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Bloodied Roses

Novel By: MidnightThorn

They are…beasts in human form who feed off living human’s energy…they are…Kyrupters…you must never get close to a Kyrupter…if you do…their gaze will enslave you…

Mikki's life use to be normal, until she got followed home one day-that's where everything went wrong. Touched by a kyrupter, Mikki travels to Migaralel Falls to get her energy back. There she meets Charles, the arrogant, stoic guy that's feeding off her. But slowly, feelings begin to develop, feelings that turn into much, much more.

Will Mikki and Charles see their happily ever after? Or will there love crumble to the depths beyong hell?

Yet another story about forbidden love with a twist. Please enjoy. I suck at summaries. XD View table of contents...



Submitted:Jun 24, 2011    Reads: 142    Comments: 21    Likes: 4   

It was the end of summer and the night was beginning to close in. I was on my way home with my little sister. We were laughing, chatting and giggling away contently when I noticed the atmosphere changed. The warm air became icy and instantly I knew my sister hadn't felt it since she carried on talking. I suddenly felt the urge to be back at home, 'Say...' I said, feeling even more uneasy, 'let's race each other home.' I asked Emily.
She stopped talking and looked at me, 'Must I?' She whined. I knew she didn't want to, so I had to come up with some sort of agreement, some sort of advantage. 'I'll give you a head start...' I stated, judging by her expression she hadn't changed her mind. 'I'll carry your shopping.' That had to be it.
'Done.' She answered simply as she pushed her shopping into my chest and took off in her childish, jumping-like way.
Once she curved around the corner I twisted around. Behind me was the same white Ute I'd seen at the shops numerous times earlier that afternoon, the one with scratch marks down the side, a window tint darker than black and smoke precipitating out the exhaust pipe. It was following us, I was sure of it. I exhaled a sigh of relief before realising I was all alone on a near deserted street. Oh...crap! I chased after Emily as fast as I could, shopping bags in both hands. If anyone was watching, I'm sure they would've thought I looked stupid.
As I approached my house, I quickly shifted to the right, hiding myself securely behind a wild bush and watched the Ute drive passed and then stop, probably looking around, to see where I disappeared to. I'd smirk at my accomplishment, but I was shivering inside and out, as I was only just now registering what had just happened. Why was it following us? The question I knew no one would answer continued repeating itself over and over in my head, ringing and buzzing in my ears. Finally, it drove up to the roundabout and turned around, returning to where it came from, hopefully. I sighed again and after a few short, soft breaths, I stood up, brushed off and walked as casually as I could down the drive-way, through the garage and into the house.
'I'm home!' I called out as I began unpacking the shopping.
'What took you so long?' Emily asked as she popped herself up onto the breakfast bar and grabbed a cookie.
'I was...just...um...thinking…so it um…slowed me down…a bit…I guess.' I stammered, looking away.
'You sure...?' Emily eyed me suspiciously. I knew she didn't buy it, who would? Everyone can see straight through me anyway.
'Y-yeah.' I answered.
'Ahh...' She sighed after a while, 'you're so weird.'
I grinned causally as I put the milk in the fridge, 'I get that a lot.'
'Oh! You two are home. Em, can you go for a shower? Mikki, can you make dinner tonight? Mum's not feeling well.' My Dad said as he walked passed the piano and into the living room.
'Sure.' I answered. Good. Anything to take my mind off this car. I checked what we had and started cooking.
Hey Guys! I know it's short but it's a beginning. I know I have another two novels on the go and in around a month I'll have four novels up. I hope you liked this. This story will not be as rushed as the rest so please, please, please do not lose interest. I will get to the plot in chapter 2 or maybe 3. Thanks for reading and please, take two minutes out of your busy day to review. Also, I KNOW that I'm using the same name "Charles" as in vampire ghost but so what? Who cares? And I WILL come up with chapter names...eventually. Critics are welcome. XD


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