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Servicing the Sheikh

Novel By: Morganna

Sarah is a mousy quiet and reserved woman, who wins a trip to the Arabian Desert. Once there, she is accosted by the local police and labelled as a whore and jailed. The sheikh has plans however to put her into his service for his own... needs. View table of contents...


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Sarah woke to find that her eyes were terribly scratchy, and felt as if they had sand in them. She tried to rub her hand across them, but as she raised it, she found that
her arm had tubes taped to it, and bandages wound around it as well. She tried to pull them off, but was stopped by a young woman in a crisp white dress, and
matching bonnet.
"No" said the woman, shaking her head while a frown marred her young face."
Sarah confused, tried to sit up, but found she could not manage to even lift her head off the pillow. The young woman placed a hand on her shoulder and shook her
head once more, although this time she was smiling gently, and holding up a remote control. As the woman pressed a button on it, Sarah felt the head of her bed rise
up, allowing her to see the whole room better.
"Good?" the woman asked.
"Much better, thankyou" Sarah rasped out, her throat terribly sore and scratchy.
The young woman beamed a huge beautiful smile as Sarah, and took out a small bottle from the bedside table fridge by her side, opening the lid and placing a straw
into it. She lifted the straw to Sarah's lips and said "drink."
Taking a grateful sip, Sarah felt the coolness hit her tongue, as the flavour of icy cold lemonade burst through her tastebuds. Breathing a sigh of pleasure, Sarah bowed
her head at the woman, and said "thankyou so very much."
The young woman nodded as she smiled again, then pointed to her chest. "Raelia...nurse" she said.
Understanding washed over Sarah.

"Oh, hello Raelia, I am Sarah. So you are my nurse?."
"Yes" Raelia answered, proudly pointing to her ID tag pinned to her chest.
"What is wrong with me Raelia, and where am I?, how long will I be here?."
The influx of questions seemed to make Raelia confused. She gave Sarah a frown, shaking her head.
Just as Sarah was about to applogise to Raelia, a tall dark, and strikingly handsome man walked into the room, wearing a white labcoat and carrying a chart.
"Ahh, I see you are awake finally. I am Dr Jaffar, and I have been treating you so far. How are you feeling?"
"My throat hurts, and I feel so weak" she told him.
Dr Jaffar nodded, writing down some notes on the chart, then walked over, taking out his penlight, and tipping her chin toward him with his soft cool hand. "Just stare
at my face while I check your pupils please Miss Bradey."
He shone the light back and forth in one eye, then the other. "Very good, both equally reactive. You have had us all very worried Miss Bradey, that knock to the back of
your head fractured your skull, and you had quite significant brain swelling. We had to drain the pressure away, so that explains the sore point on the back of your
head still. Give it a few days more, and it should settle down nicely. Your throat will also be sore for a few days as we had to intubate you while we performed the drainage."
The doctor then took out his stethescope, and listened to her heart, marking down his findings into the chart as he went. "You are weak, which is understandable as you
suffered severe dehydration while unconscious, as well as fever due to your bodies response to the brain swelling, which put pressure onto your hypothalamus."
"My what?" Sarah asked confused.
"The part of your brain which controls your temperature. With the pressure on it, your body became dangerously fevered. We had to place a small tube into your skull
to relieve the pressure, or you would have died. Your body had been through quite alot the last week Miss Brady, you will naturally need time for convalescence."
"So" Sarah rubbed her forehead with her her fingertips which were the only part of her hand which was not bound with bandages, "how did I get hurt? I just remember
arguing with the vilest man ever, and then nothing."
"You were struck on the back of your head by one of the airport guards resisting arrest Miss Brady" the doctor replied, a sad look on his face. "I am so sorry that you were
given this treatment."
"Oh" was all that Sarah could manage to reply.
"Rest now Miss Bradey, His Royal Sheikh has instructed that we bring you back to full health, so rest now. Raelia is your personal nurse, but she speaks very limited
english, but understands it quite well so please have patience with her."
Raelia at hearing her name, came foward, a basin of warm soapy water in her hands, and a huge soft fluffy towel over her shoulder. "Bath" she said to Sarah, then sat
down on the edge of her bed, and peeled back the covers, revealing Sarah in a long white hospital gown.
"And that is my queue to leave" Dr Jaffar said smiling. "I will call around again tonight to check on your progress, now enjoy your spongebath, and do not worry, Raelia
has done this for our royalty, she is very gentle, and quite competant. I have ordered you a light meal which should be brought from the kitchen soon."
"Ok, thankyou Dr" Sarah said giving the doctor a small smile as she lay back and let Raelia's soft soothing strokes with the warm wet sponge melt away the tension and pain.

Several frustrating day later, Sarah was feeling much better. Her head no longer pounded like a bass drum, and she was feeling much stronger. Her drips had been
removed, and she was no longer needing medications. While the small puncture on the back of her skull where they had relieved the pressure was still a little tender, it
was not bothering her at all anymore.

What was trying her patience however, was that none of the hospital staff seemed to want to answer many of her questions. Like, why couldnt she place a phone call to
her friends in Australia letting them know what had happened, and that she was ok?. While she did not have any family to speak of anymore since her parents had
died a few years earlier in a car accident, her friends had become her family, and she was desperate to hear their voices.
Sarah has also requested some writing paper and a pen so that she could write them, but the nurses had refused, telling her to rest and regain her strength.
On his lastest round, Dr Jaffar had told her that she was almost ready to be released, and that when she was she was being handed over to the Sheikh for her further
recovery. While she has asked questions as to why on earth the sheikh would want to see her, the doctor had just told her that he did not have that information, only
that he had been given his orders to see her well again.
Before he could leave, Sarah had called him back to her, and asked why she could not write, or phone anyone.
Dr Jaffar had only given her a small smile, which seemed forced, cleared his throat and said "In the royal wing of the hospital, media of any sort is prohibited to reduce
the chances of leaks in privacy for his highness. I am sorry, but we do not allow any phone calls or letters of any sort to be sent while you are here. By the same token,
we do not allow any television or radio either. Once you are released, you may voice your requests to the Sheikh. Now, rest a little Miss Brady, we have the physical
therapist on her way to see you shortly." With that, the doctor turned, and walked very quickly away before Sarah could open her mouth to ask any more of him.
A few minutes later, the physical therapist arrived with her bag of massage oils and towels. Sarah loved seeing the sight of her rounding her beds corner daily, with her
greying long hair pulled into a bun, and her kind, yet wrinkled features. Her name was Nayalla, and was the most gentle and kind person she she had met so far since
leaving Australia.
Nayalla pulled back her sheets, and positioned her towels under Sarah's legs, before pulling out her oil and pouring a small amount in her palm, rubbing to warm it in
her hands.
"Your fingers are magical I swear Nayalla," Sarah sighed out as she felt all the tension of her tired muscles give way and turn into a warmed jelly mass.
Nayalla chuckled, and continued kneading her feet, slowly working further up and into her calves.
"It is the oils Miss Brady, they have properties which help your muscles repair and strengthen. You are very fortunate the sheikh has spared no expense for your
recovery" she told Sarah with a smile on her face.
"Why would he even do this? I dont understand. I have never even met him before."
"Oh, he has been here Miss, and has overseen your treatments. He has taken your care unto himself. Once you leave, I have heard that you are to attend his palace and will continue to become well at his own home."
"Well, I am not complaining by any means Nayalla, this is heavenly" Sarah moaned as Nayalla worked her thigh muscles. "and if the sheikh wants to treat me to this
everyday, I can hardly wait to see what treatment I will get at his palace" she thought, sinking further into her mattress and drifting off into a blissful relaxed state.


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