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Guilty Rose

Novel By: Miki

Arisa dies and becomes an angel who is sent back to Earth to repent for her previous life. Somehow, she has fallen in love with a human but a relationship between a angel and a human is a sin. The only way for them to be together is for the Devil to claim her soul. Will she give up her soul for love or stay, sinless and pure in the eyes of God? View table of contents...


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Guilty Rose Chapter 19

I shivered in my bed, staring at my dark ceiling. I have to admit, now that I have been reincarnated, my emotions are now really easy to sway. It's like being on my period. Although, I trust you, dear reader, I feel weird talking about my monthly issues. So… let's just leave it at that.

When I close my eyes, I see Kyle smiling so sadly. Oh, damn, I'm the worst at romance. But still, I think that it's too early to say that he loves me. I mean, he knew me for like, what? Three months? What the hell is that about?

Fucking love, it always messes up something. Friendships, trust, respect, you name it. I give up on this! I sighed and pulled my pillow up to my face. A shrill scream emitted from my mouth and was absorbed into the pillow.

The months flew by without a hitch and of course, Kyle was pretending nothing had happened between us. Now it was the end of February and it was as cold as hell. A fucking blizzard appeared and a snow day was called.

I stared out into the unending white outside my dark window and sighed. What am I going to do with my life from now on? I can't look Kyle in the eye, Mel barely talks to me anymore, Cain being all emo and shit. I flinched as a knock on my front door startled me.

I walked to the door and looked through the hole. I nearly tripped over my own feet. It was Cain for God's sake!

"What do you want, Cain?" I asked, annoyed. Even if I was awake, people do not go to other people's houses at 3 am in the goddamn morning.

"I want... you!" he exclaimed, lunging towards me. His eyes turned an oily black instead of his normally brown irises. A long, red tongue escaped his mouth when he opened it. Fangs instead of human teeth sprouted.

He pinned me down, his inhuman strength making it impossible for me to escape. He held both of my hands above my head and went between my legs, making it hard for me to kick him off of me. With his free hand, sharp nails grew out. They were as long and sharp as kitchen knives. I opened my mouth to scream and before I could, he used his nails to stab my windpipe and vein.

A gurgle escaped my mouth as my own blood suffocated me. I watched in horror as my skin attached itself to his talons. As if not caring, this beast drove his whole hand into my throat. I don't know how or why I was still alive. My body went limp but my brain still registered pain and kept me conscious.

Cain let go of my arms and drove his other hand into my throat. A burning pain emitted from the area of which his hand touched. Slowly, he divided my body into half, my ribs cracking, my spine collapsing. From this monster's mouth came a saliva. It dripped onto my open wounds and it rotted away the flesh. It burns, it hurts!

With his hands, he stabbed my eyes, blinding me with abrupt darkness and a searing pain. I still felt the creature on my body but only that it was biting my body. It... It was eating me, I realized in disgust.

I was being consumed again. I was now dead again...

My eyes then sprang open to a familiar room. Wait, I could see again? Where am I? I sat up and was immediately disoriented. I was in my house, at my front door. The door was slightly open. What had happened?

I looked around me and saw that there was no bloody mess, no spilled guts, nothing. I got up and closed the door. In the hallway mirror, my body was fine. What the hell? Four consecutive dots were imprinted on my neck. They looked like cuts but I knew better. They were evidence from my "dream".

I wrapped it up with some bandages and gauze to be safe. I gulped. Will this happen again?

Or rather, would I really die next time?


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