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Dare To Dance

Novel By: PossiblyMine

Tags: Alex, Love, Brielle

Brielle is a struggling dancer. Between school and dance, she has little time to herself. As the only girl in her family, life isn't easy. Things get even more mixed up when she meets Alex Cross.
Alex has lied to every girl he has ever met. He has lied about his last name, his age and his mom. Not many girls want to date a guy dancer, except for Brielle Carson.
Dancing is their passion, but can they deny their attraction enough to dance?
**This is for Future Author's "New Year, New Contest".** View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 26, 2013    Reads: 44    Comments: 13    Likes: 2   

Brielle's POV

"What cha got there, Bri?" My brother Chase asks as he takes the slip of paper out of my hand. "What the hell does "yes" mean?"
"Nothing, Chase. Now give it back." I shout at Chase.
"Chase, what did you take from her?" My oldest brother, Luke, asks, as he give Chase a let it go look.
"A slip of paper. All it says is "yes". It's nothing important." Chase says as he rips the paper to pieces and lets them fly with the New York wind.
"Chase!" I scream at him, as I drop my stuff and barrel towards him. Instead of hitting Chase, Luke sticks his arm out and stops me.
"He's not worth it Bri." Luke reassures me.
"Wait, aren't you supposed to be in detention?" I ask the accusingly, as I rub my now sore ribs.
"Yeah, but we told the teacher we had to work. Since it was nothing major that we got in trouble for, the teacher let us go."
"Great, so a teacher let you out of detention and now your bothering me."
"Pretty much. Now go get in the car, you have dance in 10 minutes."
"Shit!" I yell as I sprint to the Durango.
We are on our way to the studio and I am in the back of the Durango, having a panic attack. I take off my denim shorts and my tank top and throw on my mesh shorts over my leotard and tights.
We pull up to the studio and I sprint inside. I come in just a few seconds before the teacher. "You know being late on your first day is not a good way to start off a new year Brielle." My teacher, Madame Baras said, scolding me.
"Sorry, I had to talk to the principal about scheduling." I lie through my teeth.
"It better not happen again, I do not tolerate tardiness in this class. That goes for all of you!" As madame Baras turns and addresses the class. I quickly strip off my mesh shorts and run to my place on the bar. We start stretching out and class begins.
Alex's POV
I get into my class fairly early. Only a few students are there and I'm pretty sure they were Chrysler students. Not many people can bend the way they do. I take my place in the front and center of the floor as more students begin filing in. The teacher calls off names and then walks sternly to the front and stops when he sees me. "Who are you?" My teachers says distain dripping from his voice.
"Your new star student." I sass back.
"I do not believe I called your name. Now leave my classroom!" He says as he points to the door.
"My mother would not enjoy to hear that I got kicked out of class."
"Well your mother can suck my dick. I don't take attitude from my students!" He says yelling now.
A grin spreads across my face, as my mother's face turns from a smile into a deep frown. "Mr. Alender? Am I interrupting something?"
"Oh, No! Not at all Mrs. Cross." Mr. Alender says blushing.
I walk over and stand next to my mom and put on a smug grin. "Mr. Alender. You better start looking for a new job, because I would like you to meet my mother."
Brielle's POV
Class gets over and I feel great. I am spinning and twirling down the hall, when I run flat into someone. I look up at this tall, handsome guy. By the way he looked I would say a senior in high school if not older. He was hot. He had dirty blonde hair, pretty brown eyes and a very muscular build. I just stood and stared at his beautiful body for a few seconds, before I realized what I was doing. He smiled at me as he walked off down the hall.
When I turned back around Dean picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and began to carry me outside. I am play kicking and screaming as he carries me out. When he sets me down outside I look up across the street at the Chrysler School of Dance and see Alex standing there staring at me. I wave, but he turns and walks off. I take off across the street as my brother's yell for me to come back and get my ass in the car. I stop when I know he has seen me sprinting across the street. Next thing I know I am on the ground in the middle of the sidewalk. I look up and see Alex's face above me. "What just happened?" I ask slightly dazed.
"You just about got hit by a bus." Alex said plainly.
"And I take it you saved my sorry ass?" I ask my voice dripping sarcasm.
"Yea, your sorry ass would be flattened on the road right now, if I hadn't saved it." He said sounding pissed off and he got up off of me.
Dean grabbed my arm and helped me up. "We have to go." Dean said tugging me into our Durango. I waved as we pulled away from Alex.
Alex's POV
What the hell just happened? I saved her ass, to let her get pulled into her car with her boyfriend. Ugh, should've known a girl like her was to good to be true.
I get into my Zenvo and speed off down the street. I head over to what we call the Crips. I needed to blow off some steam. I get there, shut off my car, step out and just scream. Some guys walk out of the shed and see me standing there screaming. "What the hell is wrong with you man?" The owner of the Crips, Slade, asks.
"Nothing, just girls." I say walking over to him.
"Haha, gonna dance it out or just scream about it?" Slade says tossing me a steel pole. I start tapping it on the concrete as we slowly move away from my car. They join in on my tapping, and next thing we have a wicked beat going, people beating trash cans, the poles on the concrete and then people snapping and clapping. I begin to scrape the end of my pole on the ground, sending sparks flying. We all begin to scrape them in unison and begin flipping them into the air.
We finish our dance and put the poles back. We are all exhausted and head inside for a drink. We are just hanging out at the bar having a few beers when in walks Stark. Well James is his real name, but everyone calls him by his last name, Stark. He is tall, bulky and almost looks to old to be a senior in high school. He is greeted by a chorus of "hey", "Sup Stark?s" and so on. He takes a seat next to me and says "Was she your girlfriend?"
I looked at him confused.
"The girl you saved from that bus?"
"Oh, no she's not my girlfriend." I said in a distant voice.
"Damn, thats a shame, because she was hot."
"Yeah, I think she has a boyfriend though. He came and picked her up from her classes." I stated plainly.
"Oh, that must have been the guy that picked her up and threw her on his shoulder." He said unfazed.
"Yeah, that was probably her boyfriend." I say kinda pissed off as I get off my stool and head out the door to my car.
~Word Count: 1,266~


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