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Keeping Hope

Novel By: PossiblyMine

One moment. One Life. Gone Forever.
Dominic Carols was driving his little sister, Hope, home from school, when a dump truck ran flat into the right side of the car. Dominic came out with a few broken ribs and a concussion, but Hope didn't come out at all.

**Contains Cuss Words and Teen Themes** View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 9, 2012    Reads: 64    Comments: 8    Likes: 2   

** Author's Note: Hey, everyone. This is my new novel. I love writing it, but its kinda hard, because its all in one person… and its very sad. Well heres a heads up that there is cussing and maybe some teen themes. Thanks for reading Ya'll! Luvs, PossiblyMine.**
She was gone. I will never be able to hear her little laugh, play with her in the snow or hide with her in her tree house ever again. It was all my fault, all mine.
"We are gathered here today to honor the memory of Hope Marie Carols." the minister in his voice, a dull monotone. Everyone was here at her memorial service, a heart wrenching week after the crash. I slowly step up to the podium, unsure if I will be able to release any words.
"Hope..." I stutter out as tears begin to run down my face and my voice begins to falter.
"I'm so sorry." I manage to choke out in between sobs. I run off the stage, away from the congregation, away from the church, but there is no escaping the pain and the blame.
I find myself in the forested area on the edge of town. I drop to my knees in the middle of a grove of trees and just let the tears fall.
Thats when I hear her little voice come from my right. "Dominic, Dominic, come play with me." I scream at the sky, wondering why God has to torture me. I feel a little tap on my shoulder, I turn and there is Hope standing in front of me. I run to hug her, but stop myself realizing I was just at her funeral. I step back from her, but she reaches out and grabs my hand. It feels so real, I almost don't believe it. I pull her in for a hug and she feels real. I hold her and begin to stutter out sorrys.
We end up playing hide and go seek in the forest for 2 hours. After we are done I take her hand and walk to the edge of the forest, but when I go to step out she lets go.
"Hope, come along. We have to go home to mom and dad to show them your alive."
"Domino, I can't leave the forest."
"Why not?"
"The forest and you are the only reason I am still here." As she says this tears begin to run down my cheeks.
"Bye, Hope. I love you. I will be back to play tomorrow."
When I return home, my parents bombard me with questions. "Where were you? Who were you with? What were you doing? Your in big trouble mister."
"I was out calming myself down. I'm sorry I didn't call I was to upset to talk to anyone."
I walk away before they can can ask anymore questions, I stomp up to my room and lay myself out on the bed.
What the hell did I see today? Hope is dead. She was killed when the dump truck hit me. She has to be real, I hugged her and played hide and go seek with her. How is this possible?
After school, I go to the forest to visit Hope. I wander all over, but I can't find her.
"Hope! Hope! Where are you?" I scream into the empty forest. My eyes begin to water, thinking I've lost her again. When I hear her little giggle. I follow the sound, I find her sitting with a girl about my age. They are playing go fish and it is clear Hope is winning.
"Hope, what are you doing?" I ask as I sit next to her.
The teen girl looks up at me and gets up to walk away. "Ugh, I'm sorry I didn't know." She stumbled away scared.
"Wait!" I say as I jump up after her. I grab her arm and pull her back to me as a tall boy appears behind her.
I release her arm, trying to make sense of how this guy appeared out if nowhere.
"Don't touch my girlfriend." He says in a harsh tone.
I stand there not sure what to do or say.
"Umm, sorry I just had a question for her."
Then the girl turns to the big guy "Zak, it's ok. Whats your question?"
"This may be awkward, but who are you and if you know when did you die?"
"My name is Elana and I am not dead."
"What then how are you here?"
"I walked. So, you are dead?"
"No, I am not dead. Ok, first things first. You see her too right?"
"My little sister."
"Yes, she is dead, right?"
"Yeah, she is." I say sadly.
"Well, I'm Elana and this is my boyfriend Zak Bell."
"Wait, Zak Bell, didn't he die in a car crash 3 months ago?"
"Yes, he did. I have been visiting him here everyday since."
"Whoa, so your dead boyfriend and my dead sister are living in this forest. Can he leave?"
"Ok, stop talking about me as if I'm not here. No, I can't leave." Zak butted in.
"Domino! Domino! Come play with me!" Hope said as she tugged on my coat.
"Hold on Sweetie. Me, Elana and Zak will come play in a second."
"So, you were playing cards with my sister… Why?"
"Because she asked and I was waiting for Zak anyway."
"Another question, How did he come out of nowhere?"
"He's a ghost. He can go wherever in a second, as long as it's in the forest."
"Are there others?"
"Not that I have found. So far it's just me and your sister." Zak chimed in.
"Oh alright. We better go play with her before she cries." I say as I turn and walk towards Hope.
We sit down and play cards until dark and then it is time for me and Elana to leave. Elana kisses Zak goodbye, as I grab Hope and pull her into a hug.
"I love you, Hope. Don't ever forget that."
"I love you too Domino! I won't forget it." She says with a little head nod. I kiss her forehead and me and Elana walk off into the night towards our cars and away from our refuge.


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