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It was puppy Love

Novel By: mohsina alam

Melissa Jones has done it. You may think it's cliche, every films storyline, but she really has fallen for her best friend. She is almost certain that Ryan likes her too, but when he introduces her to his new girlfriend, is everything ruined? Or will it turn out to be just like every other film, where Ryan will fall for Melissa? I mean anything could happen... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 13, 2013    Reads: 127    Comments: 13    Likes: 3   

It was Puppy Love: Chapter 1

A new beginning:

"Melissa! Get up, breakfast is on the table," I hear my mother call. I peer up out of my duvet to see the clock just past 10:00 AM.

"Coming," I reply. I stumble lazily out of my bed and over to the window. I pull apart the curtains to a bright stream of sunshine plastering against my window; Not what you want to see straight out of bed. I open the window a little bit, to let the cool August breeze float into my room. Summer is my all-time favourite season of the year, no school, you can go to the beach everyday and everyone just seems to be happier.

I wash, brush my hair and change clothes quickly and then pad downstairs. "Morning honey," my mum smiles

"Morning," I reply, "Whats for breakfast?"

"Pancakes!"Squeals my 5-year old sister, Scarlette. I sit down at the breakfast table, across from my 19-year old brother Jack. Since you practically know my family now my whole family know, I might as well tell you that my dad, Nate, doesn't live with us anymore. Him and my mum split up a while back, but I still see him quite often. "Jack, can you drive me into town later?" I ask him

"Yeah sure," He replies, "Do you want me to pick up Emily on the way too?" He asks. Emily is my BEST friend. Friend doesn't justify it actually, we're more like sisters. "Yes please," I smile.

"Oh, Melissa, can you take the dog for a walk first please?" My mum asks, frantically searching around the kitchen for her car keys, " I would take her out but I've got work early today."

"It's fine," I say to her, handing her the keys that were under the table all that time.

"Thankyou Mel," She smiles "I'll be back by 1.00. Jack, make sure Scarlette's cleaned up her room and wash the dishes please!"

Finally, my mum had left the house and I had attached my new puppy Skylar to her leash. I had gotten my Gorgeous border-collie as a birthday gift from my dad and I absolutely loved her. Me and Skylar skip down the path, enjoying the beautiful weather. I walk past all of my neighbours houses, we live on quite a quiet and small road, none of the neighbours ever seem to leave their houses;but on the rare occasion, you'll see someone come out to do a bit of gardening or whatever. At the end of the road, I see a moving van parked outside Miss Colchesters house. Funny, she never told us she was moving. I see a woman and a man come out of the house, obviously the new owners. The woman looks about my mums age, Dressed prettily in a floaty blue dress and strappy sandals; the man steps out from behind the woman, clearly they're a couple, hopefully with somekids my age. I realize how weird it must look, me just staring at their house, so I start to walk again; leading Skylar to the park.

The park is crowded with little shrieking kids, excited that school is over. They're running around everywhere! Over by the lake you can see old couples taking a walk and Just in the far corner you can see a few emo teenagers, dressed in all black and exchanging either ciggarettes or alcohol; possibly worse.

I walk a little bit up the hill and sit on the warm grass.My puppy looks depressed; clearly she wants to be let of her leash but I didn't really want to let her go. After all, she was new to me and we hadn't really trained her properly. But what the hell, It's not like she was going to run away from me. Or so I thought.

"Skylar!" I yelled after her; she ran like a shot, it was pretty hard to keep up with her. She ran all the way to the swingboat section and then I lost sight of where she was. I was getting seriously worried, had I really lost my dog after having her for 2 weeks? I continue to run, not really caring what I look like. I turn around the steps, going near to the bridge, no-one really came to this part of the park because it was quiet and weird.

I walk around a bit; it's actually really nice. The tree's are tall, the waters clear and it is undeniably peaceful. Then I see Skylar at the other side of the pond, being stroked by some guy. He picks her up and looks around before he spots me.

"Is she your's?" He asks, smiling. I nod

"Um, yeah. She is my puppy," I reply. He starts to walk around the pond, coming over to my side. He is good-looking, I've never seen him around before and it's not exactly like my town is the biggest. Everyone knows everyone here. He must be new.

"Here you go," he says, handing me my puppy.

"Thankyou so much," I babble, "I was really scared I had lost her."

"No problem," he says, shrugging. There's a silence then and I'm guessing he didn't want to speak to me anymore, so I smiled and then turned around, ready to go home.

"Hey, wait," I hear him say behind me. I turn around again

"Yes?" I ask. He kind of stands there uncomfortably, looking like he's not really sure what to do.

"Urm... I'm new here," he starts "And I was wondering if you'd maybe be so kind as to come get a coffee with me? I could really do with a friend." I smile, of course I was going to say yes.

"Ok," I reply, keeping my calm. His green eyes light up and the corners of his mouth flick upwards into a smile.

"I didn't get your name though," he says.

"Oh I'm Melissa," I say, " And you are?" I ask

"I'm Ryan," He replys. "Ryan Matthews."

A/N: Hope you enjoyed! Comments would be much appreciated xx :)


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