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UNfoRgEtTaBLe :D

Novel By: Naomi Taylor

Here is the unforgettable tale of boy meets girl, girl has no interest in boy, and boy must . . . well, you will figure it out! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 8, 2009    Reads: 387    Comments: 36    Likes: 13   

1. Introductions

"Um, hi." The girl nervously giggled. "I'm Danielle . . . what's yours?"

What. The. Hell. I swear this: random girls coming up to you and giving you their number daily is a curse. Once, I did consider never leaving my home again and disconnecting the phones.

"Chris?" I was uncertain on whether or not I wanted her to know my real name. I mean, I am at the mall, in a food court, surrounded by a hundred people, thirty percent of which are guys.

Plus, I did not see anyone in plain sight yelling, "You just won the jackpot!" No. I saw plain Danielle, batting her fake eyelashes, wearing her fake fingernails with manicures. Over by the trash bin were a few more girls, pointing and whispering and giggling.

Obviously, they must be her back-up.

"Uh, really sorry, but I'm not suppose to talk to strangers. Bye." I got up, leaving behind a Danielle with an expression that made her look like she was just slapped, and dumped my Taco Bell tray on the other side of the food court.

I have never really gotten what was so special about me, seventeen-year-old Chris Kennington. Just look at the tall, hot guy over there! That's what the girls say, and all because I have a six-pack and shaggy brown hair and hazel eyes that you can just go swimming in. Great! How come the girls never wonder what is behind the shining armor? What if it wasn't a knight, but more like a nightmare? Not that I am. . .

Okay, I am rambling now. So you probably think this is about how Ilearn to look past that girled named Ashley, or Danielle, I mean, yeah, Danielle's fakeness and look at the heart inside, right? Ah, no. Actually, Ihave never seen that girl again, but now I am rambling again, so I am going to stop that now.

This is my story about how boy meets girl, girl has no interest in boy, and boy must become the knight he appears to be and slay the dragon to awaken the princess on the inside of, well, the girl. Tada! Confused? Yeah, so am I, so let's just get on with it.

So I was at the mall. Hey now, let's not start judging me here! No rainbows involved here or anywhere, okay? My girlfriend was off shopping. She did insist I join her, and I was sorely tempted, but I did not. Good boys don't make-out with bad girls in dressing rooms! Hehe.

Her name was Kylee Daniels, and she was the hottest girl at school. Kylee had straight and layered blonde hair past her shoulders and even longer legs. She did every sport known to man. Well, uh, sorry - to our school, and, um, only the girl sports. Haha, yeah, totally screwed that up. You probably can assume that she is also extremely popular, and also very much mine. I do not tolerate cheating, and she darn well knows that.

Now, do I love her? God no, far from it! In fact, she can be very annoying, especially with her snobbish ways. But her lips are very nice and having one girlfriend is a nice excuse for not having to worry about another.

So, I met up with Kylee in front of Hollister. I was so glad that I only had to wait one minute, because beyond the spewing fountain I could see one of my ex-girlfriends, Sharon the Stalker. Yikes!

"Hey there. Do I know you?" Kylee purred - strange, I know.

"Yeah, I think so." I was not in the mood for laughing. "Can we go?"

"Go where, Chris? There is a family restroom here . . . ya wanna check it out?" Kylee smirked, thinking she was so clever.

I did a fake laugh. "Haha - no. I am not in the mood to smell like diapers and your saliva, thank you. I mean, let me take you home so I can go home."

Kylee wasn't smiling so much anymore. "Sure. Fine. Whatever."

I was expecting to get the "Silent Treatment" for the remainder of the day, which is better than having to listen to her talk about her new clothes and shopping mishaps. I could, however, expect a text message in the middle of the night. No, not an apology, but an invitation to herself about our next date.

And this is how my life rolled on for a while. I thought nothing and no one would satisfy me, make me content. Getting girls was easy, enjoying my life was hard, and I was getting tired of it. Then one day, my boring world was turned upside-down by a girl . . . who wanted nothing to do with me. But we all know - who can forget about me?


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