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bet on you

Novel By: OlivaEllen

Seventeen-year-old Alexis Rooney is a normal senior girl, and lives a normal life. Until the most popular boy in her school, also a cocky player, actually falls for her. She doesn't beleive he's changed, but for once, he's not going to give up. Will she finally break, or will he? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 24, 2012    Reads: 198    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

I wake up slowly, and the gravity around my bed is ten times lighter for the first time. I smell cookies and cinnoman buns. The air is cheery, and I crincle my toes. My scences are stimulated easily, because today is Christmas. I perk up out of bed and run to the window. I rip the curtains open. And outside is litterally a winter wonderland. Christmas in new York. I think Beautifull. I watch snow flurry, and go out onto the porch, only in slippers. The cold air gives me goosebumps, and the snowflakes kiss me with frosty lips against my arms. But it feels really good.

I lean against my porch's banister, after brushing off the snow. I hear the city be silent for the first time in a long time. Amazing. I wal back inside, shutting the door. My room gets chilled, so I put on a jacket. Then, like a small child, I burst out of my room, into the kitchen. "Guess what today is?" I scream, flailing my arms with magic in my eyes. A shirtless Tony stands over the oven, only in his boarding-short pajama pants and a Santa hat. I pause for a moment to, um, admire, his abs. Marcy sits at the kitchen table, setting up breakfast.

Tony smiles. "Tuesday?" And takes out the cinnoman buns. I roll my eyes, and flail my hands up just one more time. "NO, ya dummy, it is Christmasssssssss!" I say, singsonging each word delicately. Marcy looks up, plump belly looking about to pop. "really?" She asks. "That's interesting." I smile, rolling my eyes. I lean against a chair, rocking against my heels. Tony puts down a placemat and sets the cinnoman bun tray down. He takes off the mit. "Well, if it's Christmas, we should celebrate." He says.

I smile, and we all sit down. He gets ready to take out the cookies, and Marcy stands to get them. After about twenty seconds of them being up, they're kissing again. I roll my eyes and blankly play with my fork. Stupid couples. I look at the bracelet on my wrist and sigh. It's evil. I shouldburn it.

Marcy and Tony finally take a break and we all dig into cookies and cinnoman buns. Healthy enough, right? Yeah, I think so. We listen to the radio, which of course only plays all the holiday classics. And the TV plays the church sermon for Christmas Day, and we listen to both. Pippi paces the floor around the table, pleading with his big green eyes for food. Mewing, crying. I sneak him some icing every here and there, but that's about all. He shouldn't be eating that.

After breakfast, we gather around the tree and start exchanging our gifts. All silver, green, red, or gold shiny wrapping paper. Tony gives his presents first. He got me two new sweaters, white and brown with beautifull patchwork up the sides, a pair of boot-cut jeans, black sweatpants, and a new COD game for my ps3. Talk about an outliar. I thank him and hug his shirtless (HOT) body, then he gives Marcy her gift. And, it's the only thing she really wanted in a long time. A kitten. He made her wear a blindfold and brought out the cage, but the surprise was ruined when the kitten started meowing. Marcy freaked and ripped her blindfold off.

For about ten minutes, she cried, snuggled with the puffy little cat, and kept kissing tony and hugging him. Tony must have enjoyed this, but I found it kind of creepy. You can tell the hormones of the baby are beating her.

After those long ten minutes, Marcy and I gave Tony his present. The car. We used that blindfold and dragged him out to the parking lot, and he ripped off the blindfold, too. At first, his eyes and mouth just gaped. He didn't even blink. Then, he acted like a football player, slammed the blinfold to the ground, and started 'whoop'ing and cheering. He kissed both of us, of course mainly Marcy, and hopped in the shiny car excitedly. Marcy and I exchanged a look, wondering if this could be a good thing or a bad thing.

After about, um, two hours, of watching him play with his new car, we went back inside. I gave Marcy her present, and she started crying again and hugging me. "I love you soooo much!" She cried, pulling me closer and squeezing the air out of my lungs. But, I hugged her back. She can't help it. Then, she gave me a present of fivehundred dollars spending money. Just a bunch of twenties tied together with a rubberband. i started squealing and hugged her. I needed spending money badly.

Then, we all just crashed. We were really tired, ya know. All the crying and excitement. And Pippi fell asleep with me on the way.


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