

"Well, yawl I better start the grub." She marched off to the kitchen without another word. Mark stood there for a moment and looked at me.

"Well, say something Abby."

"I think its sweet you love Jasmine so much to put up with a strange woman, but she seems fine to me."

"She needs a mother Abby, Mattie is more like a grandmother and I need for her to have consistence, so dating is out of order." Abby tapped her foot, in thought looking at all sides of the unexpected turn of events for her life.

"I'll be Jasmine second Mom, but what about you? What if you fall in love with someone then I'd have to leave, have you really thought of everything?" Mark snorted.

"Abby, I've never been in love before and I don't think I'll start now." Abby lifted her eyes in surprise she cocked her head to the side and Mark noticed that she did that a lot and it was cute to him.

"What about Jasmine's Mom?" Mark's face dropped.

"I loved her, but more like a sister, she loved me like a lover, so I asked her to marry me for I couldn't hurt my Summer. We had Jasmine a year later."

"So Jasmine was just an accident?"

"God, no. Summer wanted a baby and I gave her one. After she was... killed I took Jasmine away from the states." Abby's mouth was wide open and she closed it.

"I'm sorry, Mark you may have not loved her as a spouse, but you were selfless in what she wanted, and for that she was very lucky." Mark smiled, looking deep into Abby's flawless eyes and felt a pinch in his stomach. 'Must be nerves.' Mark thought, not paying attention to what the pinch could mean.

"Thank you, Abby. I knew you would be understanding." Abby, smiled shyly and turned her face away from Mark's, glancing at the room and the huge house she asked,

"How are you so rich?"

"I was giving one million dollars and I invested it in a mining company here and we struck gold, I was first just an investor then I bought the company, now I'm what you call a billionaire." Abby, laughed.

"Then why do you live on this island?"

"Very peaceful and away from anyone." She nodded.

"Whats your full name?" Mark smirked.

"Marcus Cornell." She gasped, and her eyes blinked.

"The billionaire who was convicted of killing his wife in New Jersey?"

"Yes, Abby, but I didn't kill my wife. I would have done anything for her and it was a setup. Summer had enemies I don't know what she did, but something bad enough to be killed and me thrown in jail. Thats the other thing I need help with, I need you to help me been proven as innocent."

"Do you really think I could help you?"

"Yes, Abby you must, because your their next target."


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