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Into The Wilderness

Novel By: MissCosti

Cecilia's soul is lost since her parents passed away. All of her life she has tried to support her grandparents, brothers and sisters, but it's becoming nearing impossible. That is, until Alec rides his way into the picture.

Her saviour, maybe?
She has no idea.
She doesn't know why she came to Ireland to stay with him for a while, she doesn't know what makes her stay, but there is something about him..
Something, that stirs deep within her.
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Submitted:Jan 22, 2010    Reads: 406    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

An intake of breath seemed amplified in the breathtaking views of Cecilia's first views of the Irish countryside. 'Begging your pardon ma'am, but are you Ok?' The train conductor had stopped just behind Cecilia and started her with his question. They had reached her stop and she was so overcome with wonder, awe and the beauty of what lay in front of her she had failed to even step onto the platform. Cecilia started to apologize but the conductor laughed at her, his blue eyes smiling down at her as he said 'Don't worry young miss. I seem to get a lot of people with your reactions. Beautiful, I know. You don't ever get over the views. Do you need any help getting your suitcase down?'

Cecilia smiled widely at him, never having encountered a stranger that was so friendly and at ease with the passengers. 'No thank you, the shock of the views has worn off slightly so I think I'll be okay now. But thank you very much, and it was lovely to meet you.' Her voice was so light, it seemed fresh and uplifting to the conductor, so he took her suitcase off the train for her anyway, and they both waved a heartfelt goodbye as the train flew by. Once again she found herself being sucked into the countryside again; her plans of hiring a car to meet Alec flew far from her mind. A walk in the tranquil Irish countryside, inspiration is exactly what was needed. At that moment Cecilia couldn't think of any better to do.
As she made her way across of acres upon acres the woodland Alec's face would not seem to leave her mind; it swam annoyingly perfect in front of her making her wonder what his true intentions were for this trip. Cecilia had longed for years to experience Ireland; it had been her dream to discover the rich culture, and to be able to wallow in the glorious beauty. And it seemed that Alec was like her knight in shining armour, saving her from a life of hardship and pain, desperately trying to provide for her and her family, inviting her to the place he called home, to the place he would constantly refuse to tell her. If anybody knew how to antagonize her and leave her waiting, Alec did.
Cecilia's parents had both passed away, years ago, she could hardly remember their faces, but she was constantly told that her stubbornness was that of her mothers, and her patience and kindness of her father. She took pride in hearing of them, no-matter how much pain it caused her. Now, she lived with her two younger brothers, and her sister, and her beloved Grandfather and Grandmother. Without them, her and her family would not be standing today, Cecilia would be now and forever, truly thankful. She loved them. More than she could ever love anything else.
'Amazing what a few blend of colourful flowers can do to your thoughts' Cecilia muttered to herself, chuckling slightly at her over active emotions. She was now nearing the village that she and Alec had set on meeting on, her pace seemed to quicken and her heart gave a tiny flutter as the shadow of her shining knight set before her.


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