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Its Still Me

Novel By: Mia2515

Zane doesnt understand. I just, i wanted to fit in witht he rest of them. I was always the out cast that was last to be picked for volleyball and first to be sneered at in the hallways. Can we stay friends still? Can we be more? Or will i lose my best friend forever? View table of contents...


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Chapter 1(:

Today was probably the worst day of my life. Every personI passed in the hallstifled a laugh or didnt try to even hid it and laughed outloud. SometimesI would hear the whispers, or they would yell them out. I know my day will become better though because today was the last day of school and we are going to our house out in the country.

WhenI go to the house in the country,I call it my cottage, there is no one around. Most teenage girls would have a fit and make 10 friends come along, but not me. I wont even allow Zane to come and that's saying something. I enjoy the woods surrounding the house, taking one of the horses for a trail ride through the pastures or dancing in one of the many fields. This is my time to shine, the summer time.

I cant say that there is exactly no one out here. We have maids and cooks. There is also this guy named Jace. He is onlya year ahead of me, being a senior. He is one ofthe hottest guys i have ever seen. His hair is blond and cut short while his eyes are a deep chocolate brown. Jace's skin is a deep tan from helping run the farm since he was about five.

I definately can wait to see him again consideringI'm a giant fat loser. The only person thati'm really myself around is Zane and thats only because we have been best friends since the beginning of time. Just kidding only about 11 years but still that a really long time considering I'm only about seventeen myself. I'm vowing right now that this summer i amgoing to lose all my wieght and become one of the prettiest girls at school.

One of the people i know for sure who will like the changes is my brother Kade. He is the most popuar guy in school.I know youre probably thinking, 'oh and he's the one who picks on you the most.' Actually he is one of the nicest guys in the world and im lucky to have him as a brother. Don't get me wrong, he still loves to play pranks on me and do all the brotherly things that people read about in books. He has the blond almost white hair that almost all girls wish they had naturally and his blue eyes are some of the best ever. He can hypnotize anyone with just a look.

My other brother on the other hand is the worst peopleI can think of. He is the oldest and knows it. He has tried drugs and alchohol and has come home with a gun before. My dad was so scary on that night that i just hid. Eoin has red hair with green eyes. He is the epitome of irish.(my dad is 100 percent) All the girls love him because of his bad boy attitude. I wishI could say that its just an act but its not, he is a badass.

On the other hand my second oldest sister, whose a senior and twin of Kade is Tessa. She has the same great looks as Kade does. I love her the most because she is just so down to earth and smart that shes helps me with everything. My other sister is a year younger and i hate her like i hate Eoin. Her name is Renee and she is a sophmore slut. Maybe she will grow out of it and maybe she wont. Renee has reddish brown hair with blue eyes too.

All of my family is excited for this trip but not even Tessa knows what will happen when we leave. Or when Jace figures out that im really a hottie locked in this fat suit. Really i haveblack hairand sea green eyes. It seems as if all my features are perfectly placed ifI lost all my wieght. Lets just see how fantastic I can look!

http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=27790339(This is what i amagine Jace would wear!)

AUTHORS NOTE!!!: Okay guys, first of all thanks for even reading the first chapter!I don't know how often i will update. Lets just say i am shooting for atleast every 3 days. Another is that i stole the outfit idea from Marriah Justine. Check her out, she is an amazing writer. Im sorry i stole it but i thought it was really cute and wanted to try it. Hahaha thanks for reading <3


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