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My Hearts Flames

By: myheart

Page 1, Poetry Book.....These are some love poems in which i have written. They are written through my feelings and with my heart. I know everyone has been through love and these are some poems and i hope u enjoy them.

what is love? poem
love...people question all the time
what is the definition of love??
what is its meaning and how do you
feel when you are in love or loved
well truthfully there are no definition
because there arent supposed to be
love is supposed to be a feeling so
special that it is understood but at
the same time not understandable
some think love is that feeling when
you get butterflies in your stomach
and your heart accerlerates and
he leaves you breathless
or it is the bond between two people
but everyone is right i think
because it is just to great of a
feeling to be completely understood
but it is funny that you know when
you are completely in
questions asked you just know
and the feeling i would say
the feeling of love...finding
that person of a lifetime it is
the most wonderful feeling in the
whole is love
dont question it just flow with it
for your heart will lead you in the
right direction for it knows where to go

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