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Untold Secrets

Novel By: Poison Passion

After four years, Kellen Scott is back for Evangeline, and he finds more than he was expecting. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 12, 2008    Reads: 358    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Taking a deep breath for courage, Kellen Scott walked up the familiar driveway to the pale yellow house standing before him before rapping his knuckles on the white door. A voice called out, and a little boy that looked to be about four cautiously opened the door a crack. The two stared at each other in shock, neither quite sure what to do with each other.

"Mommy!" The little boy called out, slamming the door in Kellen's face. That brought him out of his trance, and he began sorting through his head, thinking of how it could be possible. The door opened again, and this time it was the person he came to see. Or he thought it was; her blonde hair was pulled back in a messy, loose ponytail, and she was dressed in jeans and a tanktop. The only thing that told him he had the right person was her blue, blue eyes, wide with shock and disbelief.

"Kellen?" She said incredulously, staring at him like she'd gone crazy.

"Evangeline?" He responded in the same manner. It wasn't every day Kellen went back to the oly woman he'd ever loved to beg for a second chance and found her, along with a little boy.

"What do you want?" She said coldly, no passion in her voice as she picked up her son and hooked him on her hip.

"Well, I want to know the meaning of this. Why didn't you tell me?" He demanded, anger rising, despite his efforts to keep calm.

"Why didn't I tell you what?" She asked nonchalantly.

"You know damn well what I want to know!" He snarled.

"Reuben, go watch Scooby Doo," she said, putting down the little boy and giving his butt a little smack. He laughed and ran off, throwing himself down on the couch.

"Don't swear in front of my son," she warned, her eyes fiery with anger. "Why are you here, Kellen?" She asked tiredly, leaning against the doorjamb.

"I wanted to see you," he said simply with a shrug of his broad, tanned shoulders, covered in a snug black tee.

"After four years? Yeah, sure. You want another one nighter?" She asked with a cold glare. He didn't blame her for not believing him.

"Yes. How old is he?" Kellen asked, his voice quieting.

"Three and a half," she responded, her gaze falling to the floor, suddenly interested in the wood of the patio.

"Evangeline, how could you have not told me?"

"Would you have cared?" She snapped, startling him. "Would you have come back? How are you even sure he's yours?" She asked, standing on tiptoe and getting in her face. Kellen was a little surprised that she could lift her five foot four frame up to his six foot five frame.

"Of course I would have cared. How can you say he's not mine?! He looks just like me!"

It was true. With his midnight black hair, golden-brown eyes, and face build, Reuben was the mini version of Kellen. She didn't respond, and he didn't expect her too. There was no way to convince Kellen that Reuben wasn't his child. He had Evangeline's perfect lips and slightly sloped nose, too-the perfect mix of Kellen and Evangeline. No doubt about it, the little boy was already gorgeous.

"I couldn't Kellen. I was destroyed when I woke up in the morning and found you gone, nothing but your scent on the sheets to let me know it wasn't all a dream. Then when i found out I was going to have a baby, that brought back all memories of you and the night we met. I had a feeling that he was going to look just like you, and that was already more than I could deal with. I just couldn't bring myself to tell you."

"What did you tell him? Is he okay with knowing his dad isn't around?"

"HE has a name. I told Reuben that his daddy went away for a little bit when he first asked and that he'd be back as soon as possible. Reuben is just too young to understand that his father left his mother after one night together. He's too young to understand that his father didn't even know about him. Do you know how much it hurt after 'daddy' was the first word he said?" A tear escaped, and Kellen wiped it gently away with his thumb without thinking. She recoiled, and he flinched and the action.

"What are you going to tell Reuben when he's older?"

"I don't know yet. I'll figure it out when I get there."

"Can I talk to him? Tell him who I am?" Now that Kellen knew he had a son, he wanted to spend time ith him and be a real father. He never expected that he'd have a child. This little boy way born when Kellen was born when Kellen was twenty-seven. Kellen hadn't wnated to be a father then, but he'd been thinking about it a lot lately and had decided he was ready to start a family. Much to his surprise, one was already started!

"I don't know," Evangeline said tiredly, running a hand down her face in a gesture Kellen remembered.

"Please. Just for a little bit. Can I tell him who I am? I want to know my son. I've already missed practically four years of his life, please don't make me miss anymore Evangeline." Kellen could hear the desperation in his voice, but didn't care at the moment. He didn't know what he'd do if he wasn't allowed to see him.

"Okay," Evangeline said so quietly Kellen wasn't sure she'd spoken at all. Giving her an extremely brief hug, Kellen walked into the house he remembered from four years ago and stood by the couch where the little boy was lounging watching Spongebob.

"Um, Reuben," Kellen started awkwardly, running a hand through his shaggy clin length hair the same color as his son's. How did he start this? Did he just say it or smooth his way in?

"Daddy's home!" Evangeline cried, looking at her son, who scrambled up and threw his arms around Kellen, who had gotten down on his knees to accept the hug.

"I knew it!" The little boy cried, squeezing his daddy tightly. "I knew you were my daddy! You look just like me so you hadta be!"

"I love you, squirt," Kellen said. he truly meant it, too. He didn't know how it was possible, but in the short amount of time that he'd known he had a son, Kellen's heart had expended and he felt unbelievable love for the little boy.

"I love you too, daddy," the little boy murmured into Kellen's shirt, causing him to tear up. "I wanna show you all my toy cars, okay? Reuben said, pulling away from his father and taking his hand.

Heading for the stairs, Kellens swooped Reuben into his arms and ran up the stairs with him, both laughing the whole way. As his son led him to his room, they passed by the room where he was made, and Kellen felt a lump rise in his throat, but he quickly banished it and focused all of his attention on his son, who began showing him all of his cars. He had dozens, and Kellen sat down and showed interest in what his little boy was saying, happy that he finally had a chance to set things straight and hopefully win Evangeline back.


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