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This Could Be Our Someday

Novel By: PinkandGreene

Chasney (Chaz-ney) is secretly in love with her brother’s best friend, Paxton. But hedoesn't seem to notice her at all. That is, until two tragic accidents killed both of their chances for a softball/baseball career. When both of them are stuck inside, Paxton often comes to their house to hang out; will he finally notice her?
"Some day" she told her self,"Someday,I will tell him how I feel, and someday, he will tell me he has had the same feelings all along." She often told herself, even when she saw another girl all over him. And then one day she says, "This could be our someday," But Is she right?
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Chapter 1: For the first time

Dear Paxton,

Maybe someday, I'll show this letter to you.

I've always wanted to tell you how I feel, but I'm afraid you'll laugh at me. But, someday you will feel the same way about me as I feel about you. Everyday, I wake up and I tell myself, "This could be our someday," but then I see you, and then, I just can't manage to get out the words that express the millions of feelings I have every single time I see you… And then I go to bed heartbroken, every night. But I wake up every morning saying the same thing… Someday, Chasney, But this could be our someday.

Reading this letter I wrote over a year ago took me back to the day that, for the first time, I realized I loved him as more than my brother's best friend.


I lay on my bed until Paxton leaned over me and ruined my train of thoughts. I stared into his sparkling blue eyes. "What are you doing?"

"Nothing," I grumbled.

He rolled his eyes. "We are going outside to swim in your pool, want to come?"

I smiled, "Sure," I said as I shoved him out of my room. I closed the door, and put on my swim suit, which was midnight blue with stars all over it. I grabbed a towel, and ran out to my backyard, where my brother, his latest girlfriend, and Paxton were all in the pool. I dropped my towel, and jumped in.

"Ugh. Did you really have to splash?" My brother's girlfriend screamed as I came to the surface.

I rolled my eyes, "Oh, I'm sorry. Can't let your makeup run," I said before splashing her.

She got out of the pool, and stormed off with my brother following her.

I rolled my eyes, "Ugh. I really hated her. Too plastic," I said while Paxton nodded in agreement.

"Why don't you like any of his girlfriends?" He asked curiously.

I shrugged, "I figure why get attached, he'll get another one in a week."

With the comment, Paxton didn't say anything, until Taylor came back, with him girlfriend.

"Chasney, say sorry." Taylor said, talking to me like I was four.

I rolled my eyes, and kept on swimming.

I went underwater and when I came up I heard her complaining, "Why does she have to be like this? I never did anything to her. I think she's just jealous of me, I mean, I am prettier that her."

Taylor shrugged. "She probably is. Don't worry, you'll always be my number one girl, she can't ever take that from you, no matter what."

I just sat there, behind the raft for awhile, trying to control my rage and my tears. After twenty minutes of listening to Taylor tell his girlfriend how beautiful she was, I finally had enough.

Quietly, I got out of the pool, grabbed my towel, and walked to my room.

When I got in there, I slammed the door, and buried my sobs in my pillow. She did not hurt me. It was Taylor that hurt me.

Somebody knocked on my door. "Go away," I yelled, figuring that it was Taylor.

The door opened anyway, and I was surprised to see that it was Paxton, who normally never gave me the time of day.

"I'm assuming you heard what Taylor and Natasha said," he said, eyeing my red, puffy eyes.

I nodded. "I'm fine Paxton," I said, turning away.

But he grabbed my arm, "No, your not fine. I know you've been crying. Do you want to talk?" He said gently. I nodded, and he led me to my bed, "So, what part is bothering you?"

"The part where Taylor agreed," I managed to choke out before sobs overcame me, and I buried my head into Paxton's bare chest.

"Don't listen to him. You never listen to him any other time, why start now?" He said quietly.

Paxton sat there until I had quit crying. After awhile, I sat up and stared into his beautiful blue eyes. Then my eyes traveled to his dark, luscious brown hair that curled, framing his face.

It was at that moment that I realized I could stare into his eyes for a lifetime.

"Thanks, Pax." I said softly.

He looked at me funny, "Nobody calls me Pax."

"Oh, well. That'll be my special nickname for you." I said smiling.

He pouted, "If you get to give me a special nickname, I get to give you one too," he paused as he thought, "Ok, I got it. I'll call you Chas."

I smiled, "Ok, that sounds good. Now I've got to get out of this wet swim suit. So, I'll see you later?" I said, ushering him out of my room.

I changed into a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I flopped on my bed with only one person on my mind: Paxton.

I smiled at that memory. A couple of days later, I wrote that letter.

Now, a year later, there was still only one guy on my mind, and I doubted that would ever change.

I sighed, "Someday," I whispered, "Someday, I'll be the only girl on his mind." I promised myself before falling asleep.

A/N: Helloooo, my lovelies! If I have not already introduced myself, Hi. Call me Kat! Or you can call me by my real name which is Kaytlen!

Ok. First off, I have to say thank you to Sadie! (SunnyDelight) because not only did she give me the idea, she also gave me permission because the idea is based off something that happened to her. So everybody on the count of three I wanna hear, "Thank you, Sadie!"

1,2,3!! "THANK YOU SADIE!!!" LOL.

I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter, I'm sorry it's a little short, that's what comes naturally! Anyway.. Thanks for reading! (:


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