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I Promise You.

Novel By: NeverMindMe

Kaden realizes that all actions have consequences but he didn't realize that his consequence would involve him being a janitor.

Charlotte dances. Then dances some more and sometime in between sings. Did she ever expect to fall in love?

Jacob is heartbroken over Skye. Under the childish facade he really is a sweet, caring guy who really did love Skye. What will he do to feel again?

Skye misses her previous boyfriend. Jacob. She heard him cry for the first time in their entire relationship. Was she wrong to end it with him? View table of contents...


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Charlotte bent over and picked up her water bottle. When she was done she threw it on the floor and pressed play on the stereo. She counted to five and began practicing her dance. Charlotte is a dancer. She dances all the time at the studio a few blocks away from her home. Her hair was a rich golden blond hair that flowed down to her shoulder blades. She usually wore it in a ponytail while dancing and at school she wore it down in curls. Her sky blue eyes held a childhood of laughter and cries. They sparkled in the sunlight and glowed in the night. Sometimes they were eager and sometimes they were bored but while she was dancing they were filled with joy and happiness. She had a very normal nose that she breathed with day to day. Charlotte's lips were a soft pink that constantly wore a smile. It didn't matter what happened that day she still had a stunning smile on her face. She had a pale complexion with a rosy tint to it. Her neck held a smart head that knew how to be polite to people she didn't like.
Charlotte dances and sings at the studio. Her mother owns the studio along with her father. They have a lot of people dance there. Charlotte teaches a class on Sunday's at three o'clock. Charlotte sings when she dances most of the time but other times she sits in the sound room and sings into the microphone. She records it and uploads it onto her computer. She doesn't post it anywhere just in case people at her school find it and make fun of her. She's not a bad singer; she's actually pretty good. Sometimes she'll sing for her brother but not all the time. Most of the time she sings at the studio where she can be alone and be as loud as she wants to be.
Charlotte had an older brother Joshua which she called Josh for short. Josh had just graduated high school last year and was saving up for college. He'll be able to go this year because he's saved it up. Their parents are paying for half of his tuition and half of his textbooks. Josh excels in Literature and Writing. Josh writes extremely well. Charlotte always enjoys reading his latest book. He already has one self-published and it sits on her bookshelf.
Her parents are like every other television show parents. They're madly in love and both love their children. Her mom is Sherry Crosby and her father is Robert Crosby.
Charlotte stopped her dance and grabbed a towel. She wiped her face and put the towel in her dance duffel bag. She took one last gulp of her water before packing up her stuff. She flicked the studio lights off and headed out the door.


Kaden stuffed the spray can in his back pocket and walked away from the dance studio. The streets were dimly lit my almost burnt out streetlamps. He stopped at the corner and waited for Brad. Kaden had dark shaggy brown hair that always found a way to go in his face. He had big, dark green eyes that barely looked green. The green was only visible in the sunlight. At night they looked almost black; maybe a shade lighter than black. Long, dark eyelashes overpowered his eyes. He never wore sunglasses because his eyelashes would flick the lens and that bothered him. Olive coloured skin covered his body with a few freckles over the bridge of his nose. His lips were fairly plump and most of the times were bit. Kaden had a bad habit of biting his bottom lip. His shoulders were broad and under his thin wife beater was a much defined chest. Kaden had always been in shape but ever since he started spending time with Brad and the rest of them he had gotten better. His stomach tightened and he began to feel that much more chiseled. Kaden's arms are also a work of art. At Brad's he would work out using Brad's equipment.
He has two younger brothers. One is fourteen and the other is ten. The fourteen year old is Adrian and the other is Isaac.
Kaden glanced around him and heard a door open. Kaden looked behind him and saw some girl come out of the dance studio.
Common Brad; hurry up.
She closed the door behind her and started to move until she saw the graffiti Kaden had just done a few minutes ago. She gasped. Kaden moved against the wall and waited for her to leave. Brad pulled up and Kaden quickly got in the car.

Brad stopped the car in front of Kaden's house. Kaden climbed out of the car and walked up the pathway to his house. He dug around in the pot and pulled out the key. He unlocked the door and stepped inside. The lights were turned off which meant everyone was asleep. Kaden ambled his way to the kitchen and opened the fridge. There were his mother's beers on the top shelf so he grabbed the can and popped the tab. He took a gulp and set it on the counter. After a few minutes of leaning against the counter he put the can back in the fridge and toddled to his room. Kaden shares a room with Adrian. Kaden saw on his bed and slipped of his leather jacket and wife beater. He unbuttoned his jeans and kicked them off.
He lied in his bed and thought about his night with Katelyn. They hung out at Brad's house because Kaden's mom doesn't like Katelyn. Neither does Kaden that much. He just stays with her for physical reasons. Kaden's a player. He doesn't stay with one girl. He flits from girl to girl like a bee. His mom doesn't that either but she stays out of it. For the most part that is. Katelyn and he just made out on the couch. It didn't lead to anything further. That bothers Kaden. She always stops right before they go further than making out. Kaden's thinking about dumping her and going for someone else.






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