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A Walk Away from Reality.

Novel By: MyLovely

A somewhat reality story based around 4 teenage girls--all of different personalities coming in together to face the reality of their lives and the many harsh problems, as well at the delightful and astonishing memories, including both troubles and interest with their love affairs. Boys, Families, High-school, Affairs, heartbreak, smiles, tears and mystery rule the lives of the Amy, Taylor, Agustina and Haseena. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 22, 2012    Reads: 168    Comments: 22    Likes: 7   


"Taylor, wake-up!" We were already running late and she hadn't even awakened yet. The alarm clock had been set off numerous times, but each time failed miserably in accomplishing its goal-Taylor was still not awake. I began cleaning up the floor surrounded by several different varieties of garments, all portraying a hope to find the perfect "Back to school outfit." Tay and I had stayed up all night in order to find the ensemble of our first day back as juniors. This was the year that things were going to happen, and I was certain of it.

"TAYLOR, WAKE-UP NOW." I screamed at her from her mirror. She was still a mess, half of her body falling off the bed while the rest clung on, part of me just wanted to push the remaining portion off.

"Shut-up Amy, I'm awake! GOD IT'S SCHOOL-Not that big of a deal." She groaned as she finally sat-up in bed. I shook my head in annoyance; before I could even open my mouth she interrupted me. "Don't even think about replying, save me the lecture…" Her voice trailed off as she grabbed her towel and began walking to the washroom several feet away.

Our room was big, big enough to include a kitchen and living room-not that it did, but we kept it simple. Two king-sized beds over took the center of the room, two closets on the right side, and double dressers to portray our difference in style, each accessory in the room reflected each one of our attributes. Matter of fact, the walls we're colored purple with a secondary shade of pink, both of our favorite colors were purple, but we decided to mix in second. Everyone would always think the two colors would divide into one being mine and the other being Taylors, but we only did it too add a sense of uniqueness.

I stared into the mirror only to see a reflection of blue jeans with a baby blue hoodie and straight brown hair and eyes staring back at me. I had a tad bit of eyeliner on, but nothing too much. I kept my daily routine meek; I didn't like standing out nor blending in. I liked just being there.

Tay, I'll meet you downstairs for breakfast." I clutched my black leather book bag and began towards the exit, glancing around the room to notice anything I was missing. Nope, everything was set, my notebooks, my textbooks, my pens, my pencils and my phone all placed inside my bag in unrestricted view.

Before I could take another step a large hard object blocked my view and knocked me hard enough to send me a couple steps back. I looked up dazed just to see a pair of light grey eyes staring down at me smiling.

"Uh…I-I'm sorry…" I was so stupid, I couldn't even speak properly, I had been living with him for practically two years but he still gave me the stutters. He was beautiful, no that's an understatement, and he was gorgeous.

"Don't worry about it, I was just checking to see if you guys were awake yet?" Tariq said gently, his eyes still shining with daze. I didn't even bother trying to reply with words; instead I nodded like a fool. My eyes going up and down him, he had dark jeans on, hanging a little loose from his back, with a white V-neck and black leather jacket on top. The shoulders of the jacket hugging his muscles and portraying the body he had spent time into sculpting and believe me, the time had been worth it. On top of he wore a red snapback, portraying a basketballs team title associated with red sneakers. Part of me was afraid he would notice the drool occurring from my mouth, but the other part was concerned he wouldn't approve of my outfit.

"Amy, are you okay?"

"Huh?" I answered breaking out of my bemusement. "Yeah I'm fine, I was just about to get some breakfast."

"Oh, well I'll come with you." Tariq replied with his unfathomable voice. We began walking down towards the stairs; unfortunately I was in the lead. This was when the insecurity in me came out, the moment where you feel like everyone can see your flaws and judge you on the smallest detail. I was worried about his opinion so in a hurry, I rushed down the binary pair of dozen stairs leading to main floor. When I reached the ground, I looked back just to see him looking down at his phone, not even looking up to see me once

He was my crush. He was also my best friend's older brother, one year older to be exact. He didn't even know I existed little then a year ago, and now, now he was sitting in front of me eating his cereal. God, how I wish I could know what he was thinking, just to be inside those thoughts and his feelings towards me would complete me. Okay, now I was sounding desperate, but could you blame me? I liked him for over six years, and every single year, I had cowered in letting him know. But this year, it had to be different, I could just feel it. Something was going to happen between us and I was sure of it.

"So, do you always smile to yourself?" He asked me chuckling at my expression.

"Oh," Once again he had caught me in my moment of contemplations. "No, I was just thinking about the things that make me smile."

"And what exactly would those be?"

"I don't know, lots of things."

"You can be more specific." Tariq took another bite of his cereal, but his eyes kept glued to mine.

"You." I said breaking off the eye-contact, and looking down to play with my spoon in the milk. I couldn't believe I had even allowed that to come out of my mouth.

"I make you smile?"

"Yes. A lot."


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