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"My Muse"

Novel By: Peony Blu

Phoebe Adams is a seventeen year old shy girl. She doesn’t talk much, but she has a lot to say. Winning school president and being re-elected wasn’t her choice, for all she cared she could forever be trapped in her lonely pit of despair but that’s not what her best friend Ivan thinks. Ivan Mathews may be gay, but he’s the most popular guy at their school, and if he says vote Phoebe, then that’s what happens.

Mike Biddings is the schools own personal bad boy, and he’s very good at his job…without even trying, in fact. He’s not the social type, and keeps to himself most times, which makes his school pranks and him walking out of school, all the more unexpected. But when he’s found guilty of vandalizing the gymnasium wall with ‘Vote Phoebe Adams, She Sucks D**k’, he is immediately found guilty, and is being expelled. But Phoebe takes up for him in a heartbeat, winning because of her spotless record and Presidential rights. Though she is not doing it out of the kindness of her heart, oh no! She wants to meet the jerk who wrote her name on their gym walls.

These two aren’t exactly the best pair, and certainly not staying after school with Phoebe and her school activities wasn’t the plan. Helping with a bunch of kids wasn’t the plan. And becoming Phoebe’s new friend was most definitely NOT the plan. But when Mike starts learning more about Phoebe, he’s beginning to regret ever thinking of her other then a sweet, nice, pure, innocent soul. He’s becoming very regretful of his little ‘stunt’ and finds himself liking Phoebe more and more.

And what of Phoebe? Finding out that there’s nothing wrong with Mike, absolutely was not the plan. And meeting his parents and finding out he was rich…NEVER saw that one coming. Especially not finding out that for one, Mike is actually a musician…just before music and Mike Biddings were illegal to put in the same sentence, for he was known for liking rap and heavy metal, not soft rock and R&B. And will Phoebe seeing what a nice guy Mike really is, she suddenly feels her needs of revenge subside. And seeing that she’s finding Mike extremely attractive all of a sudden isn’t helping, and she’s too afraid to know what it means.

Will these two fall for each other? Or will one thing stop them from every admitting so? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 8, 2013    Reads: 23    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

You Wanna Know What Really Sucks?

"Hey, Bee," I winced trying to hide my face behind my notebook. "I already saw you Bee, you're really pathetic."

I couldn't help laughing as I dropped the notebooks from my face. My best friend, and only true friend, Ivan Matthews sauntered up to me. His dreads were braided back into one braid down to the center of his back. He wore a white V-Neck, Levi skinny jeans, and black and white Jordans. He had a checkered scarf around his neck and he was sagging…as usual. I could see the tattoo he'd gotten last summer clearly on his arm. His hazel eyes were sparkling, looking as beautiful as always against the Hispanic unique skin tone he had; you know when something about that kind of white, makes you know he's not white. Sometimes I prayed to have those eyes, and I was really jealous that my best friend got more guys than me. Yes you heard me right, guys, Ivan's gay, but the best gay guy you'd ever meet, the most well known person in all of Huntington, at that.

And me? I had a sun kissed skin, making me look like every other girl in California, minus the blonde. I had lightlime greeneyes, andwavylight auburn-red hair that went to the middle of my back. Ivan always asked me if he could dye it, but I said never, I liked my hair they way it was. I was about five six and a half, where Ivan was five nine. Ivan was jaw dropping gorgeous, and I really wished he weren't gay at half times, and I'd tell him this when we'd have sleep overs, but he'd laughed and said maybe one day he'd be bi just for me. And then we'd go on to the topic of Gay marriages and how it was unfair to make them illegal, at which Ivan would huff and get so frustrated that he'd tell me to shut up, that I was straight and I shouldn't worry about his fight.

So anyhow, I was wearing a white oxford Levi shirt, and Levi 646 shorts (according to the website I ordered it from), and white Doc Martin ankle boots. It didn't hurt to wear a little lip gloss and some studs with the matching necklace. I thought I looked nice, Ivan said I looked like a train wreck waiting to happen, at which I slapped his arm, which was useless since he's so muscular. Wait…where was I?

"Bee, I lost you for like, five minutes, what the heck is your problem?" Ivan frowned thumping me upside the head. I slapped his hand away as he laughed, and I slammed shut my locker.

"You play too much Ivy," I said rolling my eyes and calling him by his soul sister name. "One day I'm going to kick you all the way to Canada."

"Good luck with that, my butt will be waiting," he wiggled his toosh, making my laugh. I leaned against my locker.

"I'm all ears," I smiled, folding my arms and giving my best I'm-so-interested look.

"Already, are you ready?" He looked really excited. "James Darwin asked me to the dance next Friday."

I squealed jumping up and down holding his hands, Ivy has had a crush on James Darwin since we heard he'd been an extra in The Corner Adjacent last year. He'd complained and said that the main star, Danielle Knight, was a complete b***h, and that Brad Wayne, wasn't any better. But he did say that Rebecca Rivers was a pretty decent girl, even though she refused to make friends with a bisexual. He quit after that.

"You know what this needs?" I said, excitedly patting his arm repeatedly.


"A trip to Froyo Life!" I squealed. Ivy nodded in agreement, a million watt smile over taking his face. He loved Froyo Life, but since sadly we lived in Huntington Beach, and the closest FL was in Hermosa Beach, we hardly got to go. It was practically an hour long drive, but this was worth it.

"We can just stay over at my ma's place tonight if you're not up for the drive back," I said as we walked down the hall.

"Your ma's place? She still bakes the worlds best cookies, right?" I nodded. "I don't think I'll be up to the drive back for a couple days."

I laughed; Ivy had always loved my mother. Ever since kindergarten, when she came for career day. She's a cop, and has been one for a little over a decade now, but when she brought in those world famous math watering chocolate chip cookies, everyone fell in love. Of course, then my father and she divorced and she was relocated to Hermosa, so I only saw her every other weekend. I sometime brought Ivy, and he'd be kicking and screaming when it was time to go, like a child, not an eighteen year old. The memory made me smile.

And me being the daydreamer, I ran right into someone.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said stumbling back, rubbing my forehead, for where I ran into the persons shoulder. I was one of the shortest people at our school.

"Smooth one Prez," the person snorted. "Maybe next we'll vote you because you have manners; that seems reasonable."

I frowned and looked up at the person, and with a sigh rolled my eyes. It was just Mike Biddings, our schools bad boy. Ever since last year when I was elected because Ivy had so to, he'd been completely and utterly pissed. Why elect someone just because her best friends popular? And though he made a good point, he also had no other choice. He wouldn't run, and I was the only one on the ballot. He's been holding it against Ivy and I. Though I hardly see him, or talk to him, I still knew who he was, everyone did. He was Mike Biddings, the bad boy.

I just swiftly brushed off the comment and side stepped him, grabbing Ivy's hand and running to the school exits.

"Man I love the end of school," I smiled as we got into my car, a nice 2008 Volvo C30 T5, similar to the one in Twilight, demanded. Team Edward, you know what I mean?

"Man I love your mom's cookies," Ivy sighed longingly. "You better have a lead foot Bee, or I just might die of disappointment."

I laughed as I backed out.

"Just text your ma and tell her you'll be at my ma's place tonight and tomorrow," I said going through the school exit lane, which was packed with parents picking up freshman and sophomores, a few early starting juniors as well. There was only one person who didn't drive a car in our senior year, and that was Ivy. He refused the Porsche his parents had bought him, and just rode with me.

"What do you think I'm doing, Bee?" He snorted, his head down as his hands went over the keyboard of his iPhone. "You're really slow, you know."

"Mm hmm," I wasn't really listening as I put in Linkin Park's Meteora cd, and putting Numb on repeat. As soon as it was time to get on the road, I didn't hesitate with roaring down the street. I let down the windows, slid on my shades, and got lost in the music. God I couldn't wait to get to Hermosa. I couldn't wait for Froyo Life. I couldn't wait to see my mom. I couldn't wait to skip school tomorrow. I just couldn't wait. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

There was no doubt about it.


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