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Love is Friendship Set on Fire

Novel By: myheart

I was a wreck, unstable, with hatred for myself feeled every part of my body. I used to not be this way. I used to like myself and do things and not be such a home body. But when anxiety hits you it has the control, not you. Or so it seemed to me. However I never had the strength to overcome in a way that my life would have meaning in sometime in the future. I just guessed sometimes that all the depression would eventually keep me down and never be able to get back up. But in the end, the light at the end of the tunnel you can never stay down for love when true love takes its place in your heart. My name is Carmen and this is my story.
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When school let out I started walking from the car in a slight rush because I just seemed to want to get out of the place. This place of imprisonment that seemed to never help my anxiety. In fact it seemed to make it worse at times. Especially when those teachers embarass you or something. But as I was walking out the doors to the side of the school I felt a cold hand grab my arm and I looked back and it was Adam. A guy who was nice and sweet but had the ambition and determination to do anything he wanted and I liked that about him. He cared about anything who had meaning to his life. I guess I was slightly sweet on him. We seemed to be able to talk for hours on end and from text to text a smile would appear upon my face. I guess one of the things that doesnt go with my depression but had the strength to go against it.

He pulled me back inside of the school and started to talk saying "Hello Carmen" as I wasagainback insideof thebrick walls of the school as I leaned back against the east side wall.He started talking a normal conversation as I thought I can slightly swoon at the sound of his voice and listen to it for hours but the little thought in my head kept saying over and over to get out of the school like the walls were enclosing upon me. My nerves started to overcome my body and by every minute passing I wanted to just get out of the school more and more. As he finally seen quick anotion for wanting to leave, he knowing of my anxiety, started to walk outside as I followed behind him. Even though it was snowing it felt so good with the breeze and beautiful snowflakes falling upon the concrete ground. The snow fell upon us as we walked into the small crowd of people outside of the school, blending in,and within me I felt such a relief and he just kept talking as though nothing happened as a small pile of snow fell upon his hat. As I started to laugh. He said, "what" in a curious tone. I was like, "nothing" and swipped the snow off his hat with my hand and uonto the ground. While he laughed as well. Then the roaring engine of his bus came to a stop by the sidewalk as he rushed to it giving me a hug and a smile before set off. As I watched it leave I started walking to my yellow cavalier and turned the car on as the heat was a great feeling upon my face. It felt so great out there but the breeze turned to a chill the longer I was out there. As I got onto the road and drove home. Heading straight under my warm blankets on my bed and fell asleep to the simple and content thought of him racing through my head.


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