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Novel By: Messy98

Jen and Cole have been best friends since they were tiny; they knew everything about each other and had never had an argument. Even though they're in different grades and schools, nothing has ever been able to break them apart. But when other guys start to take an interest in Jen, Cole starts to drift away unexpectedly. Will Jen get to the bottom of his problem or will their friendship be over?
Music: When I'm With You - Taylor Swift.
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Submitted:Sep 6, 2011    Reads: 45    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

A/N: Hey, first of all, thanks for giving this novel a try!! This is my first romance novel and I'm gonna try and stick to it as much as I can. Thanks again, read on!! :D ~xoxo

I don't think there's been a day in my life when I wasn't with Cole. Even when we weren't together, I was thinking about him. I know it's rare to find a person that you can talk to about anything, anything for days and months and years and never want to be alone. Even for a few seconds and never wishing you were with somebody, anybody else. I'd loved Cole for almost my entire life. And I wasn't going to stop now.


"So what do you want to do today?" The oh-so familiar voice drifted over to me, musty in the lazy August sunshine. I barely even heard it over the buzz of busy insects and crackling, whispering grass in my ear. I thought about it,

"I don't know. How about you? Mr. I've-Just-Graduated-From-High-School? Let's celebrate! I'll throw you a huge party at my house, with drinks and a D.J, hundreds of people and..." I couldn't go on, I was laughing too hard. Cole's eyes had widened so they nearly filled his whole forehead, eyebrows lost to the perfectly-positioned mop that was his raven hair.

I had to sit up and clutch my stomach, my laughter was coming in great shakes that, if with anyone else, I would be mortified for them to hear. Not Cole. He let me calm down a bit before pulling me back in with more laughter by pointing at his outstretched tongue and making gagging noises. He acted this out so vigorously I almost expected him to throw up all over his dark, washed-out skinnies. After a few billion years, when I'd stopped laughing, I looked back at Cole. I was prepared for a new wave of laughter but he was just looking at me. Just looking. His soft, melting brown eyes were steady they seemed to be getting bigger by the second. He didn't seem to be breathing and neither was I. Was it my imagination or was the world shrinking? We seemed to be getting closer and closer together but neither of us were actually moving. The sky was being lowered and the air was compressing me, I really couldn't breathe. Was this what being hypnotised was like?

Just when I thought I'd never be able to move again, I wouldn't want to, Cole shivered. Like when someone 'walks over your grave'. Just like that, but after that he stared at me again, but differently this time. It was over in a second. Before I'd even thought about what just happened, his hand appeared out of nowhere...and pushed me over. Next thing I knew I had a face-full of grass and daisies.

"Oh you are SO dead!" I yelled after him, he was already up and bounding away from me, bounding on his black converses, laughing - just like I'd just been - all the while. Cole may be half a foot taller than me and a year older but somehow I've always been faster than him. But he knew this. Just as I was about to tackle him to the ground, he dodged to the side. However, in his haste to avoid my hands, he tripped on a lump of grass and fell (ungracefully) onto the river of green.

Triumphant at his downfall, I stood over him, trying to suppress my laughter whilst feigning a look of anger.

"Noo, don't kill me! Please mistress I'll do anything!" He playfully begged. I let a tiny, muffled snigger slip through my teeth. Time for The Voice, "Aaah, I shall not kill you just yet, I have plenty in store!!" Followed by an evil laugh, the fake Russian accent never failed to make him fall about laughing. He was already floored and helpless and that's when I started tickling him. My fingers turned into merciless claws and scrambled around his neck, under his arms and by his waist, the most ticklish spot there is. He was yelling and kicking and laughing all at once and I revelled in the power.

When I thought he really had had enough, I relented. He was so red he could have been in competition with a tomato and out of breath like he'd just won a race. Which was probably never going to happen seeing as Cole was about as sporty as a carrot. He was still giggling feebly but on his guard now, waiting for another attack. But I was done.

My trick was that there was no trick. Suddenly I realized how much of a beautiful day it was and it seemed normal to let my head flop back, take a deep breath and just listen to the world moving around me. And I listened to the insects scurrying about their lives and the soft breeze cooling the over-heated day. The beaming white sun pressed on my face and the grass twitched beneath my fingers. Somehow, the world was at peace.

When I opened my eyes, Cole was staring at me again. He looked fascinated, like the way he looks at a piece of art he loves at one of the many museums he drags me to. Before I could query the odd looks that day, a shout blared from the house,

"Do you guys want some food?!"


The nasally bell irritated me more than the buzzing alarm clock had that morning and I groaned. Georgia looked up at me, the tiny 5 feet of her was enough to get people to think she was only a freshman in Creston Hill. My best girl friend, she was awesome for shopping and a girlie giggle now and then but no one could come close to the amazing time I always had with Cole.

"I knooow," Gee groaned back, "It's soo frickin' early. Is it just me or are the mornings getting earlier?" That was always a good conversation opener with Georgia, a vent about mornings and school should bring your friendship right up there. Georgia was, by no means whatsoever, a morning person.

If you saw her everyday at school, it was easy to tell. It starts off with her, stumbling like a drunken man out of her father's car and somehow, making it to homeroom with her eyes half closed. As the day progresses, Georgia will make suitable bathroom breaks and every time she emerges will look significantly better than when she went in.

By the end of the day, she will be looking notably prettier than any of the other girls in school, waltzing out like the tabloids were flashing their cameras outside the flaking metal gates. It was quite funny, actually.

She slipped her arm through mine and put her head on my shoulder, curly dark strands falling onto my neck and started fake-snoring. I greeted this by flicking her forehead. I didn't mean to do it that hard, though. Oops.

We reached science, our second lesson of the day with Georgia rubbing her head and grumbling and me laughing at the way she'd leaped away from me when I'd thumped her, like a crazy person and a particular senior that Gee was praying on that week had noticed and laughed. Georgia was not impressed.

The rest of the morning passed in a blur that smelled of fresh, clean, soon-to be-doodled-on school books and sounded like the droning of billions of new teachers lecturing us and trying to make us think they weren't as bad as they really were.

Lunch turned out to be our only escape. On the first day back, all the teachers seem like they have fourteen eyes and anything you do will follow you around for the rest of your high school life. If you want to make it through with a minimal number of detentions and calls home, you have to be on your best behaviour.

Me and Georgia had bought our lunch (fries and cheeseburger for me and chicken salad and coke for Gee) and were nattering about which teachers we thought was going to be easy on us this year and which would be the ones giving us twelve page essays as homework due for the next day. We'd taken our usual seats at the very edge of the room, perfect for spying without being spied when a guy about our age flew over and sat opposite me, as casually as if was done every day in modern day America. It wasn't.

"Oh, hi Aaron!" Georgia greeted him. He smiled a very cute smile at her before she carried on, "I'm so sorry, I completely forgot! Jen, this is Aaron Cooke, he just moved in my block and we met over the summer and Aaron, this is Jen, my best friend." He smiled that puppy smile at me and I reached out my hand to shake his (I know, I know, formal me) and instead, he took hold of my fingers and pressed a kiss to the back of my hand. I suddenly felt like Cinderella, being introduced to the prince, and felt slightly ridiculous.

"Pleasure to meet you, Jen." He said, still smiling, flashing his pearly teeth. It was strange how you can see thousands of movies and see all the stereotypes, still refusing to believe they actually exist even when you see one right in front of you. Aaron Cooke looked like you would expect any all around American high school jock. With the chiselled jaw, long-lashed, sparkly blue eyes and floppy, dirty blonde hair he could have been the guy you saw in that T.V show yesterday, or that teen romance you saw last week. The only difference was... Aaron was sweet.

As much as I liked school, as much as I liked gossiping with my friend, laughing at the kind teachers and the endless people-watching, school has never stood of much importance to me. It was just something to pass the time until I was ready to leave, to get a job, to start my real life. School, after the first few years where you learnt to read, write and count seemed pointless. How many jobs are there where you need to know the boiling point of zinc? Or what exactly Shakespeare meant by saying, 'Cowards die many times before their deaths'? It was just something to do every day. Somewhere to meet people, to socialize to learn interesting facts.

Somewhere to wait until I could see Cole again.

A/N: Thanks for reading, if you liked, comment and if you didn't like.... tell me why!! Much love, Jallen~xoxo


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