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The Camp Bet

Novel By: notsane

Alex is being dragged on a camping trip with her twin sister, she hates. But there Alex starts to like one of the guys there. Dean is so amazing, well once you get to know him. He is the kind of guy, you wish you could spend forever in his arms. But forever is never really forever. But everything was just one of her sister's pranks, but was it really? After getting home, Alex just can't get him out of her head. Not to mention the fact that he is every where she looks. Literally. View table of contents...


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The Camp Bet

"I don't want to go." I told my dad. Dad looked over to my twin sister, Angie. Angie looked nothing like me. I had long dark brown hair and blue eyes just like my dad and she has curly strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. She is taller than my 5 foot and 4 inch body by about 3 inches.

"Angie, you can't go if she doesn't, so, no, you can't go camping with your friends." Dad toldAngie. Dad walked out of the room then. Angie rounded on me.

She said, "If you don't go, I'll tell Dad you're not avirgin." My eyes widened.

"You have no proof and dad wouldn't believe you. I'm his perfect angel in his eyes." I said.

She laughed and said, "Alex, the thing about John is that he loves to take pictures." She takes out her phone and shows it to me. it's a picture of me in only a thong, making out with John, who is only in boxers. "I see I taught my baby sister well." She laughed again. "Come on its only one week. Please."

God, I hate thatdouche. John is such a jerk. I mean he's hot, yes, but it's not worth having to put up with him. John is only good as a one night stand. Well I guess he's just like every football jock. John has short blonde hair and brown eyes. But at least he wasn't my first or anything.

I hate my sister too. Even though she doesn't know, but I actually lost my virginity before her. It's kind of funny at school, she's a total slut and I'm a freak, but I have sex just as much as her. And Jesus I hate how she calls me her baby sister. She is like only 3 minutes older. But still I'm dad's perfect angel and I couldn't let him down. Mom left when we were 8, so dad relies on us being good.

I signed and rolled my eyes, "Fine." I said.Angiesquealed. she ran out the door.

"Dad, Alex is going. So that means I came go." I heardAngieyell from downstairs. Ugh I really didn't want to go.Angieand I would be the youngest ones there, but it was okay for her. She is going with her boyfriend, Ben I think his name is. He is 22, which means they are so illegal since we are only 17. But it's not like they give a damn. I went over and sat on my bed and sighed.

My dad walked in and said, "So, now you want to go on the camping trip, huh?" He raised one eyebrow and sat on my bed. My dad knows me. He knew I would never willingly go on this trip with my sister and her slutty friends.

"She blackmailed me. I have to go." I told him truthfully. I could trust him. He would yell at my sister or myself.

"Are you going to get her back on the camping trip?" Dad asked. See, he knows me so well.

"Hell yeah, I will." I said and laughed a bit and so did Dad.

"That's my girl," He said and ruffled my hair and kissed my forehead. Then, he got up and left my room. I got up and went to the bathroom that was connected to my room.

Ilooked into the mirror and told my reflection, "There are only three weeks of summer left, and in one week I have to spend a week camping in Hell with my sister's bitchy friends. Ugh. Great, just great. My sister and two of her whore friends,MichelleandSarah. Then there was my sister's andMichelle'sboyfriends were going and then three other douchebag guys. Yep, Hell."

I brushed through my hair until it was straight and shiney. I settled my saloir hat on my head and left. I walked to my friend Hannah's and she drove me to Tom's house. Hannah is one of my bestfriends. She gets label a lot with her having pink hair and that she's a lesbian. Tom is my bestfriend, Megan's boyfriend. We were holding tryouts for a new guitar player for our band, The Drifting Obsession.

Our old guitar player, Charlie had to move, so we have been trying to find a new one. So far we have had zero luck. We got to Tom's band room. It was a side building, because his mom hates the noise. He has the biggest house and the most room, so we practice at his house. Megan and Tom were already on the couch in the far corner of the room. Hannah and i sat by them. People started to come in.

We had seven people come and audition. Four of them could barely play. Only one of the three people that could play, could sing, but she was a bitch to us. It was hopeless.

When the room cleared out, we got to talk. "It's no use." Megan stated.

"Almost as useless as me trying to get out of going on that stupid camping trip my sister was planning." I said.


"That must suck."

"The Angie Bitch strikes agian."

I laughed as did they. They could always make me feel better when I was sad. I'm going to hate not having these guys around.


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