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bet on you

Novel By: OlivaEllen

Seventeen-year-old Alexis Rooney is a normal senior girl, and lives a normal life. Until the most popular boy in her school, also a cocky player, actually falls for her. She doesn't beleive he's changed, but for once, he's not going to give up. Will she finally break, or will he? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 7, 2013    Reads: 157    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   

After that, everything just seemed to fade as I got more angry and frustrated, and even sad.... I know that the rest of the day I kept completely to myself (besides cody who forced his affection [did not help]), I know that I felt sick to my stomach and didn't eat anything, not even when Cody tried to coax me into eating, and I know that I skippedbiology and kind of roamed the hallway. I guess I'll never know what we learned today in that class.

I've never really been in a big fight with anyone. Especially someone who is, or was, like a sister to me. It's confusing. Maybe I'm rediculous and this is justblown out of proportions, but I just feel indescribably guilty, for some reason. I really should have just kept my big mouth shut. I dwell on this. For a long time.

Thefinal bell rings and my train of thought flees in surprise. Everyone quickly grabs there bags off of the back of their chairs and runs to their closest friend while shoving their poetry journals into their clutter. I've got no one to run to today. I look up, and Katy's already ditched everyone. It feels soweird...As I stand awkwardly, the rest of the class poors out of the room, making excited chatter about the weekend. At least it's the weekend.I think, trying to be more optimistic than angry.

That's really hard for me.

I just poor into the ocean that is the hallway, me feeling like just another little sardine, and inch my way through the crowd to my locker, which of course is inconveniently all the way down the hallway from Literature Class.Whee.

People shove me aside, I shove them, and it's that tug of war kind of pattern all the way down the hallway. Over the see of people, as I stand just yards from my locker now, I see Cody waiting for me with a patient look on his face. He's deffinately trying to help. I sigh and approach him, and my locker, and open my locker door.

"you okay?" He asks immediately.

"I'm fine." Ilie through my teeth as Itiredly dump the contents in my arms (books, agendas, binders, notebooks, etc.) into my locker messily, not even really caring. I've never really been organized...Why start today?

He looks at me sympothetically, which annoys me slightly, and he leans against the locker. But, I know he's trying to make me feel better. "You want me to walk you home?"

I glance at him, then pull out my bookbag and swing it over my shoulder. "...Yes please"

He takes my hand enthusiatically with a smile. I smile slightly, just because he's being an idiot. "Stop being stupid."


We walk on the unusually empty sidewalks of the suburban city streets. Cody said he wanted to take the long way, and I've never been this way before, so I just kind of followed him. I know that we're near my house, though, so I know he's not kidnapping me or anything.

"Did Katy say anything else to you?" He asks, glance following a little blue jay that is hopping from tree to tree all around us, carrying sticks and twigs back to it's mother tree, the biggest one at the end, probably building a nest for the eggs it'll lay soon. I mean, it is spring.

"Nope. But I know that she's talked to everyone else already and told them.. In every class since lunch, everyone stared at me and whispered. It was pretty obvious what about. And, to top that, Trevon wasn't exactly helping. He intentionally pissed me off all day" I say, sighing. At least this hasn't affected Katy in the least of ways. She still can't keep anything to herself. She has to tell the world what happened and make it seem like I was trying to turn on her or something. She's consistant.

Cody sighs, obviously just as annoyed as I am with them. "I swear to God, I might kill him."

"Please do." I say, almost hissing. Not at Cody. At Trevon. He's been here less than a week and he's managed to ruin everything. Just when things were getting normal again.

"Hey, isn't tomorrow the the twenty-third?" He asks me suddenly...Randomly. It kind of startles me.

"Yeah. Why?" I ask, fixing my bag again.

"Isn't that the third Saturday of the month? What are you gonna do about that monthly movie night thingy?" He asks, looking at me like it's some kind of big deal of a ritual. Really, it's not. But, I guess that's just another thing that's over.

"Katy's obviously not invited, so I guess it's off." I say blandly. Almost bitterly.

"You don'thave to call it off!I'll come!" He says in a invite me please kind of way. He elbows me mutiple times, hinting in a not so subtle way.

"You're inviting yourself?" I ask, raising a sharp eyebrow at him, but a small smile tugs at the corners of my mouth. Even when I'm fuming, he can make me smile.

"Do you not want me to come?" He asks with his usual, way too happy smile. He always smiles.


"Okay then." He says with a proud smile, and I know that he knows that he just got his own excuse for inviting himself to my house.



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