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best friends turn into lovers.

Novel By: Paige Givens

Tags: Romance

Ashley Garret is a 16 year old who has fallin for Adam Barret.
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Submitted:Nov 7, 2012    Reads: 364    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

I was in my room getting ready for my first day at my new high school,I go to my closet to find some clothes i want to wear for my first day, I throw on some ripped skinny jeans (made that way) a black veil brides shirt and put on my converses and fixed my hair.I rush downstairs to get my coffee and my backpack my mom wakes up when im about to walk out the door i give her a quick hug and a quick goodmorning as i walk out the door to my car,I throw my backpack in the back sit and gets in my car,i start my car and drive off,I pick up my friend Daren Carter that i've known since we was 5.He has blue eyes Blonde hair with snake bites and 5'12 He gets in the car and says hello i said hey how are you?He said Im ok i guess my parents are at it again so.I said aww im sorry your parents are always fighting maybe they will work out their problems soon.Daren said I hope so im tired of hearing them bitch everynight my little sister comes in my room while im sleeping everynight and wakes me and sits on my bed till they stop fighting.I said well atleast your parents are still together fighting or not my dad walked out on me when i was only 3 my brother was only 5 so be glad you know and have your father alot of kids dont have a father.Daren said im sorry for going on about my parents I know you most feel kinda depressed about your dad.I said its ok I guess I just wonder what he is like and what he looks like sometimes.We arrive at school and I park my car and me and Daren get out of the car and we grab our stuff.I stop and stare and everyone because they was staring at me.Daren said just come on they just stare they arent gonna do anything.We get in the school and we walk the halls till he gets to his locker mine is 3 lockers down from his.We have math and history together.The bell rings and we go to homeroom he goes to Mrs.B and I go to Mrs.Janes.I walk in and i look back still at the door with it open i look back to see if Daren was still there but he wasnt he done went in his class.Mrs Jane said Ah you must be Ashley Garret.Take a sit next to Adam.I look at him and kinda smiles and put my head down and walked to my sit,I sat down and he smiles at me and says Hi you new here?I said Yea kinda Adam said Kinda?What do you mean kinda?I said ive been here before in this class before for my brother last year.He asked whats your brothers name?I said Kody Garret.Adam says oh yea i know him we are friends.He goes to 11th right?I said yea, Adam says you dont remember me?I said im sorry?I never seen you before.He said yes you have Its Adam Barret I come to your house like everyday!! I said ohh yea your the one who told my brother that i look like a slutty bitch!Adam said Im sorry about that I just didnt want your brother knowing i had a crush on you.I said ha a crush?Adam said Yea ik pretty stupid huh? A girl like you dating or falling for me total bullshit huh?I said Ha yea....I look away as if i never really had a crush on him so he wouldnt know.Adamn looked at me and said hey by the way your very beautiful and i could show you around after class if you like?I said is this a thing you do with all the girls you like try to flirt with them?Adam said nah just you I dont really like any girls in this school they are all just slutty,except for this one girl she pretty amazing and not a slut.I said oh thats kool i guess I dont like preppy stuck up slutty cock sucking bitches here at this school so yeah.Adam didnt answer he looked away like he was surprised that i even knew what that meant.Bell rings and class is over we go to lunch,I see Daren and I try to talk to him but he just blew me off because he was hanging with his other friends and i knew right then that I wasnt worth his time in school.School is over and i go to my car and Daren is waiting for me.I give him this look like wat the hell is wrong with you look.He asks are you ok?I said yea why wouldnt I be i mean I talked to Adam Barret today i have homeroom with him and we talked half way thru homeroom and then at lunch I tried to talk to my friend Daren that i thought was my friend but he was hanging with his other friends and ingored me.Daren said Im sorry about that i didnt have time to stop and talk.We was talking about something very important and im sorry thats how i am at school i stay busy from the time i get there till i leave.I said its watever just get in the car if your gonna ride with me I gotta be home before Mom and Step dad get home or ill be grounded for 3 weeks without my phone and internet.Daren gets in the car and slams the door.I said oh fuck no!!!! Daren said you know what just never fucking mind damn you always do this when I hang out with other people than you!! I said BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW THAT!!! YOU KNOW THAT I HATE WHEN PEOPLE JUST INGORE ME BECAUSE THEY HAVE BETTER FRIENDS TO HANG WITH LIKE IM NOT WORTH TALKING TO IN FUCKING SCHOOL!Daren said now what the fuck do you mean not worth talkin to in school your worth talking to Ashley i just been busy!!! I said JUST FUCK IT IM DONE JUST GO JUST LEAVING!!Daren got out of the car and slammed the door.I start to cry.Adam heard everything,he walks over to me and asks if i am ok i said No my best friend and I just got in a fight that was our first fight since we was 8.Adam said dont worry he will come back eventually just give it time ok? I said ok.starting to cry harder trying not to but tears just kept coming and I couldnt stop Adam hugged me and asked if he could get a ride back to my house he needs to talk to my brother.I said yea sure get in.Daren was looking and got jealous and got in Jones car and they took off at the same time as we did.Jones was behind us and was following us back to my house because Daren asked him to follow me so he could talk to me.We pulled into my drive way and ran inside after grabbing my stuff.I ran inside and ran upstairs with tears in my eyes and slammed my bedroom door.I threw my backpack on the floor and changed into some jogging pants and an old t-shirt that i wear to go jogging I fix my hair in a pony tail and ran downstairs and told my brother that I was going to go jogging to clear my mind Kody said ok sis just be home before mom and dad get off here in about 2 hours and 30 minutes so be home before then kay? I said okay.I ran out the door as Daren walked up to my door I looked at him with tears in my eyes and tried to go past him but he grabbed my arm and asked me if i was ok.I said HELL NO IM NOT OK YOU FIRST TREAT ME LIKE I DONT EVEN EXIST ANYMORE AT THE FUCKING SCHOOL AND THEN YOU TREAT ME LIKE SHIT WHEN WE GET INTO THE CAR AND YOUR ASKING ME IF IM OK FUCK NO IM NOT OK DONT YOU GET IT DAREN!?! WE WAS BEST FRIENDS AND YOU RUINED OUR FRIENDSHIP! I DONT KNOW.....Daren said YOU DONT KNOW WHAT!?!?! I said I dont know if i can be best friends with you again!! maybe after high school ends we can become friends again till then I dont think we should conitue to be friends im sorry.Daren was just standing there shocked and walked off to Jones car and they took off.Adam and Kody was standing right there listening when I turned around.Adam came outside. Adam said I know how you feel.I said doubt it.Adam said I said the same exact words to my best friend courtney and it wasnt easy because we was best best friends and she slept with my brother and hurt me because she was my best friend and we agreed not to sleep with each others sibblings she slept with mine and I felt awful so I told her that we couldnt be friends anymore because she lied straight to my face.I said im sorry.Adam said its ok it was for the best.I said well i better go for my jog so I can get back before my parents see ya at school.Adam well really you will be seeing me here all night im staying the night here so and dont worry your brother is giving me a ride to school since we all go to the same school ill just ride with him if its cool with you ash.I said why wouldnt it be your not my Boyfriend or anything just friends i think.Adam said well maybe we could change that haha.I said yea well i gotta run see ya.

30 minutes later.

*phone rings*


731 363 7865:Hi yes this is Adams mom I was just calling you to tell you that Adam and Kody was in a car accident 20 minutes ago and Adam is asking for you.


731 363 7865:umm no im sorry but your brother has pasted away when they got in the car accident. Adam is ok tho and im sorry for your loss..please hurry.

*hangs up*

I run back to the house as fast as I can I call mom and tell her everything she is taking off work and coming home she calls dad and lets him know he goes home all of us crying, I get to the hospital and ran to Adams room.

Me:OH my gosh Adam are you ok?!?!

Adam said yea im ok just sore.

Me:Who was driving?

Adam:Well I cant drive.

Me:My brother was driving.....

starts crying....

Adam:Im sorry Ash i didnt mean to cause the accident If i didnt ask him to take me home to get some clothes he would still be here im truely sorry if you never wanna talk to me again i understand.

Me:NOOOOO I still wanna hang out with you and talk to you.I just miss him so much he was always there for me no matter what I just miss him so bad :(.

Adam said come here lay with me if you want.I said ok,I go and lay down next to him and starts crying even worse.Adam said everything is going to be ok i promise he is in a better place than here and i bet he is watching over you.


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