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Guilty Rose

Novel By: Miki

Arisa dies and becomes an angel who is sent back to Earth to repent for her previous life. Somehow, she has fallen in love with a human but a relationship between a angel and a human is a sin. The only way for them to be together is for the Devil to claim her soul. Will she give up her soul for love or stay, sinless and pure in the eyes of God? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 29, 2012    Reads: 27    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

Guilty Rose Chapter 10

"What?" I said, heart stopping. "Please, please don't say that."

"I made you get hurt. I can't bear to cause you more pain," Cain whispered, seeming in pain. My patience waned and it snapped.

"Get real," I said, low enough for him to barely hear me.

"Huh?" Cain asked, dumbfounded.

"I said, get real, you idiot! This isn't a drama, you know!" I said, my demon side showing.

"But, but..." He started to say, looking at me with puppy eyes. I slapped him and I planted my hand on my waist.

"Ya stupid? You're a damn guy! Man up!" I hissed, feeling my blood boil. Now, everyone was looking at us. I sighed and the bell rang. Still seething, I walked to class.

"Ah, I assume you're fine, Arisa?" Mr. Barson asked as I walked into class.

"Yeah, I feel better. Thanks," I said as I walked over to my desk.

"Wait, do you mind giving and introduction to the class?" Mr. Barson stopped me and gestured to the others.

"Um, no?" I said hesitantly. I swallowed the saliva that was pooling in my mouth. I then called out: "I'm Arisa Rune. It's nice to meet you."

The class murmured a response and I saw that Cain had taken the seat beside mine and Kyle was in front of me and the girl, Allie, had taken the seat behind me.

During class, Cain passed me notes that said he was sorry and Kyle kept glancing back at me. All through class, I also felt a pair of eyes glued to the back of my head. I think Allie was the one who did that.

When I was walking to the next class which happened to be history, I saw a few guys cornering a girl and no one else was paying attention to them. I walked over and saw that the girl was small. She was cowering in the corner; her short blond hair was being pulled by the guys.

"What do you think you're doing?" I asked, glaring murderously at them.

"What do you think we're doing? We're having a little fun," the guy with long dirty blond hair said. He lurched forward and caught my hand, flinging me into the corner with the girl. I smiled, blood boiling.

"You think you can hurt a girl without consequences?" I asked, laughing maliciously. Everyone turned to look at us. I closed my eyes and when I opened them, the guys flinched. Faster than ever, I flung a fist at the guy with the long hair.

I was out of the circle and the few guys hadn't even turned around. The guy I punched groaned and the others snapped out of it. One flung a fist and I caught it, twisting it until his arm almost came out of his socket. At the end of the hall, I caught a pair of green eyes and blondish hair. Kyle and behind him was Cain. They ran towards me, frowning.

I let go of the guy's arm and he crumpled to the floor, cradling his arm. Another guy kicked me in the side and I staggered. He took the chance and punched me in the shoulder. My arm lost all feeling and I gritted my teeth.

A warm and soft arm came around my shoulders, cradling me against his chest. Cain looked down at me and Kyle rushed forward to knock out the last guy.

"Are you ok?" Cain asked.

"Yeah, of course!" I said and stood up. I looked at the girl still in the corner, only with a bright smile. I walked over to her.

"Are you ok?" I asked her, extending a hand. She took it and stood up. It turns out that she was my height.

"I'm ok. Thanks for helping me. I'm Melanie Anton," she said.

"What do you have next? I have history with Ms. Carlow," I asked Melanie. She took a deep breath and traced a foot behind her, giving me the most graceful curtsy I had ever seen.

"I have history with her, too!" she said excitedly. She rose again from her curtsy, still very graceful. "Let's walk together!"

"Ok," I laughed.


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