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Love is all that matters (Another Romeo and Juliet story)

Novel By: nenao

Victorious and Shade are the Head Commaders of Kights from two differet kingdoms. The kingdoms are always at war, but it doesnt stop the two from falling in love. Where will their fate lie in the end? Will the kingdoms join in peace, or will the two make the relationship between them worse? View table of contents...


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Victorious, Jay, and Willow were out on the patrol around the kingdom border the morning of Princess May's royal birthday ball. It seemed that every inch of the border was abandoned and all seemed safe. The three knights of the Golden Flower Kingdom decided it was best to agree that the border was safe and they headed back to the castle.

"Your highnesses," Bowed Victorious as she entered the throne room of King Jack and Queen Rose.

"Hello, Victorious," said the King,stroking his black beard."Is there anything on the border? Any sign of those terrible Black Forest Kingdom rats-"

"Jack!" interupted Queen Rose, her beautiful blonde hair softly swung as her head tured to face the King. "I will not allow anyone to say such a thing about that in my presence."

"I understand, my Queen. I just wish for our May to have a wonderful birthday without the unwelcoming presence of a Black Forest Knight or soldier."

"Ahem...." Said Victorious, clearing her throat for the royals attention.

"Oh, yes Victorious," said the king, sitting in his chair of solid gold."Please, go on."

"The border is clear without any trace of any Black Forest Kingdom knights, sir." Victorious had her head bowed in respect, knealing down. Her helmet was off her head and resting in her arms.

"Exelent," replied the queen, her long robes were hanging down, nearly touching the ground beneath her golden throne."The ball will go through nicely and hopefully without a war."

Shade and his most trusted knights (Maple, Blackear, and Swallow) were planning the attack on the Golden Flower kingdom. After the plans were made clear, they jumped onto their horses with their best armor and swords, then headed for the border. The warm air of spring rushed through their bodies as wind crashed softly onto their heads as the horses galluped through the village.

"Maple!" ordered Shade."You take the North East border,Blackear the South West, and Swallow the South East."

"Yes Sir!" Yelled the three as the rush of air and sound of running horses tried to drown their words. Each of the knights took their assigned direction as Shade headed towad the East.

Victorious and the royals were making more arrangements for patrols as Willow opened the doors, nearly making it slam. She bowed quickly with respect for the King Jack and Queen Rose.

"Victorious!" she yelped. Her freckles were farther apart and her soft green eyes were widened, something was wrong.

"Willow, what is wrong?" Said Victorious, her ocean-blue eyes were staring at willow and her black, long hair was curled around her neck.

"Black Forest Knights on our border! Hurry!"

Victoriouse said her fair-well to the royals, put all her hair into her helmet, then rushed off with Willow. They took the morning partol with them, adding Max to the battle.

Each of them took each side of the border, each going alone. Jay took the North East, Willow took the South East, Max took the South West, Victorious took the East.

Victorious had only half expected to see a black horse with someone in blck armor heading towards her.

The mysterious knight slowed the steed down and her jumped off, pulling out his gleaming sword.

"Your in my way, Rotten Flower knight," A male voice came from beneath the armor.

Victorious stayed quiet, for it was best to fight then to talk and get distacted with hurtfull coments. She pointed her sword of gleaming jewels to the knight and charged, her sheild in the oppisite hand.

He used his sheild and pushed her sword away, he swung his sword, it cut her hand, but no serious damage was done.

She used her sheild to push him down, as he fell, her sword was aimed for his throat. Although no words were told, none were needed to find this as a life or death threat.

Shade had no idea of doing what now, either he give in and he and his knights get to the castle, or he would keep fighting starting with avoiding having his neck sliced open.

He gripped his sword in his hand and as quick as he could, he pushed the knight's sword away and knocked it straight from his hand. Shade grabbed the sword. The knight was using the same agenda, but had failed to get it and Shade had one Sword pointed at his neck, the other behind his back.

Victorious knew from that moment that she couldnt do anything about it, her sheild would be useless if she tried to push him away. He would use the sword pointed at her back to kill her all the same. There was no other way to escape than to give in.

Shade was waiting for the wrong attack from him, but all he got to his surprise, was a female's voice to come from behind the armor.

"Alright, alright..." She said, her soft yet stict voice shaked," You win."

As a rule to the kingdoms, a knight had to remove its helmet from its head when giving in. So this character did so.

The girl in silver armor removed her helmet, Shade's eyes widened to see s beautiful woman around his age bow her head. She had the most beautiful ocean-blue eyes he had ever seen. Her hair was long, but the ends curled neatly in towards her head.


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