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Breaking Away from Normal

Novel By: PossiblyMine

Hunter Knox has always had a hard life. With an alcoholic dad and a dead mother, his life has been no easy road. He is striving to succeed against all odds, then Serenity Blake comes into his life. Will she help him fly or keep him attached to the ground? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 20, 2012    Reads: 79    Comments: 10    Likes: 2   

** Hey, It's PossiblyMine, obviously, but I just wanted to ket you know this novel contains swearing and references some teen themes and if you don't like it I'm sorry. You can get over it and read, or this story is just not meant for you. Thanks, PossiblyMine**


I was shuffling along the sidewalk again, but today I was in no hurry to get home. It was his day off, which means he would be drinking. As I walked, I was so caught up in my thoughts I almost didn't notice her. She was tall, tan and gorgeous. As I walked over to her, she turned to the boy next to her and kissed him. Thats when I recognized them. It was the famous "it" couple from Mantis Prep. Everyone in the whole town knew who they were. The couple was made up of Ryan Hastings, the big jock and captain of everything, who also happened to be a big jerk to everyone. Serenity Blake, the extremely nice and extremely talented, brilliant cheerleader. Seems like an odd couple right?


I noticed the guy across the street, as me and Ryan ordered our coffee. I thought he was checking me out so I decided to give him a show. I turned and pulled Ryan in for a kiss. When we broke apart, Ryan gave me a questionable look. I looked across the street and the guy had begun walked down the street again. The barista hands us our coffee and we begin to walk to Ryan's car. I whisper to Ryan, " I thought the guy across there street was checking me out, so I pulled you in for a kiss to get him to go away. Sorry." "No worries babe, I don't mind one bit." He said as he pulled me in for a long kiss. He opens the door on my side and then jogs around to his and hops in. We head off for his house.


I finally get home and he is passed out on the couch. I pick up whats left of his TV dinner and go to throw it away when he grabs my arm and yell "What the hell?! You save it for leftovers dumbass!" He slaps me and takes the tray to the counter and wraps it in tinfoil and puts it in the fried. My cheek stings, but it hurts less than his last day off. I saunter to my room, open the door and all my stuff is thrown all over the place. My piggy bank is in shards on the floor, my bed is a mess and all contents of my shelves are on the floor. I march back to the living room and stand in front of the television. "What the hell did you do to my room?" I scream at his drunk ass. "I needed money for my scotch, but you barley had anything. I took what I found though." "You fucking asshole. You broke half the shit in my room!" I was really losing my temper now. He is off the couch now. He pushes me to the floor and goes to sit back down to watch his program. I get up and go to hit him, but I just can't do it. He's my father I can't hit him. I start walking away and I didn't hear him get up. He grabs me by the shoulders and turns me around and punches me square in the jaw and says "Never talk to your dad that way again. Get your ass to you room and do not leave it until I say you can." I walk to my room, after stopping to get ice. I lay down on my bed and begin to wish my mother was still here to help stop his outbursts.


Boring. That is the only thing that can describe my family. Nobody ever wants to do something. My brother is off partying, mom and dad are working late or out having cocktails with friends and my little sister is playing with the nanny in her room. That leaves me to cook dinner for myself. I put some water on the stove and begin to make Ramen noodles. I decide to watch the news, while I eat my noodles. I am just listening to the noise when I hear Ryan'sname. They switch over to a guy in our gym, "High School Junior Ryan Hastings, is here with us to give us an update on his team's season so far," says the news anchor. "Well, the Mustangs are having an a amazing season, Buck. We have a 7-0 record and are ranked number two in the state." "Wow, thats quite impressive, Ryan. Keep us updated on your season. This is Buck Buckerman signing out. Back to Ariel in the studio." The plain lady came back on the screen. Ryan never told me he was going to be on TV.


Damn, Brandy could kiss. She was all over me. I don't know what it was tonight. We have been dating for about 2 weeks and for the past 3 days she could not keep her hands off me. Even in public, which I told her is off limits. If anyone finds out her and I are sleeping with each other her life would become a living hell and I would lose Serenity. I really like Serenity, but she is kinda prude. She'll make out and what not, but go to grab her ass or touch her boobs and instantly she pulls away. As a guy you gotta keep busy, you know? My phone starts buzzing on the table next to me. I pull away from Brandy to grab it. As I grab it Brandy starts to unzip my pants. I hold her off when I see that its Serenity. I hop off the couch and head to the bathroom to answer it. "Hey babe." I say smoothly. "Hey, you didn't tell me you were going to be on the news." "Well, I didn't know you watch the news and I thought they weren't airing it till tomorrow night. Sorry, babe. I'll tell you next time, kay?" "Kay." "I gotta go, my dads calling. Bye, love you." I say as I hang up. I walk back into my room and here lays Brandy in her matching bra and panty set. I set my phone down and walk to my bed. I've got stuff to do.


School, my only escape. As I walk through the halls, I am nothing more than an invisible boy. I don't mind being invisible, It keeps me from trusting people to much and them letting me down. I have be let down to often in my life.With a deadbeat dad who can't even manage to keep a job in one spot for more than a few months, which then forced me to move to yet another school. School hasn't always been my escape though, I've been to plenty of schools that degraded me, made me feel even worse. The looks of teachers in hallways were either that of pity, or of disgust. It is not my fault I must live the way I do, but apparently they think so. I can think back to one of my first schools I moved to, way back in seventh grade. I had been playing the saxophone for my school's band for about a year and a half, I was considered pretty good, and I was mighty proud of myself. Then my dad got laid off of his long term job, my mom had just died months before. After she passed, dad found a new job out of state, we moved, and I was heartbroken about leaving the band behind me. Once I got to the new school things only got worse, their band wouldn't accept me and told me I s was to bad to play for them. That's when I realized just how much had gone downhill in my life, after my only enjoyment was ripped from me. Needless to say I stopped playing the saxophone and I have yet to pick it up since. There are only a few things in my life left to make me happy. My guitar and my razor blade. I was six when I first cut myself.I started cutting myself after the first move. We moved across the country, shortly before we moved my mother had died.A few weeks after the move,my dad had found me lying on the floor of the bathroom, after I had lost to much blood. He grabbed me, wrapped my wrists in a towel and took me to the hospital. They put me on a gurney and wheeled me into the ICU, that is all I remember before blacking out after so much blood loss. I woke up to a bunch of beeping machines and a bleak hospital room. I heard voices. One was my father's screaming at another man. My dad was upset about something, but I couldn't make out his words. I rolled over to go back to sleep.Since that day I have been more careful with my cuts. My other thing holding my life together was my guitar. After the hospital, I was in rehab for 2 weeks. I met a man there in for crystal meth. He could play the most beautiful melodies on his guitar. I would sit there listening for hours upon hours, until we were both sent to our rooms for bed. We continued our pattern day after day, until the man died from the withdrawal. The nurses said in his will he left his guitar to the kid who sat with him everyday, just listening.


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