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Novel By: Omer

A COUPLE's JOURNEY.... View table of contents...


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Its raining outside. Mrs Tahir seems to be worried about her daughter 'Maria' who is 16 years old and has to reach college by 8 am. But its already 7 past 30 and its raining heavily outside. It seems nearly impossible to get to the bus.

Maria: Mama its already too late I should walk to the bus station

Mrs Tahir : No my child it will be very difficult to get outside in such weather even if you go out I will remain worried. I wish you dad was here ( with tears in eyes) he could have driven you straight to the college but for a widow like me it is very difficult … what can I do ???

Maria: Mama please stop crying its not a big deal if I remain absent for one day

Mrs Tahir: No….(Takes a deep breath) …its not (starts watching outside the window)

Get into the car its already too late. Mr Sami exclaims!! Ahad ( 16 year's old son of Mr Sami) feels sleepy and is reluctant to go to the college. Mrs Tahir notices that Ahad is wearing the same uniform as her daughter so he must be in the same college. She rushes out of the house.

Mrs Tahir : Listen Listen…. Mr Sami… Stop Please.. I guess your son studies in the same college as my daughter .Please take her along with you We cannot get to the bus station.

Mr Sami: Yeah Sure.. Where is she?

Mrs Tahir : Maria !!! Maria !! ( Shouts Mrs Tahir) Come outside.. Uncle Sami will take you along

Ahad: Why the hell is the lady shouting in the morning she is not letting me sleep ( Ahad whispers)

Maria: Mama I didn't know that going to college was such a big deal. She enters the car and looks at Ahad who was sleeping.

Maria: Where should I sit? Your son is lying on the whole seat?

Mr Sami: You can sit on the front seat my child!!

Ahad: Yes go and sit on the front seat and please let me sleep…( Closes his eyes)

Mr Sami drives and Maria starts thinking that her neighbor was his classmate and she didn't notice this thing at all.

The day passes and the time to get back to the home approaches. The weather was very pleasant after the rain fall .

Maria: Its time to leave .. In the morning I came with Ahad and guess what he lives in the house next to me and I had no idea about it

Amna : Don't tell me Ahad lives next to you?

Maria: What is so special about this Why are you so excited?

Amna: Maria!! He is so handsome .. If I would have been at your place I should have given a chance to my luck. He's so adorable so cute so intelligent my gosh……….

Maria: To hell with him he is such a rude person he kept on lying on the whole back seat and didn't give me a place to sit in his car

Amna: Darling!! This is his attitude he knows that girls are so fond of him.

Maria: Whatever !! ( With arrogance).. I am least bothered

Amna: Don't show such attitude. You are also a teenager my friend and I know you would also get attracted to him at some stage.

Maria: Do I have that much time?

Amna: Come on.. you are so beautiful Maria.. You both will make a good couple

Maria: I don't have time sweety.. Anyways I am leaving for an audition at Marriot Hotel.. Wish me luck!!

Amna: Not again!! You are again trying for modeling? You cannot get into show business if you are not ready for casting couch

Maria: Talent and looks doesn't matter??

Amna: No…

Maria: This could be your point of view

Maria leaves the place and walks out of the gate of the college

Wait!! Wait.. She hears… Maria turns back and notices that Ahad is coming towards her

Ahad: Maria I guess u need a lift to get back to your home

Maria: No.. Thanks but I have to go some where else

Ahad: Where?

Maria: I don't feel like telling this to you

Ahad: Upto you.. By the way I was feeling very restless in the morning because I had been studying the whole night so I apologize for my behavior in the morning

Maria: Really!! I didn't notice that!! By the way its ok.Now may I go?

Ahad: Yeah sure..

Maria : Taxi… Taxi…. (Shouts)

A taxi stops… Ahad still stands near to her

Maria: How much is your fare.. I have to go to Marriot Hotel??

Ahad: Wait Maria.. I can drop you to the hotel.. I have driver with me. We can drop you

Maria: Please Ahad!! I will tell you if I need any help.. Thanks a lot for the morning. Now please leave me alone

Ahad: As u say!!

Ahad walks away and Mara sits into the cab….


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