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Key To My Heart

Novel By: Poison Passion

It's about a woman that keeps getting threatening phone calls and such things, and so the police chief a.k.a her best friend, has her live with him, and she starts to develop feelings she never felt before. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 11, 2008    Reads: 494    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Walking tiredly into her house, Dara Sullivan tossed her purse onto the table and sank tiredly into a chair. Work had been hectic that day, and she was ready for sleep. It was only eight, but to her it felt like it was past midnight. She worked at a big law firm, and she'd been busy all day, working on cases and calling clients. Sliding off her heels, she wiggled her toes to get the blood flowing and headed to her room and changed into sweats and an oversized men's tee shirt from her best friend, Jace McKennah. She contemplated calling him, but realized he'd still be at work so decided against it. Climbing into bed, she snuggled down and closed her eyes, ready for sleep to take over. Right when she was on the verge of a slepy welcoming abyss, the phone rang, startling her into alertness.

"Hello?" She mumbled tiredly, trying to compose herself in case the call was work related.

"Watch your back, because when you least expect it, I'll be there, and you'll be in deep shit," a deep voice warned before hanging up. Dara stared at the phone in shock before hastily dialling Jace.

"McKennah," he answered in his work voice.

"Jace, it's me, Dara," she said breathlessly.

"Oh, hey. How're you? Are you okay?" He asked concerned. Jace could always tell when something was wrong with her. She didn't know how, but it was as if he had some sixth sense that alerted him to her troubled mind.

"Actually, no. I just got a threatening phone call. I'm scared shitless."

"Whoa, what'd they say? C'mon, tell me," he coaxed in his extremely persuasive voice.

"Basically, he said to watch my back because he'd get me when I wasn't."

"Holy shit. Okay, I was just getting off work anyways, so I'll be over in ten minutes." He hung up and Dara waited a few moments before hanging up herself.

Getting out of bed, she made sure the door to her apartment was locked and bolted. Making a pot of hot chocolate, Dara waited anxiously for Jace to get here and calm her down. She was shaken, and didn't like admitting it. The doorbell chimed, making her jump. She was glad she wasn't holding anything, because she would have dropped it. Racing for the door, she flung it open and threw herself into Jace's arms. He was still wearing his uniform, and his floppy midnight black hair was slightly desheveled, like always.

"Come on, I made hot chocolate," Dara said, letting him go and closing the door behind him. Turning the burner off, she poured the hot chocolate into two mugs and handed one to Jace and keeping the second for herself.

"Marshmallows?" Jace asked, looking around.

"Pantry, like always. You ask that eevry time I make hot chocolate."

"Hey, you could have pigged out and eaten them since the last time I saw you." He opened the pantry and immediately found the bag of mini marshmallows.

"Jace, you know I hate marshmallows."

"Dara, I think it's time you give them a second chance. Just because you got sick from them at the Fourth of July party when you were ten doesn't mean they'll make you sick again. You just can't eat so many. It's been eighteen years."

When Dara was ten, Jace had dared her to eat a whole bag of marshmallows, and being a dumb kid wanting to impress an eleven year old, she accepted the dare and finished the bag, then proceeded to put it all back. Dara had gone all of these years without another marshmallow. Dara and Jace had known each other since they were born and even though he was a year older, growing up next door to each other had made them best friends. It was a good thing too, because when she got teased at school for her short height of five foot three, all six and a half feet of him would come and stand beside her, but Jace had always been a good friend, aside from the marshmallow incident.

"So what happened? Do you know who it was that called?"

"Well, I was about to fall asleep when my phone rang and I didn't recognize the number, but I thought it was just a client so I answered and a man's voice told me to watch my back because he would get me when I least expected it."

"You really need to get caller I.D." Jace said with a sigh, shaking his head.

All of a sudden there was a loud bang from Dara's room, and she shrieked as Jace jumped up and set down his much. Hand on his holster, he swiftly crept down the hall and into Dara's room, a crashing sound rocking the apartment. Running after him, Dara stepped dazedly into the room and laughed her head off at the sight before her.


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