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Arranged Marriage?! Seriously?

Novel By: morgie594

“Um, hey.” I said, trying to break the silence. “I’m Dakota?”
They walked towards me, a slow smile spreading across one of their faces. I made eye contact with him and smiled a little. Then I transferred my gaze to the other one and my breath caught. His electric blue eyes froze my lungs and I found it impossible to breathe until I looked away. Holy shit!
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Dakota's POV
I marched through the door after school, imagining a hot shower and my nice warm bed. But all those hopes died when I came in and saw boxes everywhere, people parading around tossing things into them, and my mom standing four inches from my face tapping her watch. She started yelling at me and I cringed away.
"Where were you?! You're 11 minutes late, you ungrateful little--" She was interrupted by a short, unattractive man.
"Um, excuse me miss, but we're ready to go now." I almost laughed. He was so scared of her! But I didn't feel like laughing when she turned back to me. She motioned for them to load the boxes up, so all the people streamed out.
"We're moving." She said, all bitchy. She was half smiling, like she wanted to hurt me!
"Are you kidding?" I asked, thinking she might be joking. She slapped me across the face.
"Don't you talk back to me!!" wait, so she isn't joking? That means....We're moving?!
"But, but, what do you mean? where are we going?" I felt vulnerable, like a child.
"I would tell you, but you might go do something illegal to them and i'm not gonna trust you like that." Okay, that makes no sense! She is the one who sells pictures of herself online. She is the one that plots against her coworkers and frames them for stuff they didn't do so that they'll get fired and she can get promoted. She is the one that fricken abuses her only kid!!!
"Uh, what did you just say?" I knew I shouldn't be saying that as it was coming out of my mouth. And I was proved right when her hand made contact with my face again, spinning me back against the closed door. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down. It only gets worse when I stand up for myself.
Her fingers closed on my face and she squeezed, bringing it back towards her.
"How dare you?! How Dare you?!! Don't you ever talk back to me, you ungrateful little brat! Do you under stand me?"
"I understand that you really need to get laid. Maybe you'll relax a little." I mumbled under my breath.
"Excuse me?" she squeezed harder.
"I said, I understand you, mother." God.
"Good. Now go get ready, and go to the bathroom for God's sake 'cause it's a long drive and we're not stopping." She shoved my face away and I ran up to my room, locking the door
I looked around at my empty room. How exactly does she expect me to get ready? There was absolutely nothing in my room. Jesus, what kind of movers did she hire? They got every single piece of dust.
I sat down on the expanse of white carpet and my stomach grumbled loudly, reminding me how I never get to eat lunch. She won't let me bring anything from home ("It's a waste of money! You don't need that much to survive!") and she won't give me any money to get anything at school ("I'm not giving you any money, you'll just go buy crack or something with it!") There's a lot of trust in this family.
Oh well, I thought. It's not like I have a bunch of friends I'm leaving behind. Mother doesn't allow friends. Because something like that would make me happy and we can't have that! I think she spends her days planning ways in which to make me unhappy, actually. Her own daughter.
"DAKOTA!!!!" She yelled, outraged that I hadn't done what she had wanted before she asked me to.
"yeah?" I called back, hoping that for once she might just want to say she loved me or something. I hear other parents do that sometimes.
"Where the hell are you?!?!? I've been waiting in the car for ten minutes!!!" but no. She just wanted to yell at me some more.
"Poor you!" I called back at half volume, knowing she wouldn't be able to tell what I said.
"EXCUSE ME?!?!?!" uhhh…could she hear me?
"Coming." I hollered, and then sighed. Where the hell were we going? And why the heck did I get stuck with such a bitch for a mother? I got up off the floor and made my way to the vehicle.
* * * * *
She wasn't kidding when she said it was going to be a long drive. We were an hour and a half in and she showed no sign of stopping. I was borrrred! And fucking uncomfortable! She had me crammed in between some boxes and it's not like we were talking. To each other, anyway. She had been texting and talking on the car phone this whole time, complaining about me fifty percent.
"Where are we going?" I asked, catching her between conversations.
"We're moving in with my new boyfriend." Shit, not another one.
"Where does he live?" I asked miserably.
"Why are you asking all these questions? Gonna call all your dirty little friends and get them to trash his house? Planning on stalking him?! I'm not telling you that!" Like I said, tons of trust.
"I just wanted to know 'cause I'm going to be living there." What has gotten into me today?! If I keep back talking, I'm going to get punished. I can't believe she hasn't already started.
"You'll find out when we get there!" she said, and started complaining into her phone.
I leaned my head against the window and tried to drown her out.
I don't remember falling asleep but it must have happened because suddenly I was being woken with a smack in the head.
I looked up at her, disoriented.
"We're here."
The car was cold as if it had been sitting there for a while. My mother was wearing a silk nightgown. She hadn't driven in that.
"How long have we been here?" I rubbed my eyes and got out, sleep clinging to me. I was hoping I could get back to sleep soon, otherwise I would be wired and unable to sleep from such a long nap.
"Eh, A few hours." She said flippantly and disappeared into the dark.
What. A. Bitch.
I headed off in the direction my mother had gone.
After like, ten minutes of walking I started to wonder if I was going the right direction. It was dark, cold, and windy. I couldn't see that well because my long, straight, dark hair kept getting whipped into my face. I had goose bumps so bad it hurt and I didn't even have a coat. Mom has like, fifteen, but she won't get me any. Bitch. Why the hell had she parked eighty miles away from the damn place anyway?!
A couple more minutes and I caught sight of the house, wondering how I ever could've missed it. The thing was huge. It didn't even look like a house. It looked like a city hall or the white house…or the pentagon or something. It was polished white, like seven stories, and I definitely caught sight of a pool in the back.
Then I started wondering if maybe it really wasn't their house. Maybe it was their business or something? But nonetheless, I hurried to the door. I was freezing my ass off!
As soon as I entered I knew it was the house. There were two boxer wearing teenaged boys wrestling over a videogame controller in the gigantic living room.
They didn't notice me and I was okay with that. I went to close the 13foot freaking door but I lost control of it and it came crashing closed with a loud bang. The boys whipped around to look at me. And look. And look and look and look….
"Um, hey." I said, trying to break the silence. "I'm Dakota?"
They walked towards me, a slow smile spreading across one of their faces. I made eye contact with him and smiled a little. Then I transferred my gaze to the other one and my breath caught. His electric blue eyes froze my lungs and I found it impossible to breathe until I looked away. Holy shit!
"Hey, uh, you okay?" the first one asked. I smiled and nodded, still catching my breath. I avoided the other one's face. "Uh, well I'm Kellan and this is Kian. It's nice to meet you." Kian. Even his name hampered my breathing.
"You too. Are you my mom's boyfriend's..sons?" I asked awkwardly.
They exchanged a weird glance.
"Boyfriend's sons? No, we're--" A skinny hand closed over his mouth, cutting him off.
"Hey Satan" I said. Oh, shit, did I just say that?
"Finally-what?" damn, she caught that.
"Sorry, I thought you were someone else." Like the devil.
"Well, it took you long enough to get here! And since you delayed my plans, just go to bed now." That's a hell of a lot less of a punishment then I would have gotten if she'd understood the Satan, devil thing, so I just looked at my feet submissively.
"Okay, but I don't know where my room is." Don't hit me don't hit me don't hit me….
Then she yanked my by the arm up the grand staircase.
"Um, goodnight!" I called to the boys quietly.
She led me down a hallway and when we got to the third door on the right she slammed it open and threw me inside.
She ran up and slapped me, angry once again for something.
"What did you think you were doing, talking about me like that?!" she hit me again hard and black dots floated across my vision, scaring the crap out of me and making me fall back onto the bed.
"I wasn't--"
"Did I say you could talk?!?!" she hit me again and I closed my eyes. Maybe she'll stop if she thinks she knocked me out…
"Don't you ever repeat what I say or do, you big fucking gossip!" she pulled me up by my hair, making me cry out.
"And don't lie to me either! You're lucky I even decided to bring you along to this place! I wasn't going to 'cause you're such a burden!" Who you trying to convince, mom? Me or yourself? God, you're such a hypocrite.
"And don't bother those boys or my man. Or you'll answer to me! Now don't leave this room!" She started to turn around but stopped, looking at me.
"I hate you so much." She told me. That and only that made boiling hot tears well in my eyes. She went to leave.
Before she got two feet away, she froze, every muscle in her body tense. I peeked around her. Oh shit. Kian was standing in the doorway, his hand still on the knob. My mom started for him, but before she could touch him he turned and fled, quick as lightning.
She hurried after him, pausing to shoot a glare my way, as if I had told Kian to stand there.
When I could breathe again after looking at Kian and thinking about him, I swung my legs off the bed and got ready to go help him.
I put my mind into the light-fast thinking mode, the one that can outsmart my literally crazy mother.
I took a deep breath.
And I left the room, shutting the light off.


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