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Im Stupid

Novel By: Mia2515

Has vampires and werewolves. A girl who finds herself in love at the wrong time and wrong place! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 25, 2009    Reads: 185    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   


"Christian, of course i want to be with you but not now, not after i heard what Kyle had told me earlier!" I told him as he looked at me with hurt and anger burning in his eyes.

"How could you believe what he said? He's a lying backstabbing dog!" i can't believe he caled my best friend a fricken DOG! Well, that leech should know that i will never go out with him for as long as i live! i wish he would just leave me alone. Ever since that night almost a year ago everything had ended up in the shit hole.

Chapter 1:

I'm so sad because i ave to leave my best friend with her slit-my-wrist attitude in the grave. Nobody liked her, even her parents didn't like her but we were besties until the end. She didn't matter anywhere or by anyone because she actually did it! She killed herself on the night when we decided we were going to start cutting ourselves.

My family and i are moving to weatlake, Ohio. That is one of the most upscale areas in Northern Ohio that still have forests. I begged my parents to move somewhere where there is a forest. Theres all the preps and jocks you need with the area to escape the craziness they call reality. I bet im the only person there who is gothic or who doesn't care if they wair a brown miniskirt or a pink miniskirt at cheerleading practice!

My house is huge! There is 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a basement, a finished attic and a sunroom(were all my family will hang out all the time) i mean there are the normal house things too like a kitchen, living room, den and a family room. I chose the attic as my room because i love peace and quiet without people haning around uselessly. My best friend/sister is in the bedroom that has the door to the attic so i won't get in anymore fights with the other family members. All of my younger brothers and sisters have thier own room except my younger brother took the basement as his room.

There are five children in this family. Theres the triplets(me,ally, and johnny), Cassie the nine year old(my best friend) and Billy the four year old. Ally, Johnny and i are all fifteen year olds. We are all in the nineth grade and were moved because my parents thought that if i stayed here i would have killed myself. That was never a possibility but parents are insane and control me so what am i gonna do? Alli still hasn't talked to me because she had the perfect life there. She was the head cheerleader and had the quarterback rapped around her finger. She had the 'perfect' life in her eyes but i thought tat it was shallow that they needed materialistic things to be cool. Johnny was having so much fun because he really hated that school and all the people in it.

I want to see what the neighbors are like, maybe they will be like my gothic paradise but i know that isn't going to happen. I decided to wear a black miniskirt(it reallt wasn't that mini), a purple cami underneath a see through black blouse, with a pair of purple flats, and a ton of black make up. I straightened my boring brown hair and had my side bangs into an awesome twist thingy Valerie showed me.(Valerie is my dead best friend) My green eyes perfected by the loads of black eyeliner i added. i decided to paint my nails a black with red splattered all over them. All i had to do to get out of the house was say im going to go socialize with non-goths. They want me to be normal just like everyone else in the family but i think they are all plastic robots sent to ruin my life, except Cassie.

"Hey, new girl. Did you just move in the house down the street?" he asked obviously curious

" ya, why do you care? i bet you would love my sister! She looks excactly like me except she doesnt straighten her hair so she has wavy hair. She also has a 'bubbly' personality!" i said in my most mocking voice. All my mom talks about is how perfect Alli is and how she set a great example for the youngest of the kids.

"No i won't! i like your 'un'bubbly personality better. My brother David would probably like her though! He's a huge nerd but all the girls think hes hot because he has a six pack and blue eyes. He shows off so thats the only way that they see his six pack. He doesn't have a girlfriend so he will probably ask your sister out if she is as beautiful as you!" at the lastpart i blushed and hung my head in embarassment, a hot guy said i was beautiful. WOW...hahaha ya right! Alli would never go out with him because she has very high standards. She has to have blondes with green eyes and a six pack! I guess she would like the six pack.

"Yeah so im gonna head out! It got reallt ackward when you said you brother was hot..." i nearly broke down with laughter when his brother stepped out of the house with a wry smirk all over it.

"Bro, i didn't know that loved me in that way!But i do love this girl in that way. Heyy, babe, sorry i didnt catch your name!" he announced triumphantly thinking he was this super cool dude.

"The names Dani! Let me give you one quick reminder, don't try to act cool cause that just makes you look stupider than you probably are but i wouldn't know because you tried to act cool. also dont call me baby...JJOOHHNNYY!"i screamed at the top of my lungs as i watched a figiure come bolting out of the house and stopping in front of me.

"Dani whats wrong. You never let me help me when you are in a fight! This is going to be so much fun! Which one of there dweebs are bothering you?"He asked excited

"The dude in the red hair was being mean and very very stupid. He touched me inaproprietly!But the cute guy with the blonde hair was very nice and should hang out sometime!"i said as i barely finished before the beating came.He punched him in the nose making him fall over and then started kicking him the gut until he started sputtering blood. I had to pull him off of him.

"If you ever do that to my sister again i will go fartheer than this because she wont be here to protect you!"He shouted as i dragged him home but on the way i could sense someone following me so i turned around and noticed the hot guy following us.

"What do you want?" i asked him as we both broke down in laughing fits.

" i just wanted to tell you that my name is Kyle and that we will probably run into each other alot so don't go kicking my ass everytime i go around you!"he said as i started my lughing fit again soon followed by Kyle and Johnny.

Tell me all about him!Cassie had begged until i finally agreed and begged in my head hoping Kyle could come and help me with this crazy idea that she needs to know everything about him. Just as i was about to start on what i knew Alli called me saying theres a hot guy at the door asking for me. I just went downstairs and we went for a walk. We told each other everything as possible until we turned and looked at each other. He leaned his head down and i got on my tippy toes...just inches away from his face. Will we kiss???


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