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Guilty Rose

Novel By: Miki

Arisa dies and becomes an angel who is sent back to Earth to repent for her previous life. Somehow, she has fallen in love with a human but a relationship between a angel and a human is a sin. The only way for them to be together is for the Devil to claim her soul. Will she give up her soul for love or stay, sinless and pure in the eyes of God? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 29, 2012    Reads: 26    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

Chapter 5

I awoke to sunlight streaming through the windows. Still half asleep, I stumbled towards the washroom. I brushed my teeth and walked to the kitchen, stomach growling. Like a zombie, I shuffled clumsily and slowly as I made breakfast. Finally, my eggs were done! I scarfed them down, burning my mouth in the process but not even caring the slightest bit.

As I washed the dishes, a note popped out of nowhere next to the sink. I dried my hand before opening the note and when I did, a puff of sweet-smelling perfume wafted up to me. The note said, "On August 25th, you will be attending Dearest High School."

I sighed, heading over to my desk to pack my backpack only to find it already packed with my stuff from home. Ah, home… What happened to my home? More importantly, what happened to Mom and Dad? No! I don't want to think of them! I don't want to think of Mom, sobbing uncontrollably as my body was being placed in my grave.

Stop thinking about it, I chided myself. I took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh, feeling all of my worries leaking out with that one breath.

First things first, what is that smell? A combination of marsh waters and urine assaulted my nose. What in the name of God is this crappy smell? I lifted my arm to check if it's me and I gagged. I guess a lot of stuff has happened when I was flying from Heaven. A lot of stuff had happened.

I rushed into the closet to grab some clothes and then dashing to the bathroom. Stripping as fast as I could, I was in the shower in the matter of five seconds. New record, one that I'm not so proud of… With the water on nearly the hottest setting, I scrubbed and rinsed every part of my body.

After what seemed like hours of relentless scrubbing, I was relatively clean. I stepped out of the shower and wrapped myself up with the towel, then reached under the sink for some skin and beauty products. After I found everything I need, I placed them on the area around the sink. I reached for the lotion that smelled like rose and squeezed some on my legs and massaged it in. After that were my arms, then my neck.

I had found a box of face masks that would help in removing blemishes so I decided to put one on. Then I tied my hair into a high ponytail, only leaving my fringe out. I carefully slipped into a white sundress so I don't ruin the mask.

Finally, I had finished my murderous cleansing. My dear lord, it took me two hours to shower! Phew! There was still time to look around the city. I found my cute light pink fabric purse under the bed and my wallet with a hundred dollars, all in twenties, on my desk. Hmm. Canadian money looks so different from the ones back in the States… The twenties were mint green that felt like plastic and had a clear plastic strip on the right if you look at the side with the queen. This looks so much better than the twenties back in the States.

I grinned to myself and packed the stuff including a Sony Ericsson with unlimited texting and calling. I grabbed my iPod and headphones from my desk and made my way to the door. I slipped on my black flats and headed out, stuffing my keys into my bag. Today is going to be an adventure!


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