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What Happens After

Novel By: Poison Passion

Caitie Sanchez was hurt by her boyfriend Raphael Lockehart, and now all these years later,they see each other again and sparks are flying, desppite the fact Caitie is determined not to fall for him again. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 28, 2008    Reads: 274    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

"You know exactly why I'm breaking up with you, Raphael Lockehart!" Caitie Sanchez exclaimed, face red with anger and tears sliding down her face as she pushed her now ex-boyfriend out of the door of her dorm room.

"Caitie honey, don't do this!" Raphael pleaded, pushing a lock of gorgeous black hair our of his face. Hisdeep blue eyes were desperate, butCaitie wasn't having any of it. She'd gone over to his dorm not five minutes ago, and had found him making out with his roommate's girlfriend.

"No! This is what I get for being silly and dating the senior star quarterback! God, how could I be so stupid! No one as gorgeous and as high on the social ladder as you would ever fall for an average and quiet sophomore! Just go back to Melrose and let John catch you this time!" She said, reffering to his roommate.

"Caitie, you know how much I love you! I would never do anything to ruin our relationship! Why don't you believe me? Melrose kissed me! She's a slut! I've never had any interest in her! Caitie, why don't you believe me?" He asked again, his voice low and hurt.

"Just go, Rafe,"Caitie whispered before closing the door in his face.

She couldn't believe that Raphael would do anything like that. It just wasn't like him. Raphael had always been perfect and patient and would always wait forCaitie to tell him what she wanted in the relationship. Maybe he had kissed Melrose because she was moving to slow for him. No! Stop making excuses for what he did!Caitie thought to herself, shaking her head and wiping her eyes. Crawling into her bed,Caitie threw the covers over her head and just laid there, curled in a ball, letting the night slip away and missing her last class of the day. Her roommate and best friend Gwen Henry returned and when she saw the state Caitie was in, she immediately pulled out the breakup necessities i.e. movies, ice cream, and fuzzy slippers. Caitie never imagined that a breakup would feel this horrible, butwhat made it worse was that the breakup was caused by infidelity.

Raphael was the nicest person at the school, and it was just hard to imagine him doing anything to cause another person pain. Sighing, Caitie dug into the tub of chocolate ice cream and shoved her spoon into her mouth, not caring about the fact that the sweets would be showing up on her hips and butt in no time. Oh well, she thought, I'll just run a few extra miles. She didn't see the need now, though, since she didn't have anyone to impress. Well, there was herself, so maybe she'd still work out. Get her broken heart pumping. Anyting to keep her mind off of Raphael. Whatever, Raphael could date his roommate's girlfriend behind his back, because when they got caught they'd be in deep shit, and Caitie would be getting the last laugh.


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