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Trading Yesterday

Novel By: NiNamicality

Back in high school, Tony was the bane of Cambria's existence. He and his crew didn't let her forget that she was not solely beauteous and could never get a guy. Then they all grow up. Tony is in an undiscovered band (sucks to be 28 with that profession) with his best friend David, and they both have ridden there arrogant ways. Well, some of it. And Cambria. Let's see.. oh yeah! She's a model now. Major f*** you, right? She's engaged to the hottest male actor on the planet, Brendan Arellano. To her, life is perfect...until Tony moves back to California. He begins to wreak havoc upon her engagement, and soon things aren't so perfect anymore. View table of contents...



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January, 2004

herfr.jpgut of the corner of my eye I could see him and his group making their way over to our table. They were taking slow, gentle strides in coordination. Everyone's eyes were on them. I hate them.

Everyday at lunch they come to one of the geeks' tables and torment us. Our 'kind'. Me, my best friend Mirela, and my other friend Dee have been the newest edition to that crowd. Since Mirela broke up with one of the guys in Tony Paniti's crew, Scott, they won't let her live it down. Most of the time They (we've made that Tony's crew's official name to us) bully Dee for being gay. He only came out of the closet a few months ago, and a lot of people have been giving him a hard time about it. Other times they bully me for my appearance and Mirela for being friends with me. It sucks.

They made it to our table, smirking in their pool of delight. The cafeteria almost went completely silent. It was unnerving. Tony's crew is made up of six people; his best buddy David, his girlfriend Courtney, a couple of the jocks from the football team (one of which the jerk that Mirela dumped), the school's socialite Rebecca, also being Courtney's best friend, and Tony. Those six people together can cause so much harm.

Tony walked over to Dee's side of the table and made a noise between a laugh and a snort. Dee, on the other hand, was far from amused. His expression was stoic, his arms crossed on the table, looking the other way. I couldn't help but sympathize for him. But then again, I'd probably be next.

"Hey, Dee. You know, you're not the only homo guy in this school. There's that kid in ninth grade who's parents are siblings. And look how he turned out. Homo. Are your parents related, Dee?" I just wanted to slap the smug look off of his glorified face. I could feel the humiliation Dee was giving off. Then he looked up. "Just being myself, Paniti. I don't see why you have to riducule me for it."

"Anyone who told you to be yourself, couldn't have given you worse advice." Ouch. Dee put his head back down. Then Tony walked over to Mirela, who was sitting directly across from me. "Mirela. MiMi. The Meems! Do you remember that time you promised my good buddy Scott here you'd do 'em? Before that devastating breakup?" Her eyes darted back and forth until they landed on mine, pleading for help. "But you didn't show up. Scott was heartbroken. Well, not really. He planned on having sex with you and not calling you for, like, ever."

Ohhhs and I-can't-believe-he did-thats erupted from the cafeteria. I could see tears threatening to flow sitting on Mirela's lashline. The dude was crossing the line with his idiotic tirade. I stood up, knowing that if I didn't do something now, I'd be in his line of fire.

"Stop!" Silence again.

Tony walked over to me, so close that we were only inches apart. I never knew what his exact eye color was, only that it was some shade of green. Now, being so close, I could see right into them. They were a dark green hazel color. I couldn't exactly tell, but they were... hiding something.

"Or what?" he almost whispers, the corners of his mouth twitching into a sly grin. He's trying to look unfazed. So he finds this funny.

I ignored the question. "Why do you do this to people? Make them feel like nothing? Do you have no regards for peoples' feelings? Are you that heartless?"

"Hmm, a thought crossed your mind? It must've been a long and lonely journey, Cams." I couldn't believe this guy. He's calling me stupid to my face. The fucking nerve. I pushed him away, but he didn't stumble.

"Mirela,"I said, not looking at her but keeping my eyes on Tony's. Mirela and Dee got up from their seats and practically dragged me away.

In the hallway, outside of the cafeteria, I was steaming. My head was screaming, 'Tony must die'. But I'm not a murderer or anything. Just a girl with a grudge.

Dee looked almost as angry as I was. "The nerve of that guy. I just wanna-" His clenched fists finished his sentence. Mirela looked close to bursting in tears. I put my arm around her. "I let him get to me. But don't let him get to you. He's an ass, that's all he'll ever be, 'kay?" She nodded.

The bell rang and we headed to our next class.

A/N I thought of this like a movie in my head, as i do all my ideas, and i have no clue how to begin the first chapter! I only thought of the key moments like the middle and end, so im completely lost for a beginning. Im gonna keep this up until I have my ah moment! And this piece is more informal about Tony and Cam's abominable relations. Think of it as part 1 of chapter 1 :p



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