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You and I against the world

Novel By: mickis1993

I fall in love with my mom's much older co-worker, who is a woman View table of contents...


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Bella Hi ! Over here ! I hear someone shout and I quickly turn around. And fortunately , it's Annika , we meet in the middle of the bus station and give each other a long hug.
- Shall we go to the car? Ask Annika .
- Yes please , I reply.
We go to the car in 5 minutes and sit in a hot car , which is quite nice because it's minus 5 outside.
Annika ... I say gently .
- Yes Bella what?
- Why do you want to meet me alone?
- Can we take it when we get home ? Please, Bella?
- Sure , I say , and think no more about it .
After a minute , I take her hand in mine and I notice that she doesn't take her hand back instead she is taking my hand in a tighter grip . After a while her hand begins to tremble. She goes into the parkinglot below her apartment , submit the patch as it stands at 52 because she has the parking space and then I see tears falling down her cheeks . She pulls out the key to the apartment and then goes out of the car . I'm out the minute after . She walks quickly toward the staircase she has the apartment in , she walks quickly up the two stairs it is to her apartment . Put the key in the keylock, and quickly opens the door. When she is inside the apartment , she quickly takes off her jacket and shoes. I do the same but not as quickly. Then I hear faint sobs coming from inside the apartment . After a minute I find Annika crying and sitting on the couch . I take a seat carefully beside her on the sofa and puts an arm around her. In response , she puts her head gently on my shoulder and starts in the next minute to cry even more.
Annika ... please i begging you , tell me what's wrong ... ?
She continues to cry and I'm taking a new tighter grip on her.
We sit like this until she has calmed down and I had fortunately some handkerchiefs in my pocket so I take a cautious approach and give her one. Thanks she says almost silently and gently wipe the tears .
- Would you like a glass of water ? If I ask her gently .
- Yes please , I have glasses in the second cabinet headed this way
- Ok , I say .
I quickly and fix a glass of water to her in the kitchen and is back with the glass within a minute. Thanks, she says and receives the glass. She takes a few sips and then put the water glass on the table.
- Annika ? I try again .
- Yes Bella what?
- What has happened?
- Nothing has happened Bella .
- Annika First you want to see me alone and then you start to cry the same minute we get inside the apartment , so something must have happened ?
- Bella , if you really need to know why I wanted to be alone with you , it's because ...
- What ?
- I Love you .
I get so shocked by the response that I tear down the glass with water . Damn it ! I say and get the answer that it does not matter , it's still just a glass of water.
- But Annika , I say , and hear my voice begins to cut.
Now it's her turn to comfort me because I feel how more and more tears running slowly down my cheeks . Annika gently put an arm around my shoulders and in response I put my head on her shoulder. After a while I calmed down and she gives me a handkerchief and a glass of water.
- Annika , I say again and now my voice a little steadier . I love you too , but mom can find out, because you are her old work buddy.
- But what if she doesn't finds out about it then?
- What? Are you saying that we should have a secret relationship?
- Yes , I mean it says Annika
- Ok sure I say
- Good says Annika and I get a long hug as an answer. We already have each others numbers so we just add the name.
I wish I did not have to go home , I say . I do not want you to go home either Bella . But if we are not to arouse suspicion you should probably go home. I take a look at the clock and starts to mumble a lot of profanity.
- What now? Annika laughs and gives me a quizzical look
- Last bus leaves in 10 minutes ...
- Then we need to hurry, or what do you think? Says Annika still laughing.
Go out into the hall and quickly takes my jacket and shoes. Annika is as fast as me and soon as both of us are out of the apartment she closes and locks the door . We run down the stairs and half running to the car. I take a second look at the clock when Annika has started the car and see that it is 20:30 .
- Annika ?
- Yes ? Bella what?
- Will we get there in 5 minutes ?
- Let's hope so I get to answer and then she turns out to the 160 way
We arrive with 1 minute margin so it's just for me to almost jump out of the car . Say quick that I will send a message when I'm home and then rush towards the bus and luckily I have time with it. Thank god .
I log me in as usual and then put me far ahead . Pushing my headphones into the phone and then turn on the playlist " Sad Songs " on Spotify . The music is quite low in my ears, which is nice because I feel I will get a headache . The bus doesn't go more than 20 yards until my cell buzzes. Viewing who it is from, and on the display it says that it is from Annika.
Opens the message and it says: " I miss you so it hurts already and it has not gone more than 5 minutes since you went on the bus. Hugs and kisses , love you . / Annika "
" Miss you too so that it hurts, that's why I did not want to go away from you . Love you 1000 times around the world . Hugs and love you . Are yours forever " I write back .


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