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Craving the Devil's Eyes

Novel By: Natsfreewill

Copyright © 2012 Natsfreewill) Edited by Nelly Nel
When destiny plays a tricky card nobody
knows until the unexpected happen...,
this is not the right summary but please bare with it :3, thanks for reading. View table of contents...



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The trains alongside the waves blistered in their ears. They hollow screams of a woman in pain echo inside the four walls.

The light white curtains rose up as the wind blow into the cream room; a fair lady was resting in her bed.

Little droplets of sweat could be seen if leaning near, ears would explode, and the glass would even break.

"It hurts…!" Elizabeth mumbles, "Where is my husband?! I do not want this ceremony to happen without him!" Screams echoes around the small house.

The servants work on a warm cloth to place it in the woman's forehead, some put watered towels in her forehead, some try to calm her down as soon and possible.

"Miss Elizabeth, you must hold on, the labor nurse shall arrive at any minute as well as doctor Coleman." the head servant said.

She was wearing silk black robe and had a nothing more than sweat on her forehead, tears in her eyes, and pain in her soul as her once a little girl, was giving birth.

"Hang in there my lady." She would whisper. Elizabeth opened her lashes, brown light eyes glaring at the ceiling. Her screams are hollow and loud.

Elizabeth was merely one and twenty, this was her first child, and may be, the last one. Her wealth comes from the land her father gave to her and her husband William,

Lord of the Silent Lands of Maryland. Williams works as the manager in a liquor and tobacco company.

In order to have it all, everything he had must've been made with a price.

It is a pity he is not here as soon as Elizabeth aspired, but to be mostly fair, he does work very far away from their house.

"William!..." Elizabeth words echoes in the wind as a messenger bird.


The horse was poisoned. William gave his back to his dead horse as a masked man was threatening him with a gun.

He held his arms up, kneeled on the ground.

"You want my money? Take it! You want my company? Take it! Just don't kill me!" William was shivering in sweat as the night was dressed in dark and was dotted with starry diamonds.

He dressed in a white undershirt and on top he was wearing a green vest. His shoes were brown and his pants were clear as the ground.

"I don't desire wealth, my good puppet. I simply want to make a deal." Said the man who was wearing a completely black robe.

He hides his gun and takes off his hood. He has a mask covering his lower face, long black hair, and he had very dark eyes.

"What sort of deal?" William said as fear grew in him. "Just a type of deal that men can only do." He stares down at William.


"Dear…, I came as fast as I could…"William entered the room in a fast paced. He grabbed his wife's hand and held it tightly.

His voice heaving, Elizabeth moved her face to look at her husbands pale squared face, looming cheekbones, thick yellow eye lashes, green pine eyes and thin lips were formed in a line, looking exasperated to his birthing woman. He has been waiting for this moment since the day his wife announced she was expecting his child.

"Oh, William please! It's coming! The baby is coming!" She clenches her teeth and as he sat next to the bed,

Elizabeth squeezes his hand. A muffled groan of pain escapes her mouth; her eyes searched his pleading.

"I can't hold it, the baby is coming!" She screamed and screamed, William looked at the servant and glares.

"Do something! Can you se she can die!?" They stood there motionless for a second, as they scattered away hearing the knocking of the grand door downstairs.

William looks at her wife, she was trashing her other hand and breathing quickly, the blankets of the bed were taken away, the bed was wet and blood was starting to flow. Doctor Coleman and Nurse Pavlovich enter the room in a fast paced in from of the servants.

"Hold her legs up fast!" said nurse Pavlovich in her Russian accent.

"Get me a bucket of warm water and place towels on her stomach. Get her stomach to feel relaxed. I'll also need scissors or knife. Hurry!" The doctor gets closed to Elizabeth whispering to her to calm down, to breathe slowly and to push.

The servants worked nervously but firm of what they were doing, placing warm water in her belly. Her contractions grow stronger by the second.

"You're doing well, Elizabeth. Stronger, you can do it…" said the doctor and her husband. William felt certain but also he feared.

He had the premonition that the baby that was being born was a boy, he craved it since he was a young man.

Having a boy as an heir meant a greater world, brighter future.Having his boy take over his lands maybe make them grow and become the rightful owner of his companies.

"William…!"He would hear the echoes of the voice of his wife.

He feared the results of this birth. He made a deal with a man dressed in black. But God knows, what he ever offered him for him to live another day.

She was sweating. Her face was flushing and her eyes almost bloody red, she heaved and closed her eyes, gripping the hand so hard,

her nails were cutting into the skin, as she pushed one last time. Echoes of screams, shadows of silence, it has ended, it has begun.

The sound of a crying baby invaded the room. Elizabeth gave birth. Williams lets go of her hands knowing his wife and child survived the danger of dying at giving birth.

William looked at the doctor, at the nurse, at Elizabeth.

"Congratulations fair father…, it's a lovely little girl…"said Doctor Coleman.

The quote felt heart revoking. He felt himself shut down, his shoulders slumped and his eyes narrowed, he looks at his wife and starts crying.

"What shall we name her my love?" he would whisper to his wife.

"How about… Rosaline?" She would hold her baby proud. Williams holds the baby's hand.

"Rosaline..." he whispered "You are the flower that blooms for love and with. Never forget that flowers beautify our world and are bound to be happy."

And as he said this, he stomps away from the room and away from her wife and baby girl. The doctor and nurse, as well as the servants, leave the woman alone.

Williams walk down the steps and opens the door. He heads out to the garden and encounters the cloaked man.

"The stars have faded in the clouds, this means the child is girl." "Please, don't hurt them."

"My dear puppet, I'm not hurting them. I'm only using you as an excuse for the Gods to forgive me." As William asks

"What are you?"

The man snickers; he reveals the dagger hidden in his robe. "I'm the one who came to this world, "

he looks at Williams" to bring total anarchy."

"This is still none of your concern with my family. You devil!"

"Your daughter is mine! And no others!" he runs towards Williams and stabs his heart.

"Never make a deal with the devil, because you will always end up in hell." Williams's body fells to the ground.

He looks at the man one last time and his thoughts roam aloud. I am sorry Elizabeth, I am sorry Rosaline.

"In this earth we were sent, in order of God. But as the fires rise aloud the babies' sod. Our emotions kill the men the live, as for hell there is a creature that does not forgive.

The rein in this world will be the horns final blow; it will be hells reincarnated and earths final show."

The man puts his hands hidden in the robe and disappears in the night. Williams's body also banishes and all that remains is the blood on the grass.

Elizabeth was sleeping as the man gazed at her and the baby. He caresses the baby's cheek and leaves a note next to her sleeping body.

And it read:

My dear Elizabeth, ​The thought of us having a baby always soothed my soul but if it wasn't a boy it would kill my heart.

If you are reading this you are probably starting to wonder if my love was true, but then again is anything in this life fair or true.

I can't be a prisoner of chains of such horrid nightmares. But I leave you and this baby girl to do your bidding. The lands are yours and so are the companies.

I will never be heard of again, and if you ever wish to find me, look at the sea and wait for the sun to kiss the water.

Because as water flows my soul would roam in heaven or in earth. If you ever get remarried make sure your daughter marries at your first sight and of your husbands.

Because love at first sight is the most wonderful of all.

I will never rue the day of tomorrow because today is hollow I can never escape my fate but ill never be able to recreate A life full hope full of lust,

as if in this world I cannot trust I bid a goodbye as the wind flies, and as time will be passing by Your thoughts of me will die,

and the flowers that bloom cry Never forget that flowers beautify our world and are bound to be happy


The silence grew in the world became echoes of haunted memories. As the wind may blow today, tomorrow might be too late to breathe again.

This is the story of how a flower was able to be happy as life would choose.


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