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(It Started With) Cooties And Cliches

Novel By: My Overactive Imagination

County Chill Dara is Rose O'Ruaric's idea of hell.

It rains two-hundred days a year, it's full of strangers and none of them understand sarcasm.

Then she meets football star, Zach. Typically popular, arrogant and rude, Zach is the last person Rose want's to have anything to do with.

If only everything went according to plan.

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Submitted:Nov 1, 2011    Reads: 552    Comments: 10    Likes: 6   

Heya! This is my new romance novel, I hope that it doesn't suck! I hope that you like it, and that you'll leave me feedback -negative or positive- because it really would make my day!

Chapter One,
It Started With Cooties.


A feeling of wanting to hit Lizzy churned through me.

I took a deep breath; telling myself at least she'd had her happy ending at the end, then buried my head into the last page, enchanted.

The enchantment was ripped awaywhen afootball slammed into the side of my head.

I snapped the battered paperback shut in alarm, hugging it to my chest, cheeks blazing with fury. "Can you not see me here?" I demand, glaring up at a boy at least a year older than me.

He looked at me sheepishly. "Um, not when you're hiding your head with that." He gestures to the book I'm cradling protectively.

"That?" I repeat, incredulous. "It's a novel, stupid."

"I am not stupid!" The boy scowls.

"Yes you are; you're a stupid that can't kick a ball right."

"I can too!"

"Can not!"

"I can too!"

"No you can't!"

His sharp poke in my shoulder takes me by surprise. I react with a gasp that triggers an outraged scowl, then realise I'd just been touched by a boy. "Eww! Stupid boy cooties!"

"Well... you have stupid hair!"

I stand up abruptly, stomping my foot. "You have a stupid face and stupid cooties and you can't kick a football and... and I hate you!" I shout, causing a woman walking her dog to look up sharply.

The boy stares at me, open mouthed. "Shut up!"

"You shut up and go learn how to kick properly!"

"Go away!"

I smack him across the head with my new copy of Pride and Prejudice. "You don't get to tell me what to do, stupid!"

The woman with the dog is blatantly staring at me now; pink lips forming a disgusted 'o'.

I glare at her.

"My mummy says that it's rude to stare!" I shout glaring one last time at the boy, before I turn on my heel; clutch my book to my chest and start running.


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