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Here Comes the Bride

Novel By: Poison Passion

Twenty three year old Ravyn Lennox tries to fight her feelings for Sawyer Anderson, who just happens to be her older sister's fiance. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 16, 2008    Reads: 373    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

Sighing, Ravyn Lennox watched as her twenty five year old sister Angelina tried on white dress after white dress. Her boyfriend of a year, twenty six year old Sawyer Anderson, had recently proposed, and Angelina wanted a quick wedding. Ravyn was so tired of going to dress shops, she thought she'd scream if she went to another. There were hundreds of wedding dress stores all over San Francisco, and she felt as if Angelina had dragged her into each and every one.She was tired of hearing about how a dress made Angelina look too fat, too skinny, too bony. The list went on and on. Raven watched with little interest as Angelina came out dressed in a white gown with a lace bodice, fluffy bottom, and white satin shoes. To top it all off, there was a huge fluffy veil that looked impossible to see through.

"Ravyn, this is the one!" She exclaimed, looking at herself from all angles. Angelina was more than a little conceited, and Ravyn thought her sister loved the idea of a wedding more than Sawyer himself. At twenty three years old, Ravyn hadn't been in love, but she knew enough to be able to tell what Angelina felt for Sawyer wasn't love; it was greediness. Sawyer was loaded, and Angelina was constantly spending his money on ridiculously priced shoes and purses. Ravyn wasn't even sure Sawyer wanted to get married-she thought he just proposed to get Angelina off his back.

"How much is it, Angie?" She asked wearily, slumping in her chair. Angelina said the price, and Ravyn nearly passed out.

"Angie, you can't spend that much on a dumb wedding dress!" She exclaimed, trying to reason with her sister. Poor Sawyer, he would be stuck with this for the rest of his life. Ravyn hoped they would get a pre-nup just in case the marriage didn't last. Secretly, Ravyn didn't think it would.

"Why?" Angelina asked indignantly, crossing her arms.

"Because you're only going to wear it once, and it's wrong to make Sawyer pay for it!" Ravyn said, exasperated.

"You know what, Ravyn-" Angelina started but stopped, her jaw dropped.

Turning in the direction her sister was looking, Ravyn felt her eyes go wide and her jaw hit the ground. Sawyer stood before them, looking extremely uncomfortable, tugging on his bowtie and looking at his shoes. The tuxedo accentuated his broad shoulders and the pants made his long legs look miles long. The bow looked a little too tight though, and Ravyn got up and went over to him.

"Hold still, Sawyer," she said, undoing the bowtie and retying it perfectly but loose enough that he didn't suffocate.

"Thanks, Ravyn," he said, smiling a little boy smile at her. He towered over her at six foot six, and she always felt like a shrimp next to him. She had always been self concious of her five foor one height, and Sawyer only made that insecurity worse. His golden skin and white teeth popped against the black tux, and he looked like a male model with his messy brown hair.

"Sawyer, baby," Angelina whined, making both Ravyn and Sawyer flinch, "Ravyn says the dress is too expensive!"

"How much is it, Angelina?" He sighed, sinking down into the uncomfortable chair Ravyn had just vacated. He paled at the figure Angelina said, and Ravyn placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Angie, that's really expensive," Sawyer started. Angelina broke into tears, but Ravyn could tell her sister had made them come. Sawyer looked at her desperately, and before he could give in, Ravyn stepped in.

"Angelina Celeste Lennox, you are not getting that dress. Put it back and find something much less expensive or wear a white paper bag. That dress is much too expensive and you already spend enough of Sawyer's money. Now stop the fake tears and go change."

"Bitch," Ravyn heard Angelina mutter as she walked back into the dressing room to change.

"Uh. And you want to marry her?" Ravyn asked Sawyer, sinking to the floor at his feet.

"Well, not exactly, but my parents expect it, and they think Angelina's perfect for me, despite what I think. She's a great person and all, but I don't know how i'm going to deal with that without you."

"One word for you, Sawyer; pre-nup." The both laughed and Angelina glared at them, making them laugh harder.

"Come on. There was a dress I liked at the last dress shop we went to, so let's go back and look at that," she sniffed, sitting with a ramrod straight back as they waited for Sawyer to change. He walked back out dressed in his torn jeans and snug navy bluetop. He drove them to the dress shop, all the while listening to Angelina whine so that Ravyn was ready to clobber her by the time they got to the dress store.

Sighing, Sawyer looked at Angelina in the new dress and thought his fiance' looked like a balloon, not that he'd say that. Looking at Ravyn, he communicated with his eyes what he thought and knew their opinions were the same. She set to breaking it to Angelina, and Sawyer couldn't help but admire Angelina's baby sister. They were as opposite as two people could get-Angelina was six feet tall and blonde with cold blue eyes and tanned skinwhereas Ravyn was barely over five feet with pitch black hair and warm blue eyes with pale, pale skin.He secretly preferred Ravyn over Angelina, but would never tell anyone that. He had made his decision, and there was no going back.

"Sawyer," Angelina said in that whiney voice he hated. "What do you think of the dress?"

"Angelina, I'm going to have to agree with Ravyn on this one. You look a lot like a balloon."

"What?!" She screeched. "So now you're siding with Ravyn? Well, if you agree with her so much, why don't you marry her?" She spat, looking at the two of them through narrow eyes. They blushed and looked at each other then looked away, embarrassed by the comment.

"Don't be like that, Ange," he sighed, not liking the direction the conversation was headed.

"Yeah. Just because you're a bossy bitch doesn't give you the right to talk like that to your groom and maid of honor," Ravyn interjected, startling them both.

"What did you just call me?" Angelina growled, causing Sawyer to step in fornt of Ravyn. Sawyer knew how Angelina could get, and hedidn't want her taking her anger out on her younger sister. Angelina let out a high pitched scream and ran outside, wedding gown and all.

"Oh. My. God." The alarms went off and a salesman went running after Angelina into the foggy day.

"Are you okay?" Sawyer asked, concerned, turning to Ravyn to inspect her.

"I think my eardrums are busted, but other than that yeah. I just can't believe I called Angelina a bitch."

"I believe you called her a bossy bitch," Sawyer pointed out, looking down at his soon to be sister-in-law.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I just lost my cool for a minute. I think it's time we all went home."

"Good idea. Let's get Angelina out of that ugly dress and into the car."

After thirty minutes of fighting with Angelina, they finally decided to go dress shopping again in a few days and Sawyer drove Ravyn home. She lived in a tiny apartment with her best friend Sara, then when she got in he drove home. He andAngelina lived in his huge house about ten minutes from Ravyn's. The ride was tense and quiet, and just when he thought he couldn't take it any more, Angelina said quietly,

"Sometimes I think you're in love with my sister instead of me." He didn't know what to say to that, so he just kept quiet and didn't day anything. Sometimes he thought he was in love with Ravyn instead of Angelina, too.


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