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Feel's like I'm falling in love, when I'm falling to the bathroom floor.

Novel By: ninjaNIGHT

Title from my favorite band All Time Low, about a girl falling for a guy, a love story pretty much, but with difficulties(: View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 14, 2009    Reads: 586    Comments: 4    Likes: 4   

altMy display picture is messing up otherwise it would have a picture(:

Chapter 1

It was started snowing, while I was walking home. I love snow. I just love everything about it, the color, the way it slowly and gradually falls to the ground, the peacfulness, the way you catch your first snowflake and cherish that memory forever. I was content in the middle of the road just staring up at the sky, watching the snow flakes falling, well that was until I heard my namebeing called.


"What? Who is it anyway?"

"Your brother, James! Get inside mums waiting for you, and she's pissed!"

"What did I do?" I yelled while slowly taking my time to get inside.

"Uh, dunno. Just get in!" with that he walked inside and slammed the door, the liar! He knew what I did but didn't tell me so I couldn't runaway without knowing why.

Oh wait I know why I'm in trouble, I started running in the opposite direction. My family's messed up, but try to look perfect on the outside.

My mother- An over working, anger problem, alchohlic while she's not working.

My father- A cheater, who lies to my mother, and also has anger problems.

My brother- Just a plain old dumbass, he love's to get me in trouble, but I know he hate's our parents just as much as I do.

An me? Well I'm just a perfect child, from a screwed up family. (Not to bragg or anything)

I ran, and ran until I ended up somewhere. I knew exactely where I was, my secret sanctuary. It was the woods just a mile from our home. Only two people in the world know about it, me and my bestfriend Jade. The only problem is that my bestfriend died a few weeks back so now I've turned from popular, to utter geek. Well in my world I have.

I don't have as many friends, but I don't dress like a dork.

Most of my old friends were complete dumbasses, now most of my friends actually have brains.

Its just now I don't get invited to the coolest party's and what not, but it doesn't really bother me anymore, I never liked the party's to begin with.

I sat on a near by log and looked at the snow covered forest floor, tears slowly coming from my eyes.

"WHY!" I screamed at the sky. My life has pretty much gone down hill from when Jade died. I don't mean to cut myself, it's just an outlet for all my emotions.

I swear I'm not emo, or at least I don't think I am.

I pulled up my sleeve to see the scars on my upper arm, (yeah I'm too chicken to actually cut my wrists.) I want to stop, but I'm not sure what takes over, but I just cut myself, hoping with all my might all my problems will go away. They don't and it upsets me.

So your probably wondering why I've run to the forest crying? It's because last night, I got home completely wasted, and I destroyed all my mothers jewerly and my fathers work suits, because I was sick of them and there controlling nature. I hate them!

I decided I was going to run away. Away from all my problems and try and start new.

I ran to Jades, old house. Her parents left after she died. She commited suicide, because her parents were abusive. She left me a note saying that I was her bestfriend and that she would always remember me. When my parents saw me crying, they told me to stop blubbering over someones death. Thats why I got wasted last night.

I waited outside her house, crying. Maybe I could join her in heaven or where ever you go after you die. No stop thinking like that!

I wasn't sure how long I was standing out there crying and staring at her house, but someone was next to me asking me a question.

"Uh, hey are you alright. Why you here?" it was a guy.

"Uh, I...I was just looking at this house, my friend use to live here." I mumbled

"Oh, that chick who commited suicide? Man was she crazy or was she drunk or whatever?" Is this guy serious?

I turned to look at him. It was a damn shame he was so hot! He had dark blue eyes, with jet black hair and was about a foor taller than me, with a body that could kill!

"That 'chick' who commited suicide was my bestfriend!" with that i punched him in the face and ran off crying.

The nerve of that jerk!

He was running after me, I could hear his footsteps. Ha! I have news for him I'm on the trackteam!

I was at least 10 meters ahead, when I slipped on some ice and fell on my butt. He was there in a second yelling at me for punching him.

"Whatevz! Just leave me alone please!" I yelled.

"Yeah whatever bitch!" he walked away before I could take another swing at him.

I was sitting there crying for god knows how long.


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