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Dare To Dance

Novel By: PossiblyMine

Tags: Alex, Love, Brielle

Brielle is a struggling dancer. Between school and dance, she has little time to herself. As the only girl in her family, life isn't easy. Things get even more mixed up when she meets Alex Cross.
Alex has lied to every girl he has ever met. He has lied about his last name, his age and his mom. Not many girls want to date a guy dancer, except for Brielle Carson.
Dancing is their passion, but can they deny their attraction enough to dance?
**This is for Future Author's "New Year, New Contest".** View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 5, 2013    Reads: 113    Comments: 18    Likes: 6   

**Author's Note: This is my new novel. I know writing 6 novels at one time thats cray, but whatever! This story is for future author's "New Year, New Contest". You should all check it out! Thanks for reading! xoxo PossiblyMine**

Brielle's POV

I wake up to a banging on my door. "What?" I scream at the door.
"Shut your damn alarm off!" Shouts back, my brother Dean.
"Fine, go make me a cup of coffee!"
"Why the hell would I make you coffee?" Dean screams back at me, as he descends the stairs.
I wander down the stairs a few minutes later and there is my mustache mug filled with coffee. Mmmm, black, just the way I like it.
"Thanks Dean." I look at him and smirk as I sit down at the breakfast table with my three brothers.
In my family I am the youngest and the only girl. The next youngest is Dean, he just turned seventeen and is Junior in high school. Then comes Chase, he's nineteen and a Senior in high school. Lastly there is Lucas. He is my oldest brother, he is nineteen and also a senior. Him and Chase are fraternal twins and Lucas is the older by about two minutes. The last member of my family is my dad. Andrew Carson, a lawyer for a well known firm. So, yea, when I said only girl I wasn't kidding. A few months after I was born my mother was diagnosed with a very rare form of blood cancer and they said there was no treatment and that she would only have a few more years to live. We buried her when I was three. That left my dad to raise four children under the age of seven, on his own.
In my opinion I think he did a pretty good job. We all turned out alright, except for maybe Dean, I think he was dropped as a baby. But everyone has flaws, so you can't blame my dad for everything.
Life isn't easy for us, being a single income family, but we make it work. All the boys work part-time, and they all chip in to pay for my dance classes. Dance is the reason I don't work. I take a lot of classes and when I am not in class, I'm practicing on the street with a hat on the ground so I can help pay a little bit, too. We make it by and many would say we are well off, but once we set our mind to it, it will get done. That's how we get things done in the Carson household.
Alexander's POV
"Mom, I'm heading off to school!" I shout up the stairs.
"Love you darling! Don't forget your new class starts after school." My mother hollers back down at me."
"Love you too! Bye, mom!" I walk out the door to my new Zenvo st1.
Being only child has its benefits, but it also gets lonely with it being just me and my mom in our mansion. My mom is the superintendent atChrysler Dance Academy. She wanted to be a dancer, but during one of her shows she sprained her ankle severely and was out for the rest of the airtime of her show. When she came back to audition for another one she was out of practice. So,Chryslerhaving heard of her injury and her having graduated from there. They invited her a position and she slowly worked her way up to being the superintendent.
My dad left shortly after he found out my mother was pregnant with me and her dancing career was finished. He was a talent manager and when my mom's career died, so did his "love" for her.
After he left my mom chose to have me and raise me by herself, with help from my grandma. My mother has never married and I don't think she plans on having anymore kids, which leaves me an only child.
I guess I don't mind, because my mom gives me a lot of stuff and is always there for me. I just think it would be nice to have a brother or sister to talk to sometimes.
Brielle's POV
"Dean, get your ass down here or we are going to be late!"
"I'm coming!" Dean hollers down the stairs at me. I saunter out to our Dodge Durango, where Chase and Luke are already in the front seats. I climb in back, as Dean comes running out side, his backpack in tow. As soon as he hops into the car, we speed off towards school. We end up being 5 minutes late. All the Carson kids have detention after school, except for me. Due to my dance class after school, they agree that I can make it up during my study hall today. Class is normal and so is lunch, until we come to my last class, study hall. I show the slip to my study hall teacher and head off to the detention room. I walk in and I'm the only one there, except for the teacher. I take a seat at the very back of the room. I am sitting there for about 5 minutes when he saunters in. I have never seen him in school before, but that happens with a lot of people, considering we have a high school of 2,000 students. He was short, but had the most gorgeous green eyes I have ever seen. He walked back towards me, he dropped his books on the desk next to mine, and asked "Is this seat taken?" I replied a casual no, and went back to doodling in my notebook.
"I'm Alex." He stuck his hand out for a handshake. "Brielle." I took his fingers and curled them up to his palm. "Are you new? Because here we don't do handshakes."
He looked down at his palm and went back to reading his textbook.
"Hey, You never answered my question, about being new." Just as I ask the bell signaling the end of class rings and he gathers his stuff and walks out. I quickly grab my stuff and run after him. I follow him into the parking lot, as he pulls by me he throws a piece of paper out the window at me. I snatch it from the air and open it. Yes.
***Word Count: 1025 words***


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