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Hotel Houston (complete)

Novel By: Nixie

Beth and Susan take a trip to Houston, not their first, but when Susan finds out about Beth's husband, will it be their last?

(I wrote this a long time ago and never finished it. It's now complete, in 5 chapters. I hope you enjoy! ~ Nix) View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 8, 2008    Reads: 913    Comments: 6    Likes: 6   

It was my weekly business trip to Houston. My car pulled up right on time outside the same hotel as last week and a sudden sense of belonging washed over me. A familiar group of people waved as I passed the reception area too. I was as good as dust on the hotels marble flooring they knew me so well.

I collected my key with a simple nod of the head and a show of white teeth. The receptionist who I knew from before, I think Charlie is his name smiled when I told him to save any messages and to not disturb me. Charlie nodded and then whispered to his colleague as I swiveled off toward the elevator with the wheels to my suitcase squeaking as I pulled it along with one hand on the extended handle.

The elevator stopped at every level though no one stepped in. The doors tinged. I waited; I'd been waiting for what felt like a life time. They closed. Up until the 5th floor I suffered the smell of polish alone until "Ting!" at the 6th floor a man in a blue suit with sequins down the collar stepped in and with his index finger hit the button for ground floor.

The lift began to descend! My lip lifted, my jaw tightened. Fury had my hands around his throat and strung up against the side. I folded my arms to keep myself from acting upon it; my other half always said I had an uncontrollable temper.

The man smiled; I smiled and turned my face to mimic him like a child only to notice the elevator wall to be a mirror. He laughed, his feet rocking back and forth onto his tiptoes. I amused him obviously!

"Ting!" finally the doors opened at the ground floor. The man moved off with a smirk. Charlie caught me still standing in the lift as I was minutes ago and smiled like a kid.

"What?" I sneered.

I pushed the 9th botton again and the elevator began to climb again still stopping at every floor but I quickly forgot about that, now that the mirror had my attention. I quickly re-applied my lipstick and powdered my nose, just in time for the "Ting" on the 9th floor!

I'd never been on the 9th floor before, but it looked exactly like the 2nd, the 4th and the 7th where I'd stayed before. It seemed though the higher up you went the less people cared for rules as the kids at hip height ran passed me nearly knocking my suitcase out of my hand. I resided against the wall, or as good as. The parents I assume walked passed without even noticing!

Irritated I tidied my hair briefly with my one free hand and continued down the corridor. I passed each door till reaching mine - 725. They key in the shape of a credit card worked first time and the light flashed to green with a click. I stepped in, closed the door behind me and left my suitcase at the entrance as I moved into the bedroom area where two chocolate mints waited on each pillow.

I moved closer brushing my hand over the red cotton on the bed and then pushed down with my palm. It was a strong mattress; good! And with a smile I sat on the edge and began to take off my black heels by releasing the small buckle that looped around my ankle. Shoes off I felt at last I could relax, though I knew there was more to fear.

My boss Susan Trender, she was also on the business trip and was meeting me here in the hotel room. It wasn't the first time we'd met here. In fact we'd had quite a few business trips together but this time was going to be different. Tonight I'd show her how good I am, what I am capable of! The door clicked open and woke me from my musing.

"Hi there!"

I looked up, my body tensed with desire as I saw Susan bend over and place her bag on the floor next to mine. Her chest escaped the body fitted white shirt where buttons had been purposely left undone.

"Hi, how was your trip?" I asked with a luring voice and stood to greet her.

She looked past her falling fringe and smiled with red lips "It was just as awful as the last time, reaching the 9th floor is a nightmare!" she paused to bite her lip "But of course worth it!" she said looking down noticing how much shorter I was to her and then with wondering eyes saw my shoes over by the bed "You started without me?"

"No, I have a thing for taller women" I leaned into her tempting her to touch me and then turned away to sit back on the bed.

Her mouth was left open, her eye lids half drawn. I watched as she bent over again in her tight black jeans, her milky white skin bursting out of her white shirt again. Her eyes caught mine and kept me there as she took off her blue high heels, teasing me slowly. Then she stood "My feet hurt!" she smirked and stepped toward me with a sexual sway in her hips.

I crossed my legs allowing my stockings and suspenders to show past my short black skirt. As she got closer to me I was unable to keep from smiling. Seeing that I was easy she took my shoulders in her hands and pushed me back against the bed laughing in her soft relief as she climbed on top of me.

She kissed me and I reached up to take her completely, tongue and lips. Her fingers found there way into my mouth, each finger wet with kisses brushed delicately over my lips as we searched each other silently. The red lipstick was not needed now.

I kissed her again.

A business trip, I told my husband.

I breathed her in, tasted the skin on her neck and began to free the flesh from her clothing.

Chart boards, boring conventions and blue-tac I told him.

Hands, thighs and hips clashed.

Ok, he'd agreed! 'You tell Susan you deserve a pay rise for all these trips' he said, and watched me leave.

Tell Susan... tell Sue... tell her... "I'm married!!" it slipped out and Instantly I regretted it.

Her hands paused, her eyes suddenly cold. What will she do?

"You tell me now?" she whispered. I said nothing, I felt so shameful. Her hands began to work on me again.

"Please..." she kissed me heavily easing my thoughts "...Tell me later!"

Her lips, chest, neck... I couldn't deny myself her touch. I nodded and we fell into each other, possibly for the last time.


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