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Unexcepted Guardian

Novel By: Moira Garcia

16 year old Ikari Monroe has been granted a wish, a Guardian Angel. Her angel isn't exactly as she expected, His name is Liam, he is the silent and tough type. Slowly she begins to develop feelings for him, but her boyfriend Nick doesn't agree to this, and decides to do something about it. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 3, 2012    Reads: 187    Comments: 48    Likes: 12   


"Wake up; it's time to start getting ready for school!" My mother shouts in a quick and gurgled tone, she barely manages to pronounce the words correctly. She had woken up late for work again, and was rushing to get dressed into her uniform her black see-through socks sliding across the brown hard-wood floors; she was in the K-9 unit searching for druggies on the street daily.

"Ugh shit…"

I mumbled half-asleep, another day at that wretched and intolerable school, I live on the 'bad' side of town, with gangs everywhere claiming the streets with the signature, and weekly shoot-outs always end up killing somebody innocent. Every day at school, there is a fight and nobody ever does anything to stop or prevent it, even the teachers are watching chanting full of excitement 'Fight, Fight' as the people are mauling each other like wild animals, biting, punching even pulling hair. Usually the fights are between two girls, over pathetic things like guys or stupid text-messages. The guy's rarely fight, because they aren't so damn over-dramatic. Mainly they fight about territory; there are 2 main gangs at each-other's throats right now. The Snakes and the Vials, are constantly are always fighting, it's been like that for over a year nobody even has a clue as to why anymore; could've been recruits, territory, or just because they've got nothing better to do with their lives.

I sigh, and take a deep breath and basically pull myself out of my bed. It was a single bed, and the thick, and ragged covering what a black and dark midnight blue checkered themed cover. The quick rush of freezing air surrounds me, as if I just magically transported to the fucking Antarctic region! I want to leap back underneath my warm and comforting covers but I don't have a choice but to stay up. I know that telling myself "Five more minutes" is the same as being at the bar saying "Five more minutes". I'd never get back up, if I said that so I sucked it up and let out a loud and long yawn and started walking towards my dresser.

I open and grab a bunch of random cloths, and start to sing myself a song stuck in my head, Paramores 'Only exception'. I was in the high-school choir, and quite often had solo's so I guess I was good at singing, I limped into the bathroom, and busted my side on the door-handle leaving a small cut on my side and quickly curse at the wind. I exhale, and glare into the mirror, my hair was wild and frizzy and I looked like I had a lion's mane crowding my head.


I grab my light-red hair brush, and tear it through my head untangling the rats, pulling out a chunk of my hair in the process. Eventually I wet it down, making it my last resort and coat it in a special cream to smooth it, and makes it shiny looking under the light. I then start to apply my make-up, I don't do it to make myself prettier, and I do it to hide my flaws to be the perfect girl that Nick wanted. I put on a dark purple eye-shadow, and a little cover up which as a glow to my face, I even it out which a little blush on my cheek. I stare into the mirror, and wonder to myself, and to the pretty face in the mirror

"Who is that girl in the mirror?"

Behind me, a man stood. I couldn't actually see him; every time I tried to look, my eyes would be forced away, by something I do not understand, by some sort of force. I jumped around, and nobody is there, it's probably just my imagination, I wrestle with the hand of thoughts and continue to get dressed. I walk over, and unplug my phone and see I have a new text, from Nick, my 'boyfriend' that word doesn't mean much to me anymore. He was average I guess, but all the girls are head over heels for him, would do his every command. He had short Dark Brown hair that gently floats over his forehead, just right about his light hazel eyes his eyes couldn't decide if it wanted to be blue or green so they collided together, he was built up and worked out weekly and was really tall, around 6'2 all the others called him a 'doll' and that I should be 'grateful'. I just sat by his side, and smiled and wave not saying much I never had anything to say thought, so can I blame anybody other than myself? The text message said something actually really sweet-

"Morning Babe, Love you. I hope you have a wonderful day, I'll see you soon at school!"

He sent me sweet message like this often, but I could never say those 3 sealing words back, the words

'I love you'. I just was too afraid too I guess, thinking this would seal everything, he had already planned everything out, jobs, children, marriage and college. I had nothing; I just went along and dealt with things as they came along. I didn't want all that yet, I wanted something moreAdventure, Compassion and love that will consume me. I don't have that, and I crave it, I crave more.

I gently hear a voice whisper to me

"You will have more…"
The voice feels warm and comforting and quickly dissolves into the wind as quick as it had come; I question if I had even heard anything because quite frankly I fear I am losing my mind.


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