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My roommate

Novel By: mitsuru

being a roommate with a guy may not help when you hug him because your scared of thunder, or when he does CPR and takes your first kiss away trying to save you. then telling you that he'll take responsibility and make you fall for him. just what kind of relationship can this be? who is he? View table of contents...


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Chapter two

I woke up with a loud roar of thunder. I looked around the room and saw that my new roommate wasn't here. Another loud thunder roared and then lightning lit up the whole room. I was now terrified the lights went out and if it was the things I hated the most thunder was second on my list. I called Angie and Sarah to come over to the room to stay with me. They said they would be there in ten minutes. After fifteen minutes of waiting, I heard the door knob move. Another thunder came when the door opened and I held onto Angie. Except it wasn't Angie or Sarah. It was my roommate. "Well hello there!" he said, "I didn't know you felt this way about me!" I immediately pushed him back and closed the door. He opened the door again and said "that wasn't a nice thing to do." I was sitting on the end of the bed staring at him do what he was doing. Right when he was taking his shirt off, came another thunder. I hugged him tightly, so tightly I thought I couldn't hug him any tighter. "Umm, everything alright?" he said. Some more thunders and lightning came and my knees went weak I almost fell, but he caught me in his arms. My tears started to come down and he seemed like he was shocked for a second. A knock came at the door. He set me down on the bed and opened the door. I looked to see who it was and saw that it was Angie and Sarah with their dresses torn, hair all messy, and their makeup all smeared. "Sorry we're late Michelle," said Angie. Sarah came over and hugged me tightly and I got off the bed and started walking towards the door. Angie went over and took my bag and held onto my left arm while Sarah was holding onto my right. "Umm, is she ok?" he said. I totally forgot that he was in the room too. "Yea, she's just scared of thunder and lightning." Sarah said. "She'll be ok!" said Angie. I turned around and started looking for paper and a pencil. I found a note pad and pen on the night table and wrote "thank you" on it and showed it to him. "Yea, thank you for the hugs!" he said trying to cheer me up. We left the room and went to Angie's and Sarah's room. It was huge. Well they at least had two beds; I lay on the bed farthest away from the window and drifted into sleep holding Sarah's hand. When I woke up it was 5 A.M. I tried to force myself back to sleep but it didn't work at all. I got ready and laid out some clothes for me to pick. Skinnies, super skinnies, jeggings, or boot cut for pants. For my shirts I had a crop, loose shirt, and a tank top that went with a sweater. I chose to wear my super skinnies together with my loose shirt and some heels. I wrote a note and left it on the makeup bag that said "went out shopping be back soon! Heart, Michelle." I brought my wallet, purse, and my phone along with my iPod. First I walked to a park in downtown while listening to my iPod. I rode on the swing for half an hour, then I went into a café and ate cinnamon rolls and had tea. I went shopping after that and went into tons of stores. First Hollister, Aeropostale, American eagle, Pink, and ended Hot Topic. I bought dresses, shirts, skinnies, jeans, pumps, toms, converse, and accessories. I got back to the hotel, into my room and plopped onto the comfy bed. I was so tired from all the carrying and walking I fell asleep. I woke up and made sure the door was locked, and it was. I took off my clothes, took out my hair and was now wearing only my cute matching bra and undie set. I opened the bathroom door, and saw that my roommate was in there naked about to put his robe on. I stared at him for a while, then closed the door and sat on the bed again watched television and waited for him to get out. When he got out I went in and took off my bra and undie. I set the water on high and hot for a bath, when I got in it felt like all my stressed went away. I closed my eyes then opened them after a while. I got out of the bath, then all of a sudden a wave of dizziness came over me and I fell onto the floor. A few minutes later I felt a surge of a warm sensation come over me. I opened my eyes and saw my roommate on top of me, kissing me or should I say feeding me water mouth to mouth. He saw me with my eyes open after a while and leaned back. I was blushing so hard, I almost cried. He stared at me "nice body!" he said. I looked at myself and saw that I was still naked, I was so angry. "You pervert!" I shouted. "What? I just saved your life and you call me a pervert." He said angrily "If you were going to save me you could've covered me up first." I shouted. "I didn't have time, by the time I had you dressed you would've been dead already." He said. My tears started forming and by the time I knew it I started crying. "Why'd you have to kiss me?" I said while crying, "Why? I wanted to kiss someone I loved!" "Don't tell me that was your first kiss?" he said shocked "And if it was what do I now?" I said trying to stop crying. "Well it wasn't a kiss, just think of it as CPR." He said trying to console me. "Well I can't cause I've already had CPR done to me." I said shakily. "Then I'll make you fall for me, that way the kiss would've been with somebody you love." He said. "Will you love me too?" I said "yeah, I'll take full responsibility," he said smiling.


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