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To Love A Wild Flower

Novel By: My Overactive Imagination

To Elise, Princess of Caer Llas, freedom is everything. But she doesn't have it. Boarding a ship with the only person she loves, Elise hopes to leave everything behind. Only things don't go to plan, and Elise needs to decide between following her head and her heart.

I'm changing my mind about the title again :L Any ideas if I decide to change it? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 7, 2011    Reads: 124    Comments: 11    Likes: 3   

(A/N: Hiya! I just wanted to say, I hope you like it! And pretty please leave feedback behind :])


"You must."

I was sick of hearing these words; they were spoken harshly and too often. A hand gripped my chin, snatching my head up, painfully. Narrowed, angry eyes glared down at me. "Are you listening to me?" He snapped, digging his cold fingers intomy jaw.

I stepped back, words I knew I shouldn't say on my tongue. I looked up at Eddard. He was a hand taller than I was, even though I wore delicate heels on my feet. My brother wasa gaunt young man with a shade of ice in his green eyes. "Well?"

"No."I say quietly.

"You dare speak to me like this?!"

By my sides, I clenched my hands into fists to stop myself shaking. I raised my head, staring at him in a small act of defiance. His hand rushed toward my face;my cheek burst into flames. I blocked out the pain. I didn't flinch.

I remembered the little boy who had loved me, how he changed. I often wondered why I loved such a monster but he was all I had left in this world. No matter how many times he hit me, or ordered the guards to beat me, that could not change. It should.

"You will make no mockery of your king in his house." He hissed, "you will do as I say and order."

"I am no servant." I replied evenly. "Just as you are no true king."

The few servants laying the table for the feast froze. Six pair of eyes turned to look up at me; a distraught young women displaying her spirit. Their gazes seeped into me. Eddard blushed scarlet with rage.

"Treason!" He screamed, eyes wild in fury. "You treacherous little weed! I will have you executed for this!" Eddard Stormborn spun, stumbling in anger.

"I am no traitor."

My hands bunch in the silky fabric of my dress, lifting it slightly as to not trip as I run from the room. Eyes follow me, but I ignore them and press a cold shaky hand to my burning face.

I moved elegantly up the stairwell, smiling at those who smiled at me.

Beneath the trees of the orchard,I kicked off my heels and sank into the grass. I looked out at the bay, heart aching. Far in the distance, stretching across the horizon, little black shapes were ships in the ocean, sailing from every inch of the world I knew of.

I let my eyes close, comforted by the songs of the trees and the whispered tales of the ocean. Every part of me wanted to be out there, upon a deck of a ship going somewhere... nowhere. Nothing to hold me back.

I strained for freedom.

Somewhere across the sunset, beyond the sea and the jagged mountains that reached up into a blue-grey sky, was something.

Something thatI knew longed for me as much as I longed for it.


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