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Under The Chandelier

Novel By: Peony Blu

Harley Prescott is your average popular beauty. She had it all, without having to try. She had the boyfriend, the friends, the talent, most certainly the looks, and most definitely the money. But one faithful day her parents get in a terrible accident, leaving her father in a coma, and her mother DOA. Life couldn’t get much worse could it? Wrong. Because the people that she’s to live with aren’t just normal people. They’re the Chandler’s. Ashton, Jacob, and Lucas Chandler to be specific. The three hottest and most popular guys in their city. Not one person doesn’t know of the Chandler Trio. Could this be any more impossible? View table of contents...



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A/N: This is originally from Wattpad but I've brought it here for you guys to check it out!


Things went wrong the moment I came out of 7 eleven. I'd never forget that day; it was the day that it all began. A huge black escalade truck peeled in, and I couldn't help thinking the driver was really testing those brakes. At the time I did nothing more than watch, and went about my business as the huge truck pulled into the pump across from my own. I couldn't sleep that night. My parents had gone out to a huge meeting to help promote business for their company, my boyfriend, Trent, was out of town for the holidays, a whole week before it even started, and I wasn't really in the partying mood, so I passed up on party with my friends, though they were more like loyal puppies if you asked me. But anyhow, on rare nights like these, I'd go to 7 eleven, get a Slurpee and as much candy as I felt like, and drive around town until two in the morning, and then go home.

So I paid as to no attention to the escalade as the engine cut off, and I approached my Lamborghini. Yes, I do have a Lamborghini, and the reason for such an expensive car is beyond me, but in Miami, even if you couldn't give a care about cars, you still had to ride in style. I opened the already unlocked door - it wasn't like someone would try to steal it while I can see it through the gas stations window wall. I tossed the bag of treats inside, keeping my Slurpee with me and went around to the pump. It'd finished and I put it back, grabbed the receipt, and went back around. I leaned against the car for a moment, a bit woozy from a bit of a brain freeze, and that's when the passenger - or should I say passengers - got out of their escalade. At first I didn't notice them. I was too busy rubbing my temples, and mapping at a new route for tonight. It wasn't until there was a wolf-whistle did I look up.

I could feel my face go blank as I stared at the last people I expected to be even in a hundred mile radius of me. Because there stood Ashton, Jacob, and Lucas Chandler; joined by Ashton's best friend, Adler King. Of course at the time I didn't know that, but soon I would. Sooner than I would like, anyhow.

"Hey pretty lady!" The youngest Chandler, Lucas, waved winking. Ashton and Jacob were ignoring me completely looking around for something, or someone, whereas Lucas continued his yell-across-the-lot flirting.

I didn't respond instead I narrowed my eyes at him. And you may be wondering how I even know of the Chandlers, or why I was narrowing my eyes at the youngest one. Well for one thing, everyone knows the Chandler's. The rich bad boys of Miami; of course they can't go a week without getting into trouble, getting arrested, the works. But they never stayed locked up for even a full hour before their richer-then-my-parents parents bailed them out. And they went out and did the same exact things to the point they stopped calling the cops on them and just asked for the money to pay for damages. Its pricks like the Chandler's that make me angry, and therefore, yes, I despise them. The oldest was Jacob Chandler - though he was usually put after his brother Ashton since Ashton was much more of a badass - at nineteen, he was known as the heartbreaker who went out with a new girl every two weeks. There was Ashton Chandler, at the age of seventeen, who was known as the heart throb bad boy of their entire clique. Then there was Lucas Chandler, at sixteen, who wasted just as much time with girls as teachers did teaching during school hours. Exactly. He wasted no time. Never had girlfriends like Jacob, but he got the girl alright, if you know what I mean. And it was vain and disgusting.

So when he called out to me, I very easily ignored him. Sighing, I took my cup of the top of my car, opened the door, and sat it inside. I had taken a napkin out of the glove compartment to clean off the perspiration ring it'd left on top of my car. When I came out, to clean it up so it wouldn't damage its new wax coat, I found Lucas Chandler standing right behind me. I turned and stared at him.

"Get away from me," I said. He smirked, though I couldn't find a single thing funny about the situation.

"Hey Ash!" He called back to Ashton. "She said to get away from her. Should I do it?"

"Shut up," Ashton's friend called back; Ashton didn't seem as though he had even heard Lucas.

"I don't think I'm gonna do it," he announced. This time it was Jacob's time to tell him to shut up. "Yeah, yeah," Lucas said with a roll of his eyes. The entire time, I'm standing there bored out of my mind of his little show. I ignored him completely, cleaned the ring, and began to get back in the car when he grabbed my arm. I froze, anger flaring up inside of me. How dare he!?

"Where you going, pretty lady?" He chuckled. Out of instinct I shot back up to normal standing position surprising him and making him take a step back. His surprise became a smirk.

"I know its short notice, but I heard the world was ending tomorrow, and on my "One hundred things to do before I die" list it said that you and I would have a true moment of physical understanding. I can't die and not fulfill that, you know?" He said innocently. I folded my arms. "So what do you say?"

"I say, get away from my car," I said my voice stronger then I'd thought it'd come out as. At this moment, all three other guys behind him turned and stared at me. Hmm, so they were listening...

"What's the matter, you don't want to have any fun?" He asked, smiling knowingly. He actually thought he had a chance.

"Sure," I said simply, and his smile grew. "With someone my age, and one who doesn't sleep with more than one girl in one night. Then of course."

Ashton's friend chortled, and Jacob smirked. Ashton just stared at me. But again, I really could have cared less.

"What do you mean?" Lucas frowned, his smile dimming.

"Wow you're…" I paused, "dumb."

Jacob let out a low soft high pitched laugh, and Ashton's friend was in with him. Ashton still just stared.

"Get away from my car," I said again, this time with more force. Lucas look genuinely dumbfound and confused, earning even bigger laughs from his brother and their friend. Lucas stepped back some more, just enough to the point I could actually close my door.

"I'm confused," he stated.

"Understatement of the year," I snorted, then leaning inside, to grab a pack of gummy worms. I tossed them to him.

"My mom always did tell me never to reward children when they've been bad. But with the way you're not getting 'some' tonight, I think you'll need it." I shrugged.

More laughs. I got in my car, slammed the door and revved the engine. I sighed, putting my hair up, turning on the radio, and lights. I put the car in drive, and whipped out of there as fast as I could. I could hear my own tires squeal in protest as I made a sharp turn for the exit. Pretty soon I was back to my routine.

But when I got home, I found that the door was opened and over thirty people busily working around, taking furniture out of our penthouse. Panic rose within me.

"What's going on?" I yelled, shoving pass people making my way to the center of the chaos. "Mom! Dad!"

Instead I found a tall lanky woman with just as many curves as a pencil, standing in the now bare center of the living room.

"Excuse me!" I shout at her. "What are you all doing in my house?"

She looked over at me startled.

"Oh, you're the daughter," she said sighing. I noticed on her clipboard was my picture. What was going on? It was nearly three in the morning!

"What's going on, why do you have my picture, and why are you here?" I hissed.

"Sweetie," she began.

I got in her face. "Do I look sweet to you?" I glared. She gulped and stepped back.

"Harley," she corrected herself. "Did no one notify you of the situation?"

"If someone had notified me about anything, I wouldn't be talking to you," I snapped, really getting annoyed now.

"Harley, your parents got into an accident at about five thirty yesterday," she said, and I was utterly shocked. A car accident? But they'd just only left at five? How could I not know after all those hours?

"A-A car accident?" I whispered, staring off at nothing really.

"Yes," she said. "Margaret and Joseph Prescott got in a car accident at five thirty last night."

And then she explained it all to me. My mother was announced DOA, and my father was in a coma in the hospital. The furniture-removing crew was scheduled for furniture removal since they were company paid, and were to immediately be token to storage. The only time they could do it was at Three since they had a lot of repoing to do later on. The penthouse was no longer ours; they didn't have either of my parents to continue their month-by-month leasing, and I wasn't legally old enough to sign the contract. And once I'd asked where I'd go, the woman, who I learned was named Erin, told me that a close clients of my parent's agreed to take me in. And that's when it got worse.

The clients were Mary and David Chandler. And as soon as I finished packing, I'd be moving in with them.


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