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Immersed Memories

Novel By: MyLovely

A love story between two best freinds and their lovers.A modern-day calamity, this story touches on the cherished niceties of high school efforts while intertwining together a cast of characters whose performance lead to adversity.

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Submitted:Apr 17, 2010    Reads: 346    Comments: 33    Likes: 5   

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"Lucas, you know what you did!" I screamed at him.

"Haseena, please it's not what you think!" he cried back. I shook my head; I could feel the tears in my eyes.

"Lucas what else can it be? I can't even believe you would think that…" I cried. The rain fell down a bit harder on us.

"Why is it so hard for you to believe?!" he said. "There's something between us Haseena your just not letting there be!"

I was silent, this was not happening. "Just tell me why you would do this!? Why in the world would you do this to me?" he didn't look up but his eyes were teary. Why was he doing this to me? I could feel a tear slide down my cheek. I didn't want to see him like this.

"Lucas, you know you never hurt me, it was all of that drama that disturbed me. I just don't know why…why this is all happening right now?" I said looking back down on the ground.

"Haseena, I know it's not the time you want to hear this but I'm tired of keeping it secret. Everyone knows it except you…" he said as he took a step closer to me. I bit my lip from letting the tears come even more. "Just give me one chance…" he said. I looked up from the ground into his big shiny green eyes. His black hair was wet from the rain but it was still styled perfectly. I loved him, I knew I did but just not like that.

"Haseena, you just have to understand one thing, what happened wasn't supposed to happen like that, I didn't mean it like that, please Haseena…I love you."

I shook my head, and took a welcoming step back. The rain along with the thunder became more and more noticeable. He came closer to me again. Our faces were now just an inch away. He grabbed some of my dark black hair and swept it away from my face. I looked to the ground; I didn't want him to do this right now. It was just…all too fast.

He grabbed my chin and lifted it up toward his face. Then bringing his face closer he touched my lips with his. He started off slow but then slowly he pushed harder. I didn't even know it but I was kissing back. It was… amazing but it wasn't right. I slowly pulled away, looking up at his eyes. They were faultless, like always.

"Lucas..." I whispered. He stared at me, hurt in his eyes. He knew what I was thinking and I hated it. "Lucas, I'm sorry but I can't…" I whispered my eyes getting teary again. His eyes looked into mine but it felt like he was looking into my soul. I shook my head. I couldn't take it anymore.

My feet began taking small steps backwards. His eyes got even bigger as he saw me walking farther and farther away.

"I'm sorry…" I mouthed to him. His face didn't change. The tears came more and more on my face. I didn't even know it but I was running s, each stride was longer than the other. It felt like my heart had dropped just right there. I turned my head around just to take one more glance at him. He hadn't moved. He stood there just like a statue, no emotion but sadness on his face. Just seeing that continued to make me cry even more. I just ran, I didn't even know where I was just running, hoping my legs would just take me somewhere, anywhere just away from all this…

It felt like I'd been running for ten minutes until I finally realized where I was. I knew I had run for over two hours than. Why did I have to come here? Why am I doing this? I looked up at the building, the one place I hated most in the whole world; The Hospital. Did I really want to see him? After all that he had done to me? He thought he had only hurt himself but he never realized how much he hurts me each time.

I wiped the tears off my face with my hand and began walking toward the front entrance. I could feel everyone's eyes on me but I just shrugged them off. Where was the front help desk? I walked past a pile of chairs and finally saw the desk. My speed fastened.

"Hi there, um what room is Dwayne Mavert in?" I asked. The woman from the desk looked up at from her computer screen.

"Just hold on, how you know him?" she asked. I groaned. She was going to ask me the same questions she asked every visitor.

"I'm his girl- I mean I'm a friend." I said. She looked up at me raising her eyebrow but didn't say anything. After three more questions she finally let me go up to his room. I took my time as I walked every step.

I knew there was definitely going to be some tears drops falling. My phone began vibrating loudly in my pocket and I quickly grabbed it. There on the display screen was a call from Agustina. I knew she was probably calling to see where I was but I would have to answer her later. I clicked the decline button and then turned my phone off before I got in trouble.

Looking up now I saw the room, the three numbers planted on the front of the door, 317. I took in a deep sigh of air before I took another step.

"Here goes Haseena." I said to myself wiping my face again to get rid of the teardrops. I gave the door a sudden knock but didn't have the patience to wait anymore. I reached for the doorknob and with a small twist opened the door, exposing something I never want to ever imagine. All of their eyes flew to me, but I only caught the big hazel eyed ones.

"Haseena…" he whispered as he sat up straight watching me. I gulped but didn't say anything. They all looked at each other and slowly stood up. They walked out the door leaving only Dwayne and me in the room.


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