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Letting Others In.

Novel By: mintcherryful

Life is full of ups and downs. There have defiantly been more downs in mine. From a young age I've felt like an out cast, even in my own home. Living with a mum that doesn't really notice me and a brother that couldn't care less if I were to die. Then there's school, apart from my little group of friends, it seems everyone else goes out of there way to wind me up. Now I'm not saying I'm a loner, that has no love life, but i do find it nearly impossible to let people in. They only get there hands on my body, and then I shut them out before they have a chance to hurt me, like my dad did. View table of contents...


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Letting Others In.


(Picture Of Sam, Robins Brother)

When I opened my eyes it was all blurry and I had a splitting headache. As I gained consciousness, I noticed Chris leaning over me in a panic.

'Robin! Thank God you're alright!' Chris shouted into my ear, which really didn't help the pain.

'What happened to me?' I replied, while I tried to lift my head and failed because of the pain.

'This arsehole pushed you to the ground with such force it knocked you out instantly!' Chris's anger was rising as he pointed to one of the boys surrounding us.

'Derrick, Is that you? Wait, why would you do that?' I said confused to the guy Chris had pointed to.

'I-I-I...I'm sorry Robin, I honestly didn't mean to hurt you! I didn't realize it was even you...You've changed so much since I last saw you...' Replied Derrick in a shaky voice, fixing his eyes on my boobs.

'Wait...You to know each other?? How could you know that jerk?' Chris butted in, trying to be protective.

Oh dear, here comes the awkward introduction. Seriously, do I have to be the one... How uncomfortable.

'Umm, Chris this is my EX-boyfriend, Derrick this is my...best friend'

'Well this is awkward, Derrick...considering I fucked her the other night. Boy she's easy and she wasn't even that drunk' Another guy in the group said, smirking.

'Brian, she can do what the fuck she wants... we broke up like a year ago and I haven't seen her since. But could you at least try and be a little respectful' Derrick spat out, sounding rather pissed off.

'Right, well were off, Derrick are you coming?'

'Uhhh, I'll see you guys there.'

Before the group left, Brian bit his bottom lip and told me, 'even though you're one of the easiest girls I've ever met, your still a good fuck' and winked.

'That guy is a right dick, why are you even friends with him?' I asked Derrick as soon as he could no longer hear.

'Wellif he's such a dick, then why did you sleep with him?'

'What can I say, I like sex and he was there' I shrugged.

I could feel the awkwardness creeping in as I noticed the response on Derricks face to what I'd said, wanting to ask why I never used to like it. It hurt to see how distant we were now, I so wished we had at least stayed friends.

I had forgotten about Chris who was passionately waiting yet obviously feeling very uncomfortable.

'It was lovely seeing you again, Derrick, we should really keep in touch. If you want to meet up some time...just as friends then here's my number.' I said, passing a piece of paper with my number on it.

'Uhhh, yeah sure. It was nice seeing you too, will keep in touch' Derrick said, hugging me and then hurrying off.

'Sorry about that, I always drag you into these things' I apologized to Chris.

'It's not your fault, are you sure your still up for tonight??'

'Hmm maybe I should just stay over at yours, my head is still killing' I chuckled.

'Yes! Umm ...I mean, your head will be fine, you just need to rest It.' he gave a cheeky smiled.

When I'd finally got back to mine to pack a bag for the night it was 5:30 and all I felt like doing was taking an ibuprofen and falling on my bed.

'Robin Is that you? I need a word' Mum said before she sighed.

Oh God, what have I done now? Why is she always bugging me? It's getting kind of annoying now.

'Seriously, what's wrong now?' I replied as I entered the kitchen to find my Mum and Brother, Sam, standing.

'I know we don't always get on Robin, but we have to pull together at a time like this, it's really important to keep the social workers off our backs and you missing school and getting in arguments isn't helping matters.'

'Oh of course, I forgot the school calls home after I've been naughty. What can I say? I'll try much harder in future to stay in school and keep out of Katelyn's face, sorry' I replied sarcastically.

'Thank you, that really lifts some weight off my shoulders'

'Right well anyway, I'm staying at Chris's tonight, so see you guys tomorrow'.

I was just running up the stairs to my room when I felt Sam tugging on my arm. Urgh, what could he have wanted.

'Hey, have you told Mum yet? Seriously you need to let her know. Dads coming back to visit soon, you should tell her before he pulls out his charm on her again, otherwise she may not believe you.' He whispered in a concerned voice.

'You believe me right? Mum's got too much on at the moment. She doesn't need to know about it yet. Anyway I'm going to get ready, remember you're promise, I trust you Sam.' I said hugging him.

Sam pulled me away from the hug and said 'If you're sure, mind you if that bastard lays another finger on you, he'll have it.'

'Thanks Sam…for being there'

I quickly turned around and ran up the stairs so he didn't notice the tears filling my eyes. When I got to the mirror to fix my makeup, all I felt was self-hatred and instead of tidying myself up, I lost it.

'I HATE YOU! I FUCKING HATE YOU!' I kept screaming to the reflection before picking up a mug and smashing the mirror.

The next thing I know, Sam was restraining my anger and resentment. He attempted to embrace me into his arms but I just kept hitting him until my energy ran out and we fell to the floor, crying together.

Thanks for reading and please do comment you're thoughts on it.



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