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The Blue Flower

Novel By: pan12

As Chester Sulkin spends his freshman year in high school, his life is turned upside-down because of love- love for his best friend's cousin Andrew Richardson. It was an unexpected, and he didn't mean to feel that way. Soon, he begins to feel tormented and confused about his own self. As his high school life unfolds, he must face the nightmares brought about by this love, and the reality of his true gender.

NOTE: This story is a GENDER-SENSITIVE one. It is not necessary that you'd call it a GAY story. PLEASE READ WITH AN OPEN MIND.
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Submitted:Jul 18, 2011    Reads: 115    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

1st Leg

Chicago, Illinois, Fall 2012

The scent of autumn air conquered the whole city. The leaves were dancing gracefully with the wind as they fell off the sturdy branches. As I pedaled my bicycle to Maine East High School, I breathed a sigh of relief. School kicked in again, and this would be a whole new world for me. But I always know in myself that in every chapter of my life, one person would always be on my side. My best friend for thirteen years- Naomi Rivers.

She's really a nice girl. I tell you. We met when we were in kindergarten, when an incident led us to this kind of friendship. She's indeed my best friend. We have been through a lot of ups and downs, laughed until we cried, and cried when we decided to laugh.People might find our friendship as odd, or eccentric maybe, but I don't even mind. For as long as I have a friend that I could hold on to, I'm sure that I can live even a lifetime.

My name is Chester Sulkin. I am sixteen years of age and a simple guy. I'm living with my mother and sister in downtown Chicago. We own a bakeshop and coffee shop at the same time. It has been there since I was in the first grade. Now that I'm in high school, it's still growing and expanding.

Everything around me was in utter silence when I came in. I parked my bike in the farthest corner of the parking lot. I glanced at my watch and sped to my classroom. I was thirty minutes late for my first class.

I reached the door and stared at my classmates. The class fell into silence as they all looked at me, including Naomi. My teacher, Mr. Schulein, shot a deadly glare at me. He stopped from writing and faced me.

"Do you know what time is it, Mr. Sulkin?" he asked.

I was catching my breath, but I still tried to answer him.

"Eight thirty am, sir." I said.

"And is that the right time for coming here at school?" he asked again.

Gosh, could he stop asking me?

"N-No, sir. Actually, I just had a flat tire, so I went to the-"

He cut me off.

"Shut up, Mr. Sulkin! You're talking nonsense."

I sighed and looked at Naomi. She was quietly grinning that could have turned into a burst of laughter.

Mr. Schulein raised an eyebrow while looking at me from head to toe. He seemed to judge me with that gesture, but I didn't mind him.

"Sir, do you have anything left to say? Can I come in now?" I asked.

All of my classmates laughed, though it wasn't a laughing matter."Come in. And promise me this will be the last time, Mr. Sulkin." he said.

I smiled.

"Yes sir."

I tossed my bag to my table and sat on my usual seat, beside Naomi.

"You really made it, huh." she said with a big smile written on her face.

"Uh-huh. Just the acting skills." I answered cleverly and grabbed my bag to get some books.

What I heard from Naomi as an answer was a low chuckle.


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