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Her Side

Novel By: mikid1e

After their prom night, Jessica Miller and Brian Higgins start to date. They're probably the last people you'd think would start dating but they did.

After Jessica's (now annoying) boyfriend dumped her a week before prom after being together a little over a year, she needed to find a new date. And fast! She confided in her older sister, Hayley, to try and get Hayley's best friend, Justin Bieber, to be Jessica's date. On prom night, after prom, Jessica and her long-time friend, Brian, went to her house for her family tradition: bong night. Afterwards, Brian showed his true feelings for Jessica and they were soon going out. But how long will they last when both of their high school careers are almost over. View table of contents...


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At home:
Jeremy- Jessica's dad. Works as an Anesthesiologist. Very laid back kind of father. Lives on his own besides his kids.
Hanna- moved from Texas, to Canada, to Wisconsin. Faked her own death. She had an affair with a man from Wisconsin named Gregory Rymes and gave birth to Hayley nine months later. Jeremy thought Hayley was his but Hanna and Hayley lied to him for about 19 years.
Mike- March 16, 1980- wants to be a cardiologist (14 years of college-graduates in 2012) still at home for the summer but lives on campus during term. Goes to university of Texas southwestern medical school in Dallas Texas. graduated high school in 1998.-- Jessica's oldest brother.
Jeff- February 23, 1983- he's studying to be a pediatrician for 11 years (graduates in 2012). he's living at home over the summer but lives on campus during term too. Goes to Baylor college of medicine in Houston. Graduated high school in 2001.-- Jessica's second oldest brother- her favorite sibling.
Chris- October 6, 1989-[goes to UTA too] he wants to be a high school science teacher. came home for the summer, has one more year of school (graduates in 2011). Graduated high school in 2007.-- Jessica's youngest oldest brother.
Hayley- May 29, 1991- Goes to University of Texas at Austin. graduated high school in 2010. graduates college in 2012. Daughter to Hanna Miller and Greg Rymes. Told her step-dad, Jeremy, about it when she was 19. --Jessica's only sister.
Jessica- February 22, 1994- a junior spring high school. graduates high school in 2012.
Caren Higgins- Dated Jeremy periodically. Brian's mom.
Brian Higgins-March 23, 1994- Caren's son, previously interested in Hayley, let Paige (Hayley's friend) give him a tattoo of "let it be" on his wrist along with a peace sign underneath it and a lip piercing. graduated high school in 2012. Long brown hair, green eyes. Has loved Jessica since 8th grade.
Danielle Higgins-March 23, 1994- Caren's daughter, let Paige give her a nose piercing. Brian's sister, very close to him. Loves the idea of Jessica and Brian being together.
People living in Wisconsin:
Hanna (changed her name legally to Samantha Nicole Treatham)
Robyn Rymes- Hayley's halfsister, Greg's daughter.
Greg Rymes- Hayley's real dad, in love with Hanna.
Other people from Texas:
Cami- Jeff's girlfriend
Natalie- Mike's girlfriend
Dean- Jessica's (now ex-)boyfriend.
Hayley's friends from college:
Sara- Hayley's roommate and newest bestfriend
Greg- Chris's (Jessica's brother) friend ("Tall, dark hair, dark eyes")
Robbie- Chris's friend
Charlie- Chris's friend; likes Hayley
Brandon- Chris's friend
Sam- Chris's friend
Matt Gibbins- One of Hayley's friends; Sara's boyfriend
Connor Whits- Paige's ex boyfriend
Tyrone- Guy Hayley slept with ultimately cheating on her ex-boyfriend, Chaz
Paige- Hayley's best friend
Jake- Hayley's boyfriend
Corey- Jake's roommate and Paige's boyfriend
Melanie- Sara's friend.
Megan- Sara's friend.
Carrie- Sara's friend.
Jake's family:
Claudia- Jake's mom. Absolutely adores Hayley
David- Jake's dad. Loves Hayley and kids around with her
Andrew- Jake's brother. Has had a crush on Hayley for a long time.
Destiny- Jake's little sister. Looks up to Hayley and sees her as a big sister.
Prom people:
Kristen- Jessica's best friend
Eric- Kristen's date- Jessica's friend
Rob- Courtney's boyfriend
Courtney- Rob's girlfriend
Erica (Eric's sister)- Cody's date
Cody- Erica's date
Bethany- Max's date
Max - Bethany's date
Lauren- Josh's date
Josh- Lauren's date
Brittany- Jason's girlfriend
Jason- Brittany's boyfriend
Kara- Daniel's girlfriend
Daniel- Kara's boyfriend
Megan- Tanner's girlfriend
Tanner- Megan's boyfriend
Josie- Tyler's date
Tyler- Josie's date
Lacey- Zach's girlfriend
Zach- Lacey- boyfriend
High school friends
Anthony Gifford- Brian's best friend
Carly rivers (Friends with Amber and Jamie)- Jessica's frienemy
Amber- Brian's exgirlfriend (dumped her on prom night- dated for 3 weeks)
Jamie Davis- Brian's other exgirlfriend. Date her for two years (from 8-10th grade)
Casey- Dean's brother
Hayley's famous friends
Justin Bieber- Hayley's best friend, working on being together romantically, took Jessica to prom- one of Jessica's best friends too. Family friend
Selena Gomez- Hayley's best friend since sixth grade
Chaz Somers- Hayley's ex-boyfriend- she cheated on him about 9 or 10 times. Pretty close friends with Jessica.
Ryan Butler- Best friend's with Hayley (sometimes he seems like her only one), Not so close with Jessica but pretty close.
For visual aid:http://www.polyvore.com/visual_aid_characters/set?id=46465487


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