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Love Under the Willow Tree

Novel By: myheart

A princess meets a commoner with a bad name to his family. She falls for him but will it really work out or will it just harm them both?? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 26, 2012    Reads: 21    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Before I started back to the castle I kissed Emmett on the lips softly and hugged him tight. I spoke into his ear, "I will meant you back here at noon tomorrow, right?" As a smile arouse to my face. He drew back from me and looked me in the eyes.

"Arianna, Do you believe I could go a day without seeing you. I mean just a few hours is hard enough. You will definately meet me here by our willow tree," he said as he looked at me and back to the willow tree, then back to me smiling.

My mind had a throwback as I remembered why we called it 'our' willow tree. Emmett is a commoner from the city and looked down upon the city for his family comes from a bad name. His family died in an attack from the city against them, but Emmett was saved by a precious woman named Pearl who was his guardian as he grew up and pretty much his parent. However, she died a few months ago. After her funeral he came to this willow tree to subside by himself and to commit suicide for he didn't feel a reason to live for anymore. Until I came across the meadow picking flowers and saw him making a rope necklace(noose) for himself. I ran straight over to him like something in my body overcame me and I walked to him as I left the branches brush over me.

"No, it is not a wise way to resolve a problem," he looked into my eyes with piercing eyes that day. I felt chills run down my spin. Something in my mind told me to run but I ignored it. I knew he wouldn't hurt me; just himself.

"You don't understand miss...miss?? What is your name," He said with a beautiful voice that would make you swoon to his every wish.

"It's Arianna Callaghan or you may know me better by Princess Arianna," she said proudly in her voice.

"Ah..so I have the great pleasure of spending my last few minutes with a princess. How sweet. However, no offense but I don't believe you should even be around me. I mean your parents would cringe to just the sound of my name," he said sighing, "Not like I will be alive by then. But I suggest you leave me be."

"No I am not! I may be a princess but that does not define me of who I am as your name will not define who you are. May I sit by you for a bit?," I asked.

"Sure, I guess," He said as I went down and sat beside him against the smooth rock upon the soft grass. I look over and see a scenery that should be in a picture frame. It was beautiful as I slowly turned my attention back to Emmett who kept working on his rope. I looked over to the side and frowned to myself.

"So what's your problem? What has brought you to this conclusion?" As I pointed at his rope. He retold his story from his families history to his pretty much one and only person who loved him dying.

I looked at him sadly and couldn't help but give him a hug. That caught him off guard but he embraced it anyways. At that moment I thought he was much more of a teddy bear than he was a bad guy like the rest of his family has been. A smile rose to my face that made my heart sparkle. As I layed my head on his shoulder and put the rope aside and began to stroke my hair. We talked about everything in our lives. All good and bad. By the end of the evening I wished I had more time with him but it was getting dark and my parents would be worried. So I got out of his embrace and said, "Please do not do anything stupid. I have to leave for it is getting dusk. However, I want to know you. There is something about you that makes you special from all the rest of those guys out there," I said in a slight pleading and truthful voice.

He looked at me and smiled, "You know I may have done something before I met you but," he looked at me and said, "I think I found a reason to live for." I smiled at his comment and agreed. As we both leaned into each other like magnets and kissed me for the first time. I blushed a bright pink on my cheeks and smiled as I got up and ran back home to my castle. I picked up a few flowers on the way home to keep up a cover up story. For they sure don't need to know bought my love life. They seemed to except my false alibi of picking flowers in the meadow all evening as I gave them to mother then headed upstairs to bed. I layed down on my canopy bed and took my fingers and moved then over my lips as I reminised the memories I had today. I went to bed with a large smile on my face and ever since then we met up at our secret place since then.


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