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My roommate

Novel By: mitsuru

being a roommate with a guy may not help when you hug him because your scared of thunder, or when he does CPR and takes your first kiss away trying to save you. then telling you that he'll take responsibility and make you fall for him. just what kind of relationship can this be? who is he? View table of contents...


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Chapter one

Senior year at Kang High School, and today we have our final field trip and we're going on a 5 day and 4 nights stay at Mitsubishi hotel. I shared a room with another person although I don't know who it is or where my room was. I heard that there's a party tonight in room 304, I'm pretty sure my friends are going to go. So I'll just go and watch over them to make sure they don't do anything stupid. We got to Mitsubishi hotel and got off the coach bus, "hey! Michelle, Sarah," Angie called "we're finally here!!" she was so excited that she got 3 warnings and got detention. It was already 6 P.M. and we left at 5 A.M. and now I have to wait another hour with Angie to do her detention. By then when we finished doing detention we got ready to go to the party. We went to Angie's and Sarah's room, we brought tons of dresses, heels, makeup, and matching undie and bra sets. I wore a short black dress that brought out my figure and my black heels that were four almost five inches tall. Angie wore a pink dress, as expected her favorite color was pink. Sarah wore an ivory dress that brought out her eyes and skin color. She was so pale you couldn't even almost tell she was wearing a dress. We did our make up after that and then our hair. Of course I did all of our makeup and hair since I was the only one good at doing it. When we finished it was already 9 P.M. And the party started at 10 P.M. we had another hour left so we used that hour to paint our nails and took pictures. We got to the room at 10:15 because we lost our way in the hotel and had to ask for directions. When we got there the room was packed, people everywhere wearing dresses shorter than mine, heels taller than mine. I thought that those people are crazy, why would they wear dresses when they're so short you can see their asses. If they wanna wear that then just wear a shirt and their undie. What's so hard about that, it's as if they're telling guys that they wanna have sex and maybe they do. Ughh, people piss me off so much. That's why I hate going to these kinds of thing. I sat in a couch in the corner so nobody would see me, then I could watch over them. After two hours of doing nothing I got tired and told Angie and Sarah that I was going back to the room. I left the party room and turned to the left. I saw a sign that said room 407-512 was up ahead if you went through the door. I went through it and saw another sign and it lead to another small door that I had to climb wooden stairs for. I opened the door and walked down the steps lightly and saw that people were watching a movie yet doing things that they should be doing in their own room. I saw a guy staring at me hard and winked at me, I was disgusted and left. When I finally found my room I had trouble opening the door, after 10 minutes I got in. I stripped off my dress and heels. I let down my hair and went in the shower. When I got out of the shower, a man walked in and saw me. I turned to the wall to get my robe and walked out of the bathroom. I sat down on the bed still being shocked. "What are you doing in my room?" I said "your room? This is my room." He said. "No, this is my room Teacher Croff gave me and another person this room." I said. "Wait don't tell me you're my roommate?" "Well then I guess we've figured this out." He said. I looked around and only saw one bed. "You're sleeping on the floor." I said coldly. "Well I'm gonna take a shower now so don't peek!" he said merrily. "I ignored him and lay on the bed with my iPod in my left hand and a picture of my family in my right hand. Before I knew it I fell asleep on the king size bed.


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