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The Secret Society

Novel By: melbelle627

Trinity Academy is the most elite boarding school there is in the country. Filled with snobby rich kids and cocky geniuses, the school’s student body is bad enough. But to top it all off, there is the Secret Society. They consist of the students who are the best of the best. Due to their abundant wealth and intellect, other students are filled with awe when they see the ‘Society.’ However, at the same time, the group is hated for their fame.

Brooke Everdeen is a transfer student who enrolls in Trinity for her senior year. On the first day of her arrival, she witnesses the commotion the Secret Society creates wherever they go. After learning about the society, she is intrigued by the group of seven. Pulled into the drama of the elite club, she learns many important lessons on love, friendship, and the everlasting bond of The Secret Society. View table of contents...


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1. Trinity Academy

Have you ever had a sense of foreboding, like something is going to go terribly wrong? Like your life is going to change…for the better or (more likely) for the worse?

When I stood at the gates of Trinity Academy, that feeling crept up onto me. Before I could even realize my nervousness, my heart began to beat erratically.

I've always thought that I would love moving to another place. The thought of having a clean slate was so overpowering that I had looked forward to going to college since I was a freshman in high school. With a clean slate, no one knows who you really are. No one can judge you, and you can be who you want to be.

But when standing at the entrance of Trinity, I began to rethink my theories. Be careful what you wish for. I scoffed at myself.

I finally gathered the courage to walk towards the bricked building. The building sported ivy on one side; making the other half look naked. The gothic architecture, with its pointed arches and flying buttresses, added to the air of prestige. Yet, the building seemed cold. It looked more like a church than a school.

The hedges surrounding the building were cut with the upmost precision. There wasn't a single leaf that was sticking out of order. The more I walked onto the campus of the school, the more out of place I felt.

As I looked around, I realized it might have been because of the other students milling around campus. Every single student looked like they just walked off the set of Gossip Girl. Their outfits were pristine and coordinated. Their hair was perfect. Their bodies were perfect. Everything was perfect.

No wonder why this is the number one ranking private school in America. I thought to myself. Not only are the people smart, they are filthy rich and gorgeous, too.

Walking up to a building that had a large "ADMINISTRATION OFFICE" sign next to the door, I pushed open the heavy oak doors and walked inside with my suitcase dragging behind me. The giant windows let in a good amount of sunlight, and the wooden furniture gleaned in the light. I made my way over to an older woman sitting behind a large desk.

She took me in with her eyes as she looked over her half moon glasses. An awkward second later, I realized she was waiting for me to say something.

"Oh!" I wanted to slap myself. "I'm Brooke Everdeen. I'm a new transfer student here." My last sentence sounded more like a question than a statement.

"Okay, dear. Hold on one second." The lady pushed the glasses back up to the bridge of her nose and began flipping to the filing cabinet behind her.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," she muttered under her breath while searching through the files. "Everdeen. Hmmm. Aha! Here it is."

She pulled out my file with a flourish and set in on the table she was sitting at. Opening up my folder, she quickly scanned through the words, sometimes making faces. I felt a little squeamish, knowing that she was reading my record from my previous public high school.

"You came from," she squinted at the words she was reading, "West Lake High School?"

"Mmhmm," I answered, not missing the slight distaste in her voice when saying my old high school's name.

"Okay. And I see you were at the top of your school over there," she smiled, finally looking up at me. "Very impressive."

"Thank you," I felt a blush coming up on my face. I never knew how to take compliments well.

"Now, you have to realize that this school is not like your old school," the secretary began. "Sometimes, people find it tough to adjust to the rigorous school work here. People who once were at the top of their class find it hard to accept that they are no longer number one at this school."

All the heat drained from my face in an instant, and I couldn't help a stony look cross my face. What is this lady trying to say? I guess this school is cockier than I thought.

I gave the lady a sickeningly sweet smile, "Oh, don't worry. I'm planning on adjusting quite nicely here."

Needless to say, the woman was shocked by my answer and immediately began to look through a large stack of papers. "Good for you. Anyways, here is a map of our school. And this is your schedule."

On top of the papers she slid across the table to me, she placed a small key. "And this will be the key to your dorm."

"Thanks," I turned around to walk away.

"Oh, and one more thing," the lady stopped me before I could leave. "Placement tests are tomorrow for all students. They determine your rank at this school. We may also have to adjust your schedule after seeing the results of your test. Good luck with those."

I didn't say anything and only shot her a smile before taking my suitcase and walking out of the building. The rolling wheels of my suitcase echoed down the hall, making me feel like I was disrupting the peaceful silence.

When I made my way out of the building, I took the map and located where I was. My dorm was to the right. The walk was a good five minutes, but it probably would've been faster if I didn't have to drag my bags around with me. I pushed open the wooden door and roamed the first floor until I found an elevator.

The elevator gave out a soft ding before opening. I was about to walk in, but I realized someone was about to get out of the elevator.

"Hey, there!" A deep voice greeted me.

"Hey," I looked at the person in front of me. He was fairly good looking, but I could tell he was definitely not an athlete. His lanky figure revealed that he was probably a bookworm, but his looks wouldn't allow him to be classified as a typical nerd.

"You new here?" he asked, pointedly looking down at my suitcase.

I laughed, "How did you know?"

My sarcasm made him chuckle. "Oh, I don't know." He paused as he ran his hands through his hair. "Anyways, I'm Lance. Do you need help with anything?"

"Hello, Lance." I teased. "I'm Brooke. And nope. I think I have everything under control."

I saw his smile falter a little before he regained his happy look, "Do you mind if I come with you? I could show you around the place. It's pretty big, and we don't want you to get lost."

I grinned at his forwardness. "Fine. Let me just drop my suitcase off in my room."

"What room are you in?"

"Let me check," I looked down at my schedule. The room number was neatly written in pen at the top of the piece of paper. "I'm in room 406."

"Awesome. So let's go up to the fourth floor," He got back into the elevator and waited for me to get in before pressing the 4. "I'm actually in room 438."

"Okay," I answered absentmindedly. Honestly, Lance could be a nice person, but he seemed a bit too friendly for my liking.

We walked together down the halls before stopping in front of my room. I twisted the key in the keyhole, and I heard a small click, signaling it was unlocked. Opening the door, I walked into a nice room. It wasn't lavish or anything, but it wasn't atrocious. With a little more personalization, it could feel like home.

I dragged my suitcase to the middle of the room and turned around to face Lance again, who was waiting at the door.

"Ready to go?" He asked me.

"Yeah, sounds good." Right then, my stomach rumbled loudly. Dang, I forgot to eat breakfast this morning. I was in such a rush to get here.

Lance let out a hearty laugh, "I'll show you where the lunchroom is. We can eat there with my friends."

I smiled gratefully at him. As long as he helps me with my love for food, I think I can look past his overly friendly attitude. "Let's go then!"

I walked past him to close the lock behind me, but he immediately grabbed onto my hand. Jokingly, I grinned, "Desperate, much?"

Lance blushed a deep shade of red before releasing my hand and letting me lock the door. I guess he either didn't know how to be around girls or he wasn't used to being rejected by girls. Either way, he smiled again at me and we walked to the cafeteria with no more incidents.

The food selection was incredible. I guess that's one of the perks of being such a famous and rich school. The food is always amazing. After paying for our food, Lance led me to a large table where nine other people were already sitting.

"Hey, guys!" He greeted everyone sitting down. They all stopped their conversations and looked at us…well more like me. "This is Brooke, and she's new here."

A chorus of "Hey, Brooke!" rang out from around the table. I grinned and eyed an empty seat across the table. Making my way over there, I was wedged between a guy and a girl.

"I'm Ash," the guy greeted me.

"And I'm Sarah." Now the blond girl talked to me.

"Hey," I smiled. "Now I know a grand total of three people here! Yay." I joked.

Ash chuckled a bit before turning his attention back to the food.

"So, where did you come from?" Sarah asked me.

"I came from a suburb north of Raleigh, North Carolina." I answered.

"Oh," she didn't know what to say. Yeah, there usually isn't anything exciting to say about North Carolina.

Just then, the doors of the lunchroom swung open and revealed a group of seven people. The lunchroom fell silent, and I felt tension in the air between the seven students and the rest of the student body.

Ash scoffed beside me, "Psh. They think they're so cool. Of course they'd make a dramatic entrance."

I raised my eyebrows at him. "They?" I looked more closely at the seven of them. Four of the seven were guys, and the rest were girls. It would be an understatement if I called them gorgeous. They were the definition of perfect.

This time, Lance answered me from across the table. "Yeah. Their rich mommies and daddies probably thought this school was too 'low' for them. So they created a special group within this school." I could hear the resentment in his voice.

"What do you mean 'low'? This is the number one private school in the country!" I exclaimed disbelievingly.

"Those seven get special treatment just because they are the children of filthy rich bastards." Ash grumbled. "And don't be deceived by their good looks. Their personalities are rotten."

"Yeah, and you haven't even heard the best part." Sarah let out a sarcastic laugh. "The call themselves 'The Secret Society.' How cocky is that?"

I let out a forced laugh and looked around the lunchroom. It was glaringly obvious that the rest of people in the lunchroom were also bashing The Secret Society.

"How's mama's boy doing? Did you go to your daddy's private island this summer?" A guy yelled out at the group.

One member of the group whipped his head around to see who yelled at them. His glare was icy cold, but he couldn't find who had yelled out the insult. A girl placed her hand on his shoulder, and the seven of them walked away.

When they left the building, the tense atmosphere stayed in the room. However, I realized there was more than just animosity they received. I don't know how I missed it before, but there was just as much awe in the room as there was hate.

Even though people hated the group for their richness, they were in awe. Deep down, I knew I respected the group, even though I had never met them before. There was just something about them that made me feel guilty for talking badly about them.

They had an air that makes everyone else feel low compared to them. And that's probably why everyone hates them. Never before had I felt so intrigued, yet intimated, by a group of people.

A/N: Hello!! Well...it's been a while since I posted a new chapter. But I do miss it, so I had to come back :) Anyways, I must thank you all so much for looking at the character pictures and leaving a comment. 70 comments?!? That's insane. So thank you so much! I hope that this chapter didn't disappoint too much. My goal is to update every Tuesday and Friday. If not twice a week, then definitely once a week. I am going to try very hard to accomplish this goal. Thanks again, guys! Leave a comment if you want me to update you :)


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